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Lors Dornick
Posted - 2011.01.27 23:45:00 - [151]

Originally by: Rhok Relztem
Called off my arse. CCP just hasn't had the balls to admit that it's already in effect. Those of us who can't access the Character Creator are just the first casualties of this unannounced switch to SM3. Would have been nice if they had given us some advance warning. Mad

Neither of my computers support SM3, my old dinky laptop never will.

Both are running XP so DX9 and nothing else.

Both can run the Character Generator fine, slow obviously, but it works.

So no, no early installment of SM3.

And yes, I've been aware of the fact that I'll have to upgrade my main box since October, since I read the blog when it was published and tested my machines.

Posted - 2011.01.31 05:06:00 - [152]

Thank you, CCP, for making me actually find out what card I'm running EVE with. Turns out I'm using an 8 year-old card with 128 mb of dedicated memory to its name. Shocked

Definitely time to upgrade. For those who are having financial issues, this is probably your best bet. Mine should arrive in 3-4 days. Smile

Elite Predators
Posted - 2011.02.02 04:29:00 - [153]

Edited by: St''oto on 02/02/2011 04:31:55
Originally by: Elojs
Thank you for advising me that unless I shell out an exhorbitant amount of money, I will be unable to continue playing Eve after next year, until I actually obtain a position that pays me a respectable salary. Over the past year, Eve has been about the only luxury I have managed to afford on a continuing basis. I am not going to speak to the resentments felt by many in the player community about what appears to them to be CCP's lack of responsiveness upon any issue that doesn't qualify as low-hanging fruit, or unusually profitable for CCP. I understand the difficulty in maintaining legacy drivers, and I do agree with it.

However, I would point out that if you wish to force your entire player base to use Eve's minimum requirements as the benchmark for their personal computer systems, you will lose a substantial portion of your player base. Currently, I run Eve on a 5 year old laptop that does not support Shader 3.0. I do not have the resources to upgrade at the present time, nor is it likely that such an upgrade will be possible until I replace my 20 year old automobile, among other expenses that must take higher priority. Therefore, I shall have to quit Eve until such time as I can again afford to play, when the expansion makes it no longer possible to play, on that day, I will bid Eve goodbye.

Congratulations to CCP on mastering at least the worst points of Western Capitalism. Coercion of your customer base is right up there with the monopolistic practices of another large software firm based outside of Silicon Valley.

Try to develop a path that doesn't effectively exclude your customer base, or compel them to replace hardware that is otherwise satisfactory in order to run a single application that is used only a few hours per week.


Games are not the be all and end all of existence!

How do you pay for EVE then? GTC? DO this stop paying for eve for a year and stop playing it and save up for a cheap throw away laptop that will run it. Jesus people if you can't get a machine that can run a technology that has been out for years, to continue to play a game you spend a minimum of $15 on each month then you need to find another hobby.

Bye bye, I'd gladly take a few less players running around the universe who can't afford even the most basic computer for speedier updates, better code, and better expansions with the time they have saved on keeping those old timers in the game. Update or leave, thank you and have a wonderful EVEless day. :)

GTX 260 here doesn't both me one bit and I support CCP. Infact upgrade to DX10-11 while your at it and kick some more people to the curb! :D

Also if "Games are not the be all and end all of existence!" then you shouldn't have a problem with losing access to Eve because you can somehow support your game habit but not be able to save up enough money to upgrade hardware. You can also support your net access for said game. Again pitiful excuses. It's not like it's an extremely expensive upgrade. Buy a dell from walmart, $300. I don't know where you live in the world and if other countries have an income seasons but it is income tax season.

Posted - 2011.02.06 14:28:00 - [154]

Does anyone still have a working version of that SM3 test application? The one on CCP Zulu blog doesn't work anymore.

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This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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