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Posted - 2010.10.07 11:36:00 - [211]

Sad to see something like this happen. No matter what the cause was, you should have settled it like men, not like children. All it would have taken was a few words to resolve the issue (unless the issue was particularly heinous). The OP stabbed his friend in the back in the game, and his friend overreacted. The only person who emerges with any dignity is the girlfriend, who showed more courage than either.

JD Myers
Taiidan Syndicate
Posted - 2010.10.07 11:46:00 - [212]

cool story bro

Commander Godsmack
Posted - 2010.10.08 04:12:00 - [213]

As they say, games dont build character - but they certainly reveal it. Laughing

Posted - 2010.10.08 09:12:00 - [214]

I am amazed at the amount of hate thrown on the OP. I think its funny he killed his corp mate in game. its not as if they were friends. Its not as if it would be hard to see coming. If most people here think hes out of line destroying the internet spaceship, then do you also think someone should ignore the fact that their GF cheated on them because they are in a relationship and thats more important than the fact that shes a lying *****? Is someones corp mate status (which can be changed in 24 hours) really more important to you than the other persons betrayals, failings, or unacceptable behavior? Or is it the fact that you don't believe games and RL shouldn't mix, in which case you should under no circumstances help your RL friend into eve or loan your RL friend some isk for his plex. And the OP should have helped his corp mate finish his mission and then gone on a roam with him and chat on coms?
And a quick aside to all those people who said it could be resolved in a couple of words or if he could 'resolve this like a man'... ever try to convince an atheist theres a god, or a Christian there is none? You cant do it. There is no way to resolve it. Whats even worse is when its not even you having the argument! If his friend was being a **** to his GF, then theres not much he can do about it except tell him. And if that doesn't work, then blow up his internet spaceship and feel better. I think that whole armed thing is dumb though... why did the GF have to force him out? wtf? Were you watching him saying 'now please dont touch anything... awww, that cost $200'

Note: My corp is in militia, and if a blue shoots us, or our friends we bloody well shoot back, and dont sit there going 'well they were our friends... we should wait until we set them red... sorry about your paladin jimmy', we go in and kick their asses (or get ours handed to us when the cyno is lit)

Posted - 2010.10.08 14:36:00 - [215]

If you have a problem with someone in real life, then you should have talked to him face to face. The fact that you argued with him over text messages and attacked him in a game, instead of doing something that would take any amount of guts, shows just how big of a **** you are. You're an idiot for taking things to a game, and he's an idiot for taking it to real life, even though you deserved to have your "glassware"(I can't figure out if you're talking about your personal dildos, or bongs and crack pipes) destroyed. Yet, your the greater of the idiots for letting your girlfriend run him out of the traile- I mean apartment, when you were "already armed". To top it all off, you posted this **** on the Eve forums, instead of, you know, calling the police. I will admit, though, that just buying new "glassware" to attend to your addictions might be a bit better than trying to hide your drugs before the cops got there.
You need to grow some balls, talk to him personally, and settle your differences. If you can't get along, then go your separate ways like responsible adults. Seeking revenge is extremely childish.
Lastly, if you're purpose was to laugh at how much isk you destroyed, then look at it like this: You destroyed $45 worth of isk. He destroyed $200 worth of "glassware".
Sounds like you have a 0.225 win/loss ratio, to me.

Posted - 2010.10.08 20:54:00 - [216]

@Dr Fab

Your 'friend' overreacted, that much is for sure.

You choosing to deal with your RL problems ingame in no way makes you a better person than him. A better man would've let **** slide, left corp and gone on his business. Instead you had to escalate a situation by antagonizing someone that you know is already deranged.

Still, you -of course- are the victim in this incident. Just like a drunk, frat boy stumbling home from a party getting robbed is a victim. But you put yourself in that situation- one that could've been entirely avoided if you didn't have your head up your own ass.

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