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Misfit Toys
Posted - 2010.10.02 09:10:00 - [151]

Here's my feedback.

You don't do enough testing. This is the absolute number one thing wrong with your entire company and its development style. I don't know the amount of hours you put into just testing your game, but I don't need that piece of information to come to this conclusion. However much testing you're doing, you aren't doing nearly enough. Devoting sufficient resources to testing would prevent most of your current problems from ever happening. Your interim patches like this 1.1 could fix more problems than they cause. Your major content releases could be actual, fully-realized expansions to the EVE universe and let players have even more fun with the game, actually adding value to it. We wouldn't have this warehouse full of half-finished projects, gameplay dead-ends and broken promises. It wouldn't be something you'd need to fix; the issues would simply not exist (the 0.0 lag is a different story).

I know your code base is huge and probably very bloated after all these years, and that changing the smallest of features can be a huge undertaking. This is now a big game, and you don't get to just shrug your shoulders and pretend to be cute little indie developers anymore. If you want the game to continue to prosper you may need to actually devote sufficient resources to keeping it playable. As it is, I have no confidence that you are capable of actually improving the game in your current state. I fully expect the optional patch to introduce at least one additional crippling bug, keeping you at a net loss of performance and playability for this patch.

I find the idea that not only are you working on two new games, but that one of them is supposed to be a console game that interfaces with a PC MMO, utterly absurd. If you don't make massive, and I mean massive changes to your development and testing processes, your new ventures are going to fail spectacularly. I hope you realize that soon, because I don't want this game to be collateral damage.

The Whitehound Corporation
Frontline Assembly Point
Posted - 2010.10.02 10:06:00 - [152]

Edited by: Whitehound on 02/10/2010 13:16:04

I would not call it an issue as this can also be seen as a new feature. Windows now apparently raise themselves more often into the front whenever there is a change occuring in them. This also happens when windows are being stacked together, which then kind of reshuffles the stack.

For example, completing a mission causes several windows to raise themselves into the front: the Assets-window for when a mission item was taken out of the hangar, the Journal for completing the mission and for getting LPs, and the People&Places window for the change in mission bookmarks. They all raise themselves into the front, while only one can be on top, making it a bit of a mess (in this case).

It would be helpful if one could have an option in the settings to turn of this automatic behaviour off so that one can decide for oneself in which order windows appear on the screen and without getting them reordered. I personally find it to be an annoying feature.

With the optional patch to 1.1 does it still have this feature. So it must be intentional?!

Reddx Panther
Posted - 2010.10.02 11:55:00 - [153]

Edited by: Reddx Panther on 02/10/2010 11:57:15
Edited by: Reddx Panther on 02/10/2010 11:56:28
Well I daresay you guys need to be more thorough about release quality. It took me less than 15 mins to find out about the following issues and I am not a professional tester that has access to dev details about what has been done.

- Overview shows a lot duplicates and phantom items since patch
- Open windows grab focus and maximize at odd times (e.g. char sheet pops up and maximizes when i turn on sensor booster, wtf??)
- Fleet chat is broken as text/member list is gone after minimizing/maximizing and needs scrolling in both chat and member list to recover
- Change on drag and drop anchor on icons is a very unwished for feature and makes handling stuff even more fiddly

I'd love to see this fixed in todays patch, but from what i can see the overview code must be a true hackers nightmare and very resistant to improvements.

Posted - 2010.10.02 12:04:00 - [154]

As im one who is going to wait for the mass hordes to implement this patched patch before trying it myself, can we have an official thread in the info portal with what it mends/screws up from a users perspective pls. Would make it a darn sight easier than trudging thru this lot.

Posted - 2010.10.02 12:16:00 - [155]

all's well i just want to see my items hangar fixed every F***ing i click an item it gets all over my screenonly thing that helps is reboot or undock now that's a#^%^% fest

i already understand why i quit for the last year and feeling sorry i paid again

Posted - 2010.10.02 12:18:00 - [156]

Originally by: disasteur
all's well i just want to see my items hangar fixed every F***ing i click an item it gets all over my screenonly thing that helps is reboot or undock now that's a#^%^% fest

i already understand why i quit for the last year and feeling sorry i paid again

is this after todays patch? or the original?

Posted - 2010.10.02 12:22:00 - [157]

original and today's patch its no difference

i have my items and ships in station overview but only items seems to be affected

Tong Lein
Posted - 2010.10.02 12:23:00 - [158]

Let's all go Black Prophecy!!! Let our wallet do the talking!! Want to be paid?

Karia Sur
Posted - 2010.10.02 12:25:00 - [159]

Originally by: disasteur
original and today's patch its no difference

i have my items and ships in station overview but only items seems to be affected

try applying for a job with them as CCP in front of your name would be rather fitting atm.

Posted - 2010.10.02 12:33:00 - [160]

I started EVE a year ago with Apokrypha. Since then, the stability and usability of the frontend/UI of EVE has constantly deteriorated.

This patch is just a highlight of a series of failures with regard to the improvement of the UI. It started with Dominion where e.g. the Drone-Window does reset each time the drones are deployed the first time when undocked and in space. This "feature" prevents that the status of the expansion bar for the drones is not remembered. This is only a example with a minor effect. But it shows the direction in which the game was developed.

Instead of making the gameplay more fluent and convenient you have proven with this patch that the opposite is the case.

Perhaps you should consider that the user sees only the UI and nothing else. It seems to me that you forgot the importance of the UI.

There are plenty of improvements possible. E.g. the warning window when an item is disassembled serves absolutely no purpose to me (when rigs are affected a second warning window appears). Why is there not a setting where this warning can be disabled? Same applies to the new introduced warnings when a market order is put in which is above or below a certain average price. As this setting might be valuable to new users, the more experienced are annoyed by the fact, that EVERYTIME a market order is changed (and even by 0.01) this warning pops up. Do you think your users are keen on klicking away useless warnings??? Why isn't there an option to disable this warning?

A field for improvement would also be some of the waiting periods in EVE. Why is it that one has to wait for 30 seconds when changing a ship in the hangar?? This period could in my view easily reduced to a more appropriate value.

Next improvement would be to make it possible to view fittings of all ships in the hangar, not only the ships which is active. VIEW! ONLY VIEW!

There are plenty of further improvements which could be done to the UI. In my view the improvement of the UI is much more important than the introduction of new features like planetary interaction (which is also a field of massive bugs).

You may understand my disappointment on the development of EVE in general (of which this patch is of course a new level of failure).

Hun Jakuza
We Are So Troubled Everyone Runs Screaming
Posted - 2010.10.02 13:29:00 - [161]

Today's patch bug.

Show info panel always centered and rescaled every time when opened.

Posted - 2010.10.02 13:59:00 - [162]

Do any of you people at CCP actually test anything? Or do you just say "this will be neat" and throw it on TQ? This new optional patch fixed the unstacking windows. What about the other dozen bugs that you created with the 1.1?

Tonto Auri
Vhero' Multipurpose Corp
Posted - 2010.10.02 14:38:00 - [163]

Originally by: DeDorosa
This new optional patch fixed the unstacking windows.

It did? Didn't noticed.

Unleashed' Fury
Posted - 2010.10.02 15:02:00 - [164]

After install the Optional patch:

Looting windows continue to reset even after pinned.

Fearghas Bedwyr
Posted - 2010.10.02 16:47:00 - [165]

Well, CCP, you won.
I decide to not renew my account.
Your stupid patch kill the game, even with the optional one, everything is crapy.
Before deploying it, test it and not on live!!!!

Posted - 2010.10.02 18:16:00 - [166]

Originally by: CCP Navigator
We have an EVE Online Tyrannis 1.1 Issues Thread in the EIP. Yes, there have been some bugs and players are reporting these through the bug reporting system. We would encourage all players who experience bugs to submit a detailed bug report and we will investigate.

How come those bugs weren't investigated when they were reported on the test server?

Posted - 2010.10.02 18:46:00 - [167]

I noticed there's a new filter in the LP store, if it was already there, my bad. Here's my feedback anyway on that ridiculous feature.

Buying stuff in big quantities in the LP store is grueling, you click accept, the window refresh and you lose focus on the item you want to buy again. With the filter you can manage to display only the item you want to buy so you don't have to scroll each time anymore. That's the only thing that this overcomplicated filter achieves; getting rid of the scrolling. The dumb thing about it is that you still have to click 50 times on accept if you want 50 batch of ammo.

Why the hell can't you make the LP Store like a real store ? You add a quantities column, you add 2 more columns: LP Total and ISK Total for each row. Big total at the bottom and checkout button. 1 simple click to buy everything you need ! Numbers display as red if you can't proceed, displays as green if everything is fine, you need only 2 simple filters: affordable only and show all. You don't need more filters because we will scroll down the list only 1 time to add quantities...

Your improvement is ridiculous.

Marsen Wade
Posted - 2010.10.02 20:03:00 - [168]

I directly traded with someone and i lost a zero on their transaction so now i am out of a trade by 24mil what can i do to fix this

Hakaru Ishiwara
Republic Military School
Posted - 2010.10.02 20:32:00 - [169]

Welp, thanks for returning the green corp icons.

Vaerah Vahrokha
Vahrokh Consulting
Posted - 2010.10.02 21:34:00 - [170]

Thursday patch broke a lot of things for me, from sounds to chats, from windows stacking / resetting to overview symbols. From loot windows always appearing at the center of the screen to "show info" windows also appearing everywhere but where I move them. From missing UI modules sounds to market edit boxes.

Today's patch fixed the following:

I was pushing to implement SCRUM in my company.

Not going to happen any more if this is the result.

Posted - 2010.10.02 21:53:00 - [171]

Still can't resize my windows.

Upon initial login, windows still wander - meaning they weren't where I previously set them. Corp window and cargo hold windows.

Jane Griffin
Posted - 2010.10.02 23:08:00 - [172]

Edited by: Jane Griffin on 02/10/2010 23:14:48

I posted in the trolling thread, thought i would do the same here.


* Corpies now correct colours

* Fleet window now behaves in regard to its size

Still unfixed

* Window pinning prevents window stacking from working.

* Skill queue window goes to back of stack when apply is pressed.

* Certain stacks will randomly switch between tabs.

* Windows still fail to open in correct place pinned or otherwise

* Windows still sometimes disappear for no obvious reason, only to reappear for no obvious reason.

* Module activation sounds

* New glitch where mouse gets stuck to top of screen when trying to select tabs at top of screen.

Im sure there are others not relating to UI, but if you could fix those or give us an idea when they will be fixed, i would be very relieved.

Jian Products Engineering Group
Posted - 2010.10.02 23:17:00 - [173]

now the repatch is done. seems fine to me.... not that i'm much of a coniseur really

Manipulator General
Posted - 2010.10.03 01:08:00 - [174]

/me laughs

Posted - 2010.10.03 06:41:00 - [175]

I was really hoping this patch was going to introduce the duel monitor support that I heard was coming. My 23" wide screens are waiting to share some game time instead of having to take turns.

Posted - 2010.10.03 07:24:00 - [176]

Edited by: umah on 03/10/2010 21:56:44
== Moved to Tyrannis 1.1 issues thread ==

Tonto Auri
Vhero' Multipurpose Corp
Posted - 2010.10.03 19:28:00 - [177]

Originally by: umah
Umah's bug list:

Issues thread that way ->>

Sybil Harman
Posted - 2010.10.03 20:53:00 - [178]

Edited by: Sybil Harman on 03/10/2010 21:35:32

I've mentioned some bugs in the issues thread. Now for some feedback.

Why do you bother with a QA team?

Most of the bugs being reported are so obvious that you just have to open the client to see them. We aren't talking subtle obscure bugs here. Windows move around randomly and won't stay where you put them, window focus has a mind of its own, drag and drop is just awful, almost any involvement with entering money amounts is broken.

All of these faults have been noticed within a few minutes of login by the players... they really *are* that obvious! Yet your QA team apparently thought this build was good to go!!!

tl;dr: Sack QA dept, Test before release.

Posted - 2010.10.03 22:02:00 - [179]

What I think? Please rollback any and all changes - this is by far the most errors in the least amount of code, you guys ever introduced. Please fit all your PR-ships with DCUs and let us know what went wrong.

Kalain ap'Sulen
Dirt Nap Squad
Dirt Nap Squad.
Posted - 2010.10.04 02:41:00 - [180]

Originally by: Sybil Harman
Sack QA dept

This seriously. With this level of utter bull**** they are either deliberately trying to **** over your company or they have the intelligence of a bowl of mushroom soup. Either way they are useless.

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