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Garoun Investment Bank
Posted - 2010.11.04 10:47:00 - [1081]

Originally by: ugh zug

it's going to happen regardless of what you say though... that's just business as usual. ccp can do whatever they want to their product, they own it, you don't. The only statement you will be able to make would be to unsubscribe en masse... When you do please contract your stuff & isk to me for safe keeping.


you missed out, it was on sunday lols.


able akel
Posted - 2010.11.04 23:05:00 - [1082]


And I have canceled my accounts

IF it turns out to be cosmetic only then I will return.

IF they fundamentally change the game with microwhatsits then this is my last post.

Super Gump
Posted - 2010.11.05 03:42:00 - [1083]

Cosmetic Only (basically no).

And only if I can give my character nipple tassels.


Temo Jick
Posted - 2010.11.05 06:54:00 - [1084]

Edited by: Temo Jick on 05/11/2010 06:56:23

No to micro transactions. Not to cosmetic only transactions, Not to neural remaps, Not for expansions, not for anything.

One Game, One monthly price, Raise it if thatís what it takes to keep the monthly game killing bug introduction scheme going. But one uniform price for every one to pay once a month and let that be it.

Posted - 2010.11.05 07:42:00 - [1085]


Lori Carlyle
Posted - 2010.11.05 08:19:00 - [1086]


Diego Ventura
Spatial Anomalies
The Ancients.
Posted - 2010.11.05 14:41:00 - [1087]


If the community desires vanity items, then CCP should create vanity item BP's and let them be manafactured and sold within the exisitng sandbox. Hopefully the market continues to evolve and mini-professions exploit the new oportunities. As for an isk sink, they need to fish somewhere else...

Jaxem Rau
Posted - 2010.11.05 17:39:00 - [1088]


I don't mind cosmetic.
I don't mind cool modules.
As long as they are expendable it doesnt matter. Your character's skill points are pretty much forever though.
In essence the selling of remaps is the selling of skill points.
One of the things about the sandbox and hostility of eve that made it fun was that it felt fair in its own skewed way. Being able to buy skill points makes this less interesting since it makes one feel like they have to sink more real money into the game to stay competitive. Will not renew my subscription either when this goes through.

Posted - 2010.11.05 21:14:00 - [1089]


Posted - 2010.11.05 23:39:00 - [1090]


@ CCP Marketing department: please read the chapter about "Customer Retention". Thank you.

Armageda XI
Posted - 2010.11.06 04:05:00 - [1091]

Cosmetic Only!

Character portrait...etc.

Caesar DeSahar
Posted - 2010.11.06 04:06:00 - [1092]

yes- cosmetic only.

Hecate Maul
Posted - 2010.11.06 04:08:00 - [1093]


Posted - 2010.11.06 17:44:00 - [1094]

Edited by: NOGC BLAST on 06/11/2010 17:47:36
I have stopped playing many a MMO for microscrewing my wallet!

Posted - 2010.11.07 00:01:00 - [1095]

NO! ofc not lol

Test Alliance Please Ignore
Posted - 2010.11.07 11:21:00 - [1096]

Cosmetic Only (and convenience as well)
No to SP.
Impartial to remaps.
Yes to nifty dealys for our characters to wear and look pwn.
Yes to things that make our ships look cooler while changing nothing in the ways of performance of said ships.
Yes to more characters training / research agenting / etc on a single account
Fine with anything that is lesser than the "best" that can already be obtained (ie, better than T1 not as good as T2/faction or somewhere around there)

However, I will not quit if micro-transations are added (or not added) in any shape or form. If someone else wants to pay ISK for virtual items that make them better until they get blown up, why would I care? The (sort of?) nice thing about EVE vs other games is, aside from SP, things are not forever. I would not buy modules or anything else that would be lost when a ship was destroyed.

I do buy things in other games. So there you have it from someone that does support MTs in other games -- it just doesn't work in EVE. I would oh so love ship skins though, especially if we could design our own... the car designer in NFSC comes to mind... :)

Mistress Karla
Posted - 2010.11.07 11:45:00 - [1097]

So microtransaction started.

move a character 2 plex
change face 2 plex

Arcin Hamir
Posted - 2010.11.07 13:09:00 - [1098]


It is a stupid idea within the Eve framework and any first step would likely be the thin edge of the wedge.

Azver Deroven
Pitch Black.
Shadow Cartel
Posted - 2010.11.07 14:52:00 - [1099]


I'd have to be ******ed to vote no; I value CCP as one of the few great and wise ones but I can not believe that 'vanity' wouldn't soon become 'just a slight boost' and after that 'mandatory if you want to undock'.

There is no greater temptation than money and if money starts to flow in, more will follow. Unless we stop it here and now.

Machete Visor
Posted - 2010.11.07 15:03:00 - [1100]

Edited by: Machete Visor on 07/11/2010 15:09:41
We already have microtransactions.

Want a faction ship?
Pay $35, buy 2 plex, sell 2 plex, buy ship.
Want a new character?
Pay $350, buy 20 plex, sell 20 plex, buy new character (7B ISK will get you 35M-50M sp).

The proposals are going the other way.

Want a new portrait?
Grind 700M ISK (7 days), buy 2 plex, get new pic.

I vote 'No' to unlimited plex for remaps (should nuke learning skills anyway?) or plex for SP.

Plex for SP = game killer. Why? SP are the most important commodity in the game. If you can buy them:

plex price: UP
value of mining, ratting, PI, moon mining: DOWN (earn less plex per hour)

Although, thinking through it... eventually players would be better off buying 2 plex, selling for 20B each (made up number) and then buying the ships they want, driving the price of ships up and the value of minerals up... so there would be a new equilibrium

Why are we complaining again? Won't the player market sort it all out anyway?

The only real complaint I see is that SP give the game a 'goal' that is never attainable (there is always MOAR!) and to allowing SP to be bought instantaneously would basically kill that dynamic. Basically it would kill the thing that has everyone addicted...

Surely CCP sees that though... it is like getting the +100000 broadsword in D&D. Game over, move on, not fun. If I can pay $500, buy sp, buy tengu, fly in c5 wormholes in a matter of minutes... well, what is the fun? I can already pay $$, buy tengu... but I can't fly it unless i hunt around the character bizarre for a tengu character... of which there are not unlimited #s.

So yeah, NO ISK FOR SP. Other than that, I say, who cares? We are already there.

Posted - 2010.11.09 02:45:00 - [1101]

Edited by: Grizz3 on 09/11/2010 02:45:50
And I'm going to let my money do the talking. If they do push forward this remap for plex business in Incursion. They can expect to see my subscription canceled until this feature is removed, indefinitely if that is the direction they're going to take this game.

If CCP is having money issues,(which I find hard to believe) raise the subscription fees, you will loose subscribers obviously, but you will lose more, and eventually the majority of the player base, by making this game a cheap mockery of it's former self.

Peek-A-Boo Bombers
Posted - 2010.11.09 07:32:00 - [1102]


One of the reasons I started paying for a subscription to Eve Online was because it did not have the microsubscriptions. It starts with stupid little things like clothes and hats and what-not. But then someone will infiltrate something like a new module or 2. Then a new ship, then this, then that. Pretty soon, in order to even be competitive you have to pay extra for extras.

If a game can't stand on its own with its base features, then it deserves to fail. Can't tell you how many times I have played a demo or trial sub in a game only to find out couple weeks later that if I want to do more than kill sewer rats or be cannon fodder for more advanced players, I have to fork over (more) money.

Want that fancy +1 attributes hat? Give me $$$! Need the more advanced ship to clear that mission so you can get the pass to the black market? Give me $$$! Here's your pass. But wait! All the items in the BM are microtransactions!

Ruah Piskonit
PIE Inc.
Posted - 2010.11.09 21:07:00 - [1103]

Edited by: Ruah Piskonit on 09/11/2010 21:07:14

some of us remember the various promises you made at fanfests and in blogs throughout the years and you have a terrible record for keeping your word ccp and yourr core player base remembers.

Put in MT (its already there with PLEx imo - which you also said would never happen once) and you completly turn you back on the 'sandbox' that is eve and you will lose everything.

I know you ahve vampires coming and are not afraid, but that does not mean we have to like it.

Xander Korg
Posted - 2010.11.09 21:22:00 - [1104]


Interstellar Whine Brewery
Monocle Overlords
Posted - 2010.11.10 17:53:00 - [1105]


Switzerland EVE Corp.

Posted - 2010.11.11 13:34:00 - [1106]

Edited by: Mjana on 11/11/2010 14:53:38
No (edit, see below: Okay, if items are tradable AND destroyable)

And by the way: Some people seem to forget, that we already have some cosmetic microtransactions for years: Changing the portrait (10$) and moving character to another account (20$)

You might also count PLEX as microtransactions, since you can use the ISK to buy a ship you couldn't have otherwise (for example due to lack of time for playing/farming ISK)

The main difference - and the reason why PLEX are a good thing but microtransactions like '10$ for that hat' are bad:
-With PLEX, the value (gametime) stays IN game and can be used by another player
-Most bought items (ships) are produced by PLAYERS, not seeded by CCP indefinately

Another thought:
If microtransacted items are allowed to be traded/contracted, this would result in some interesting things:

-If the items are destroyable, it would create a constant demand for those items, similar to PLEX
-The ISK-price of those items would be tied to (and will most likely also influence) the exchange rate of PLEX ($ <> ISK)
-Consequently, the relative ISK-prices for those items will be set in stone by CCP and won't allow normal supply-demand market dynamics
(Example: If <fancy hat> costs 10$ and <fancy dress> costs 50$, <fancy dress> will always cost 5x the ISK as <fancy hat>)

Hm, thinkin about it like that, i have to elaborate on my original answer:

If microtransacted items are both, tradable AND destroyable (like PLEX), it might be acceptable.

This would just make the EVE-community as a whole (read: the people okay with spending money for items or ISK) pay a bit more for EVE in general, without creating an unfair advantage for people with more money.

This is what we basically already have with PLEX...

Posted - 2010.11.11 15:28:00 - [1107]

I am very much *in favor* of adding micro transactions for cosmetic purposes. I would like ccp to make more money from people who wish for whatever reason to change how they or their ships look. It will be more money for ccp and no cost to how the game is played. It will indeed be cooler to see many different ships etc.

Neural remap: I agree thatís not cosmetic. But itís not so bad.

Mainly I'm glad you can get these items *through plex* and therefore through isk. I hope they keep as many of these microtransactions through plex as possible. That way it at least has some bearing on the eve economy. Allowing people to make micro transaction through plex as opposed to being forced to pay directly is something we as players should strive for. That way players who want to acquire this stuff with isk can do that.

For example if you buy a plex it may allow you to buy 3 sets of clothes and 1 ďredoĒ of your face (credit with a plastic surgeon) or 1 gender change or bloodline change etc. One plex may also allow you to reskin 60 ships or something. Or you can make different bundles for each plex. If you fly many different fits of the same ship having different skins for each ship fit may actually have some practical use.

Dr BattleSmith
PAX Interstellar Services
Posted - 2010.11.11 22:17:00 - [1108]


Posted - 2010.11.12 03:40:00 - [1109]

Cosmetic only

The PitBoss
Interstellar Brotherhood of Gravediggers
The 0rphanage
Posted - 2010.11.12 05:11:00 - [1110]


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