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Trust Doesn't Rust
Posted - 2010.10.02 04:45:00 - [1]

Once, in Providence, there was a name that was synonymous with warfare and tactics. A name that people recognized as belonging to an alliance that fought it's enemies relentlessly... outnumbered, outshipped, but never outclassed. That name was Ushra'Khan.
To some of you would be warriors, that name will be new, to others a throw back to a time when Slavers ruled providence and a small force of freedom fighters took to the field every night to free those subjugated by tyranny. It was a time when honor and bravery were paramount, and even their enemies could be counted as honourable men. Those days are dead.

Now Providence is not so much inhabited as infested by the lowest forms of life in New Eden. Oath-Breakers, Traitors, and scum fly fight and carebear from kbp7 to sv5 and beyond. Immensea teems with the profiteers of evil, and the old guard of Atlas, Against All Authorites and their friends is fractured. The ranks of the once mighty fleets have thinned and a new evil lurks in space. The situation is indeed dire.

But all is not lost.

From the fire that our enemies have lit arises an old terror. A core group of pilots who have stood victorious again and again in the face of overwhelming odds. The forces of freedom have never and will never shirk from this fight.

Let it be known that our enemies may own some new real estate, but the enjoyment of it will come at great cost if at all.

So a call goes out to you all here today. If you wish to join the ranks that will once again bear witness to history in New Eden, come to our side. If you wish to bathe in the blood of the tyrant and sate yourself on his riches and spoils, come to our side. The road ahead will be long and bloody, and our work never ending, but we will Carve our way through their numbers and they will once more fear the name of Ushra'Khan.

Trust Doesn't Rust
Posted - 2010.10.02 04:52:00 - [2]

Contact Spotlessblade, Onrop, or Joren1993 in game or join channel Evid Recruitment, or visit

See you in the fleet.

Militaris Industries
Cascade Imminent
Posted - 2010.10.02 15:58:00 - [3]


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Posted - 2010.10.02 21:46:00 - [5]

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Scarlet Trinity
Posted - 2010.10.03 01:43:00 - [6]


Trust Doesn't Rust
Posted - 2010.10.07 04:28:00 - [7]


Lei Xhang
Posted - 2010.10.11 08:03:00 - [8]

Life is no fun if there are no challenges. Challenges are what push us to do better; to be bigger then we are. True capsuleers seek out this challenge.

Ushra'Khan provides the challenge that true capsueleers seek. So join, and become something more.

Ragnar STS
Posted - 2010.10.12 04:50:00 - [9]

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Some folks may have noticed Ushra'Khan slimming down recently due to circumstances that must not be talked about, only remembered with a vow of vengeance.

Ushra'Khan IS Damu'Khonde

We will come again to free our people.


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