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Timur Altair
Posted - 2010.10.01 03:52:00 - [361]

Local chat is screwed.

Lady Sales
Posted - 2010.10.01 04:02:00 - [362]

PI is completely screwed up atm. Ex-transfers and launchpad import/export do not work. If it makes any difference the planets are in w-space >_>

Phoebe Cho
PWNED Factor
Posted - 2010.10.01 04:04:00 - [363]

One of my planets for PI is behaving very badly. It has lost a bunch of resources that I imported for Tier 2 product development (from Tier 1). When I try to export finished materials, this message appears: "We cannot export Coolant, as your spaceport's storehouse does not appear to contain any." One of the resources finally exported, but every other resource disappeared, including those I imported. Now, I'm left with nothing on the planet and a bunch of blinking processors.

This sucks, I'm losing millions on this since this planet does all my Tier 2 products from my other four planets. Not only is it not working, but it basically deleted all the resources I imported a couple hours ago.

I love the faster extractors, but this bug is simply awful.

Posted - 2010.10.01 04:08:00 - [364]

Edited by: bowlofmilk on 01/10/2010 05:04:23
Don't know if anyone has mentioned this.

The info button in the LP store doesn't work.

Grey circle wouldn't go way and guns wouldn't start firing until i move gun to another grey circle Confused

Posted - 2010.10.01 04:12:00 - [365]

Eve restarts when logging in. endlessly. ran repair. no help. deleted cache and settings. no help

this is no fun.... what now?

Globaltech Industries
Sanctuary Pact
Posted - 2010.10.01 04:20:00 - [366]

Where do i start....
This is the worst fix i ever seen.....

Sounds need fixing
Windows need fixing
Cant drop items into corp members hangars
Overview is screwed up
often see multiple stargates

There is more but these are the main ones that annoy me.

Posted - 2010.10.01 04:27:00 - [367]

Can't use loyalty points it says "you can not accept this offer because you do not meet all it's requirements" I have triple the LP and isk required and even the items that do not need tags won't work????

Miss President
Posted - 2010.10.01 04:27:00 - [368]

When opening a floating can, selecting items then dropping them into your cargo, through the icon left to the capacitor, something has shifted, now you need to center your mouse exactly on the icon. before as long as the dragged icon image touched the cargo it would get deposited = counter intuitive now.

module sounds?

Lock'n pop
Posted - 2010.10.01 04:41:00 - [369]

Probing interface is broken. The probes constantly switch positions from normal to reverse making it impossible to select individual probes.

Chat windows are stackable for me, but when i jump systems, the focus switches back to the first window.

Liz Leaf
Posted - 2010.10.01 04:44:00 - [370]

certification planner no longer shows what level a skill is at or needs to be at to complete

Teck Nine
Posted - 2010.10.01 04:52:00 - [371]

Overview resizing won't let me shrink it past its 14 item length

Rionnag Alba
Posted - 2010.10.01 04:58:00 - [372]

At first i want to say nice to see there is an active thread about the new patch where DEV and CSM members listen to feedback. Here is my 2 cents:

- Since the there was a noticable increase in module delay (About 300-400ms). Which makes it harder to point people ect. I cleared my cache of my client ect. This this not fix the issue for me.
- When i launch probes and place them at another location they sometimes get stuck in warp, warp a couple of times or warp not at all.

Hope this feedback helps.

Kind Regards,


Stalking Mantis
Agony Unleashed
Agony Empire
Posted - 2010.10.01 05:04:00 - [373]

Science and Industry: When choosing a blueprint to start a manufacturing job you get an error buzz sound. Same sound as when you click the directional scanner. Hope someone noticed the science and industry one as well.

Eran Shrike
Posted - 2010.10.01 05:05:00 - [374]

My client won't even launch... as soon as i launch it i get 'not responding'

Azon Enterprises
Azon Consortium
Posted - 2010.10.01 05:11:00 - [375]

I'm getting Incorrect Username or password when both are correct......????

Lana Torrin
Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2010.10.01 05:16:00 - [376]

I would like to thank the CCP devs for giving me the weekend off to go and do real life stuff. With corpmates showing up as neutral and windows deciding to focus themselves (and hide the d-scanner AND local) its pretty much unplayable for me at the moment (ok, I could play but all the fun has been taken out of it).

I'm guessing this wont all be fixed by the weekend, so thanks for allowing me to take some time off and seeing my RL friends. Your the best CCP Devs!

Eternity INC.
Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2010.10.01 05:21:00 - [377]

I combine local and people and places and it will auto switch between the two windows..

I combine drones and fleet it will be on the fleet tab and auto switch to the drone tab. seems to happen when people leave grid.

anyone have this issue?

Death Incarnate INC
Posted - 2010.10.01 05:22:00 - [378]

Edited by: Nexo92 on 01/10/2010 05:38:10
Originally by: Lana Torrin
I would like to thank the CCP devs for giving me the weekend off to go and do real life stuff. With corpmates showing up as neutral and windows deciding to focus themselves (and hide the d-scanner AND local) its pretty much unplayable for me at the moment (ok, I could play but all the fun has been taken out of it).

I'm guessing this wont all be fixed by the weekend, so thanks for allowing me to take some time off and seeing my RL friends. Your the best CCP Devs!

^ This.

Also to be quite frank, I'd have prefered another boot.ini Rolling Eyes

boot.ini ! We will never forget !

Edit - I too am shocked that this was patch was ok'd by the QA dept. to go live.

Terra Incognita
Intrepid Crossing
Posted - 2010.10.01 05:27:00 - [379]

Edited by: BeanBagKing on 01/10/2010 05:28:08
I have no way of confirming that this is caused by the new patch, but I will say that I've never had a problem with modules sticking before. Even in POS sieges with 300-400 in local they only stuck for a few cycles at most, never any other time.

About an hour ago I undocked to help a friend test a fit, less than 20 in local and I saw no noticeable activity in our intel channels, no noticeable lag undocking/redocking/gates. (i.e. the node itself should have been good, no cap fights right next door or anything). Yet one of my modules got stuck cycling. Wouldn't stop at all, not just for a few cycles, I had to dock to get it to end.

Maybe it was a fluke, but the timing and the amount of problems others are reporting in this patch make me wonder.

I liked the direction this patch was headed, the notes about work on the UI backend make me hopeful. Keyboard shortcuts on sisi already make me happy and I'm hoping that improvements to the backend will eventually make their way to much needed areas such as corp/alliance UI. However, the patch feels rushed, I hope that it wasn't, and I hope the issues that have been found get fixed soon.

Ephemeral Dreams
Posted - 2010.10.01 05:32:00 - [380]

60 minutes in game and I filed 11 bug reports.

You need to hire a QA department.


The monkeys you have sitting at those desks now aren't doing any work.

Copa Cabana
Posted - 2010.10.01 05:46:00 - [381]

Anyone missing ships? My corp lost about a dozen ships out of our POS hangar array. Was it the patch? Please say yes :(

Natalia Kovac
Rote Kapelle
Posted - 2010.10.01 05:47:00 - [382]

I lost like 10 days worth of training on a half-trained skill.

Posted - 2010.10.01 05:55:00 - [383]

Edited by: Lugaedh on 01/10/2010 06:17:26
Edited by: Lugaedh on 01/10/2010 05:59:49
Usually, i had a space in the eve gui where the content of wrecks or containers was shown.
i had to arrange the location once and then eve "remembered" my setting (dedicated size and area of opening of the new window).
now it opens every f***ing time at the game default space ith the game f***ing game default size.

edit: my own fault - settings: lock windows when pinned was not checked.
edit 2: so, not my fault.
opening the same container results in opening in wanted size and space.
opening something similar (another wreck) results in damn default size and space.

CCP: get some staff, tools and hardware for automated testing, so you can do regress testing. scripts may run all the boring standard tests no one wants to do for thousand times...

disappointed again, a custommer

Posted - 2010.10.01 06:01:00 - [384]

Sorry CCP guys, this update is extremely shoody, at best. I pay 15 per month to play EVE and for that, I expect the UI issues to be sorted and indeed expect a slick and polished UI.

This is not the case, I'm pretty sure that if people were to buy a piece of software that cost them say 180, which is a years worth of EVE, and experienced problems with the UI and software as detailed in the above posts, then I am sure there would be uproar together with a lot of people returning their software for a refund. Things like this cause people to lose faith and companies in the software industry to go bust.

Seriously guys, I'm paying to play this game and therefore I expect a much, much more polished piece of software, rather than the current glitchy and buggy client. Get it sorted, please!!Sad

Sverre Haakonson
Posted - 2010.10.01 06:04:00 - [385]

The perfomance of the client is worse than before Tyrannis.I have lag and low FPS since this patch.

Posted - 2010.10.01 06:09:00 - [386]

Hope that India based QA is working out for you CCP...

I'd like wallet problems fixed too, pain in the behind to manage atm.

Hun Jakuza
We Are So Troubled Everyone Runs Screaming
Posted - 2010.10.01 06:19:00 - [387]

Just one more or two patch like this and EVE goes to alpha phase. :D

Castiel's Fury
Posted - 2010.10.01 06:19:00 - [388]

Thank you CCP! I finally managed to empty my training queue after all these months...THANK YOU!!!

River-Rats in space
Posted - 2010.10.01 06:24:00 - [389]

Where to start?

Ok, I have the windows not staying sized or in the same place I put them, and cargo windows stacking instead of combining, I do not have any windows pinned so the workaround doesn't work.

Support told me to post a bug report, but the link didn't work so here it is:

I cannot see the contents of, or place Items into my corp member's hangers, and their item count shows 0 when I know for a fact they have items in their box, if i try to drop something in for someone from my ship box or items box, nothing happens.
If I try to drop an item in their box from my ship's cargo hold, the item disappears from the ships hold, but goes into my item box, not theirs.
this is also happening to at least one of my directors.

there's more too, I lagged so badly a few times tonight that my screen froze up solid for almost a full minute, later 2 of my accounts dropped, while the other one didn't, got the "CCP.exe" error.
I should mention that every time i was lagging, or when I got disconnected, my vent ping never went above 18ms.

Seeing double stargates, ect ect, clicking one highlights both, right now, my fleet window shows BCS1 in the fleet as boss and as a squad member (listed twice)

and what's up with extractors turning yellow?

Ok, that's all for now, you folks have enough problems without me piling more on your plate.


J'Torr Kitano
ZiiP Empire
Posted - 2010.10.01 06:29:00 - [390]

Not including the one being trained, I had 4 partially trained skills (yes, stupid me but prioritising etc) before downtime. Now all the progress on those bars has been re-set. Known issue? Any other takers?
Evil or Very MadConfused

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