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Posted - 2010.10.07 16:19:00 - [1]

Edited by: Renarla on 07/10/2010 16:20:38
Why is the second biggest Iteron the smallest?

Posted - 2010.10.07 16:23:00 - [2]


Misstress Iteron
Antares Shipyards
Posted - 2010.10.07 16:24:00 - [3]

Its the Iteron sport. As it is a soft top it was found that much more stuff could be packed into it due to the lack of a roof. An unintended bonus for such a small ship.

Hari Markkus
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2010.10.07 16:26:00 - [4]

It is a newer ship, than the I-III so it has a much more efficient capacitor. So it can still be a smaller ship even though it has a larger cargo carrying capacity.

Or... It is not a real ship so is not constrained by real geometry and the artist who designed it thought it looked better smaller.

Krispy Dingo
The Night Crew
Posted - 2010.10.07 16:46:00 - [5]

Iterons attain their size by playing snake. When the Iteron IV was born, it wasn't able to make it past level 2, and therefore it's growth was stunted.

Orange Lagomorph
Posted - 2010.10.07 16:48:00 - [6]

The IV is small because the developers want you to know that the V is ridiculously long simply for the lulz, since EVE is completely illogical and no part of it even remotely follows the laws of physics.

Tonto Auri
Vhero' Multipurpose Corp
Posted - 2010.10.07 16:54:00 - [7]

Edited by: Tonto Auri on 07/10/2010 16:55:57
Originally by: Renarla
Why is the second biggest Iteron the smallest?

Not smallest, just shorter than many. If you unfold it, it'll be 700+ meters.

versic LLC
Posted - 2010.10.07 17:31:00 - [8]

It's a double wide.

Tangonis Galt
SOMER Blink Transport
Posted - 2010.10.22 03:22:00 - [9]

Size dosen't matter.


Jet Aeon
Two Smoking Barrels
Posted - 2010.10.22 16:27:00 - [10]

As Tellenta said "it's a double wide". Look closely.

Posted - 2010.10.22 16:37:00 - [11]

So can we assume from this that because the Itty 5 isn't tripple wide that the Gallente have sided on the arguement for length over girth?

Sergeant Spot
Galactic Geographic BookMark Surveying Inc.
Posted - 2010.10.22 17:06:00 - [12]

Edited by: Sergeant Spot on 22/10/2010 17:07:15
The Iteron IV is the satisfied Iteron. An Iteron IV is merely an Iteron V that has recently had a supermodel passenger take a ride on it.

Elsa Nietzsche
Posted - 2010.10.23 02:58:00 - [13]

confirming the itty IV is a lie
people don't buy or fly it
it doesn't exist


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