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Posted - 2010.10.17 11:15:00 - [91]

A legible font.

Yes, I know, total fantasy & wishful thinking

(Maybe the Devs should get visited by the fonts of Xmas Past)

Posted - 2010.10.17 11:43:00 - [92]

I would like ccp to fix this damn game... But since theres less chance on that then snowball in hell, well im settling for snowball launchers and snowballs.

Maybe they could desing new xmas class frigate to use with those above?

Posted - 2010.10.17 21:07:00 - [93]

Edited by: Soporo on 17/10/2010 21:08:44
I wish for the Devs to be forced to try and PvP in Hawks and Cerbs.

Merivel Mar
Posted - 2010.10.17 21:27:00 - [94]

Hire some real Devs from Blizzard! YARRRR!!

Pr1ncess Alia
Posted - 2010.10.17 21:47:00 - [95]

That they bend over backwards to get ONE person back on staff that really does understand their code.

Substitute Traitors
Posted - 2010.10.17 21:55:00 - [96]

Originally by: Merivel Mar
Hire some real Devs from Blizzard! YARRRR!!

Rolling Eyes

Executive Outcomes
Posted - 2010.10.17 22:00:00 - [97]

They should do a random "secret santa" style draw. Basically divide up all the items in the DB and randomly assign them as redeemable gifts to each acount. Most people will get a worthless gift but some randoms will get officer mods and faction bs.

Joe Phoenix
The Commonwealth Federation
Posted - 2010.10.17 23:39:00 - [98]

A fixed game.

Stark Enterprises LLC
Posted - 2010.10.18 00:42:00 - [99]

To tell us that the new worthless character creation feature was an April fools joke

Then instead release all new ship models like the scorpion and remove pi or make it a kin to skill learning a few clicks and wait

Ps: racial attributes go and our training times suffer it will be peace and monkey grease time ill delete and never play again

Pshychotic Pyro
Posted - 2010.10.18 01:58:00 - [100]

i want a cloaking devise that turns my ship into a big red sled that cant be locked Twisted Evil

Macabre Votum
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2010.10.18 05:01:00 - [101]

I want CCP Soundwave riding around in an incursus pulled by raindeer, dropping cans randomly filled with goodies for all to enjoy! While yelling HO HO HO in local.

Posted - 2010.10.18 05:56:00 - [102]

i wish we had more to do in eve :(

Narisa Bithon
The Motley Crew Reborn
Posted - 2010.10.18 11:11:00 - [103]

Edited by: Narisa Bithon on 18/10/2010 11:13:21
for Xmas gift i want a shuttle shaped like santa's sleigh with 6 reindeers in front with 1 high slot for a snowball launcher and a 30m3 cargo bay to hold enuff snowballs

Printer Jam
Whine One One
Posted - 2010.10.18 14:54:00 - [104]

If you asked for a bicycle CCP would probably just give you a flat broken tyre and a picture or nice video of a bicycle. So I wouldnt waste my time even asking them for anything tbh.

John plissken
Nth Dimension
Posted - 2010.10.18 19:33:00 - [105]

Moar Snowballs!!!!!!!!!! Razz

Khanaris Asgarth
Eternium Industries
Posted - 2010.10.18 21:11:00 - [106]

A stable server post expansion I will settle for.

Mikail Assimov
Posted - 2010.10.19 01:27:00 - [107]

Yes, Please more snowballs again. It was fun to shoot Concord with no fear from them. And to have Big snowball fights with my corpies.

Darion Amador
Muppet Ninja's
Ninja Unicorns with Huge Horns
Posted - 2010.10.19 01:32:00 - [108]


Posted - 2010.10.19 05:57:00 - [109]

Originally by: Zia Aiz
CCP, for my Christmas i would like you to hire people for the following positions:

  • Visual Effects Technical Artist

  • Technical Art Director

  • Senior Character Artist

  • Senior Technical Artist

  • Senior Animation Programmer

  • Animator

  • Art Manager

So we can finally have correctly scaled super caps and new amazing capital jump effects.

Thank you!

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