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Posted - 2010.10.03 18:30:00 - [1]

I recently cancelled a job for capital bpc and I lost all my minerals.
I realize it's my fault because there was a warning message which I missed somehow stating that I was about to lose all my minerals.

I would really like a different mechanic for production. I want to at the very least get back 75% minerals if job is 25% done, 50% back if job is 50% done etc.

Also it would be nice to delay a job and place it in a wait hanger to free up a manufacture slot.

Anything to prevent mineral loss and have flexibility during manufacture would be an improvement.

I would love to see a manufacture cue, similar to skill training where you can add manufacture jobs up to a week to crank out production even if you have all slots chuging away .

shady trader
Posted - 2010.10.03 19:42:00 - [2]

I believe that you are seeing is intended as a result of manufacturing sharing code with research. A long time ago when labs jobs could not be stacked, people would place a cheap BPO in the slot and set insane ME levels. Then when either they "sold" the slot or needed it for something else they cancelled the job and the real job was set up.

This is the reason that the manufacturing slot stay busy till the end of the jobs allotted time regardless of its cancelled. The loss of materials is probably to save database space, they only need to check the materials are present at the start of the job and delete them form the database, if marked as consumable.

Posted - 2010.10.03 20:36:00 - [3]

The poster above has valid reasons why what you want is a bad idea or at least how it can be abused. You setup a queue of jobs and 'beat out' other players because they had the misfortune of trying to manufacture after you lined up your queue of weeks of manufacturing. So by simply not being online at the hours you or others are not only do they have to deal with the wait queue for slots they now have to deal with you piling on jobs for a week, doesn't seem fair to anyone who doesn't manufacture 23/7 or in huge batches.

I think the loss of minerals is fine in that you hand over your materials to an automated process and the only return is to make your item or return your BPO/BPC. You have plenty of flexibility in choosing your jobs or in stockpiling goods already, occupying slots with a crap item/job, low material costs, would be a good way to hold a slot for yourself by canceling it, so would delaying a job to free up a slot for something else and that removes any material loss which is a bad idea for holding a manufacturing slot hostage for yourself.

Posted - 2010.10.03 21:23:00 - [4]

I see your point, and maybe a better way to deal with manufacture is to place the minerals in a manufacture container in your hanger, since those minerals are already in the database anyway they don't need to be deleted until the job is complete however they could not be used to manufacture other goods, I think those minerals should be deleted only AFTER the job completes.


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