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Red Horizon Inc
Posted - 2010.10.13 23:03:00 - [901]

Travelling and switch to map to check out my shows "you are here" at current solar system and the one 2 jumps before!!!!!

Royce Hellwakka
Posted - 2010.10.14 01:55:00 - [902]

Originally by: Istvann
This sucks. I have had a completely working game with the 3rd optional patch that went out. When the 4th one came out, I just clicked the X in the window that asked if I wanted to download it. It closed the client and UNINSTALLED THE PREVIOUS PATCH!! Now I am back to non sticking windows again and I can't get it to redownload the latest patches. Whats up with this?!

yup i have this exact same problem ccp is freakin worthless im going to open a ticket now and another one every hour until i get answered. They need to learn how to not ruin there game

Posted - 2010.10.14 02:43:00 - [903]

Originally by: Raferau
Travelling and switch to map to check out my shows "you are here" at current solar system and the one 2 jumps before!!!!!

I reported "multiple 'you are here' circles" end of June... present in both TQ 1.0.2 and 1.0.3...

Globaltech Industries
Sanctuary Pact
Posted - 2010.10.14 02:48:00 - [904]

Edited by: JediRobin on 14/10/2010 02:53:44
Quick fix v4

This is the worst for me.

I still get dual overview gates and stations etc.

Mail is still screwed up.

But worst still is eve client crashes on 3 different computers now.

CCP fix this crap or roll back to before quick fix v1

Drake Draconis
Shadow Cadre
Shadow Confederation
Posted - 2010.10.14 03:37:00 - [905]

Ok here we go... round 4.

Is this supposed to be a joke?

Because if this is supposed to be a joke... I'd be laughing.

EVE mails still broken.
Can't link... can't type decently.

Yep... this isn't joke.

It's a ####ing joke.

Alpha Sapien
Posted - 2010.10.14 04:32:00 - [906]

I don't know if this was posted before, but I cannot for the life of me figure out why I have the latest build (optional patch #4) when I selected NO in the option to update optional patch #3...

I was most happy with #3, and did not want to update again till the next real patch day. All of the true annoyances were fixed for me in optional patch #3.

GUESS WHAT - I somehow got optional patch 4 installed - w/o downloading or authorizing any changes to the PC via Win7. Now I have a pile of crappy issues that were NOT in OP#3.
The Real Kicker is that my version says I have the OP#4 w/o installing it!

I said NO to OP#4 because OP#3 was tolerable... What gives?

Thern alpha
Posted - 2010.10.14 04:51:00 - [907]

i hit no for the new down load, and a window saying all the old patch data needs to be deleted hit OK to restart to delete this data. And i get this invite loop of windows saying this every time i try and start EVE. I have now uninstalled and downloaded and installed the game 3 times already and the problem will not go away. I the client number is the most current and everything. I cant get by the start up screen to log in fully, and it nothing i do seems to help.

Louis deGuerre
Posted - 2010.10.14 07:56:00 - [908]

I instructed all four optional patches. Things went okay up to patch #4.
I and at least several of my mates have the following problem now :
- Sometimes windows are restacked OFFSCREEN. Only way to fix is to relog. Sad way to lose fights.
- EVEmail is totally ****ed up. I consider this a major gamebreaker. Kindly fix ASAP !

Mr Cocojambo
Posted - 2010.10.14 08:34:00 - [909]

Confirming that mail is still a total mess Evil or Very Mad
Windows stack even worse than before too.. What is going on...?

Somebody has done something REALLY wrong at CCP. Maybe you (CCP) should consider either rolling back a few steps?

Dont get me wrong, i am all for patches fixing problems, but i have noticed that the bugs are getting worse with each new patch you guys are deploying..

I fear what the result will be if you release another patch.. Neutral EvE wont even load? another boot.ini? All my assets are gone? ugh

Hei fer
Rote Kapelle
Posted - 2010.10.14 09:24:00 - [910]

My d-scanner now closes every time I dock and undock.

Posted - 2010.10.14 10:14:00 - [911]

interesting - OP 3 seemed not bad. now what OP 3 fixed OP 4 broke.

- New Cargo Can open in default center of screen no matter what now. ARRRRRR-

Go get em tigers.

OneEyed William
Posted - 2010.10.14 10:31:00 - [912]

I pressed no by accident. >,<

anyway I can download them or re-enable the optional patches at startup?

Giana Blow
Posted - 2010.10.14 11:41:00 - [913]

Hint for MANUAL downloading the patch:

Press ESC ingame - at one of the cards (think it was General settings or GraphiX) you'll find two new buttons "uninstall" or "install" - thats all!

Recent problems of my own since weird OPing started: Having troubles logging in with 2 clients on WinXP, client restarts at loggin (aquiring bulkdata...) or randomly and frequently ingame. Has anyone found a workaround for running multiple clients?

Posted - 2010.10.14 12:03:00 - [914]

Haven't noticed the duplicate overview issue (yet) but since it was reported again I'll expect it to occur. What I have noticed and others report also since 1.1.004 is all cargo container windows now open in the exact center of the screen even if moved.

I don't use EveMail much at all unless I'm in Eve University and right now I am not. However, if it is as broken as others are saying, this should be top priority for 1.1.005.

Cuchulain Spartan
Posted - 2010.10.14 13:08:00 - [915]

Edited by: Cuchulain Spartan on 14/10/2010 13:09:46

With Patch 4 installed I am getting:

Double overview

Really really laggy mail, takes a few minutes to load

Some additional client crashes

Ciarein Roemer
Distributed Enforcement and Mitigation
Posted - 2010.10.14 19:54:00 - [916]

Lights out in stations

"Load Station Environment" set to OFF. In station. Mark more than one turret weapon in "Items" window to be fitted on active ship. Right click marked turrets and select "Fit to active ship". Station Graphics turns black.

  • Tested with Apocalypse, Mega Modulated Energy Beam I; Mega Modulated Pulse Energy Beam I

  • Tested with Celestis, 200mm Autocannon I

Sometimes it takes two turrets selected, sometimes three. Station graphics returns opening map (F10) and closing again, or adding or removing additional turrets. Sometimes the Fitting window must be open, but the problem seems to be related to the update of the Ship Graphics as turrets are added or removed.

Posted - 2010.10.14 20:51:00 - [917]


Everything working fine, until patch #2. Now when a certain number of objects are open (info, market, cargo, container. Think the problem hits at 6 windows), Vista (I know...) flags a DEP and closes EVE.

Just put it back to when it worked!!

Alain Kinsella
Posted - 2010.10.14 20:56:00 - [918]

I use 'Junction' links in Win-7 (similar to Unix 'symlinks') to allow multiple accounts to share the same base install.

While a normal patch is usually OK with this behavior (patch one instance with nothing running, wait to finish, launch as normal), these optional patches are not.

First account installed Optional #4 just fine. Second account did not notice that it was already patched, and requested it again. I accepted (yes, a bit dumb - I've been away for a couple weeks), and it promptly *uninstalled* that patch.

The 'quick' fix appears to be going back in and re-installing manually, per the note a few posts up.

This patch appears OK so far, but not had the time to really go through the major reports (and I no longer have enough evemails to trigger one of them).

Posted - 2010.10.14 21:02:00 - [919]

Is it normal that EVE is not running at all today????

Posted - 2010.10.14 21:18:00 - [920]

/me rofls @ all still playing and paying this **** Very Happy

United Systems of the Allegiance
Important Internet Spaceship League
Posted - 2010.10.15 03:52:00 - [921]

4th patch fixed 99% of the problems I had .......... only two things I notice now 1) the station window will not stay in place, even when pinned and 2) clicking on a wreck in overview use to make a clicking sound every time you clicked it, now it makes the clicking sound every other click or two

flurry baker
Posted - 2010.10.15 03:57:00 - [922]

While there clearly seem to be other issues going on, the main ones for me personally are:

- Bulletin Board updating = linking to corps, characters, items, etc does not work
- Doubles in the overview
- Window stacking and sizing
- Lag also seems to have increased somewhat when for example, deploying ships from a ship maintenance array, jettisoning stuffz from your ship, and the more concerning is changes of sessions like entering/exiting wormholes and stargates.

Desh Vors
Posted - 2010.10.15 06:04:00 - [923]

I've noticed today, since the last patch patch etc that the links/tabs in my windows are slightly off.

EG: i have my cargo window and my drones window stacked. if i want to click on the drones, i have to move my mouse over it, then slighty to the left or right.
if i want to streth the window i have to hover over the edges and move the mouse slightly to the left/right for it to register i want it to stretch. same for the pin/minimise etc.

Axure Abbacus
Posted - 2010.10.15 09:56:00 - [924]

I'm using the windows client on xp and my Transactions haven't been logged since 2010 10 08

Apollo Gabriel
Etherium Cartel
Posted - 2010.10.15 14:29:00 - [925]

Edited by: Apollo Gabriel on 15/10/2010 14:31:36
Apologies to all, I have not read the past 30 pages:

When transferring money from Corp Account A to Corp Account B, the default text is on the wallet after choosing it from the mouse menu, so when you start typing the amount, it tries to select Master, etc...

please fix.

There are also Market bugs, when trying to modify an order, the default is NOT the money, very irritating.

please fix.

When using Market filters, the system you are in always shows up as well, while that is a neat feature, you should be able to disable it from the filter screen, e.g. if you're in Jita you can't look 5 jumps away in a clean way.

please fix.

Test Alliance Please Ignore
Posted - 2010.10.15 15:32:00 - [926]

No more problems here so far. I think this is one FU to the macroers who need to rescript their bots every 2-3 days. I'd call it EvE: Captchca.

Tiger's Spirit
Posted - 2010.10.15 18:04:00 - [927]

New bugs.

Many hyperlink on local or other chat window make horrible lag. Check video. (~40MB)

When someone using timestamp on chat windows, the linewraps make sometimes line mess.

Sub Nor'Mal
Posted - 2010.10.15 18:11:00 - [928]

Edited by: Sub Nor''Mal on 15/10/2010 18:12:41
Win7 Enterprise
Core 2 Quad CPU @ 2.5GHz
8GB Memory
2 x ATI 4850 Graphics Cards
Mirrored twin 500GB hard Drives
3 x 22" monotors
3 sperate installs of Eve (three clients running at same time)

No issues except the occasional double overview. But, that clears with two clicks of the TAB key.

Akhmed TDT
Posted - 2010.10.15 18:17:00 - [929]

Can someone double check to see if the 'ships killed in last hour' is updating for them? I was watching for activity in a couple of systems in a path and noticed it has been saying the exact same # of ship kills for the last 12 hrs. Tried on 2 separate accounts and it looks the same. It'd be weird if the traffic never slowed or spiked through a gate camp every hour for half a day.

Bellasarius Baxter
Zilog Enterprises
Posted - 2010.10.15 21:50:00 - [930]

After installing the fourth optional patch, I still have the issue of stations & gates showing twice on the overview upon undocking from a station.

This happens often, but not every time I undock.

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