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Posted - 2010.10.06 19:17:00 - [871]

Edited by: Killoweare on 06/10/2010 19:22:55
WTF CCP? Shocked

Blood Covenant
Posted - 2010.10.06 19:17:00 - [872]

Edited by: Reidsol on 06/10/2010 19:25:33

guys, profit > everything else


I don't know why u r wasting time at CCP with this plex for remap thingie. U should just go selling million SPs for plex instantly. Way better profit.

Cold Steel Evolution
Cold Steel Alliance
Posted - 2010.10.06 19:19:00 - [873]

srsly no

I got no problem with extra remaps but i don't want micropayments in eve.

Red Alliance
Posted - 2010.10.06 19:21:00 - [874]

Edited by: Kirja on 06/10/2010 19:21:49
Do not like.

Little Beetle
Posted - 2010.10.06 19:22:00 - [875]

My alt doesnt like it either.

Shaitan Ru
Posted - 2010.10.06 19:24:00 - [876]

Quasvedalves Izmir
Federal Navy Academy
Posted - 2010.10.06 19:30:00 - [877]

We don't want it !

Heaven's Army
Fidelas Constans
Posted - 2010.10.06 19:30:00 - [878]

I hate the games with shops many of them don't last 2 years.

Posted - 2010.10.06 19:30:00 - [879]

One of CCPs worst ideas yet. And that is saying a lot. Rolling Eyes

Jita AltToon
Posted - 2010.10.06 19:31:00 - [880]


Posted - 2010.10.06 19:42:00 - [881]

Soo, If and when we can buy Neural Remap's, Then where's my ability to change my ingame Name?

Untill I see that ability, I Strongly Disapprove.

Zarox Ilphukeira
Oberon Incorporated
Posted - 2010.10.06 19:44:00 - [882]

Don't turn Eve into yet another Pay for everything Extra Game.

Zen Toaster
Posted - 2010.10.06 19:47:00 - [883]

Edited by: Zen Toaster on 06/10/2010 19:48:00
if CCP does this, they will lose something every other mmmorpg has, their integrity.

Nazgul Harul
Posted - 2010.10.06 19:48:00 - [884]

And I was flammed when I said that this would/can happen

Posted - 2010.10.06 19:52:00 - [885]

Big companies, corperations, and kingdoms has died up through time Neutral
When the greed by these became to big, its workers or its people turned against it/them. The same story happens here.
We players that have used loooong time to train our char to its skill level. Can by this get overrun by rookies with monster size skills.....
CCP U play with fire and may front the risk that a lot of old players will turn the back on U..... Sorry to say, so I hope U reconsider what U are about to do Sad

Resha Tsvort
Posted - 2010.10.06 19:58:00 - [886]


Shicopatan Matabechos
Posted - 2010.10.06 20:12:00 - [887]


The Graduates
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2010.10.06 20:22:00 - [888]


Denny Haze
Bad Wolf Project
Posted - 2010.10.06 20:29:00 - [889]

No, this is not a vanity item, this is a skillpoint advantage!

Posted - 2010.10.06 20:30:00 - [890]

Supported. Cash from out of game for plexes is enough. No more.

Drevin Marks
Posted - 2010.10.06 20:31:00 - [891]


Posted - 2010.10.06 21:15:00 - [892]

Am I late?

NO to Microtransactions, so NO to PLEX for remaps, which is just the beginning of a dirty road.

obsta principiis!

Posted - 2010.10.06 21:21:00 - [893]

This would Clearing be a Disadvantage to many people what work hard for your game due to the fact I screwed over my Attribute points and would love more SP this is the wrong I repeat Wrong! Way going about it. Your game is benefitting from players loving to Train at will while at school, vacation, and work. If youíre making this game that people can just pay for the SP point I would seriously quit and donít look back. This Idea is going to Kill your profit as a wise man once told me "STOP BEING GREEDY" I will not sit by and watch CCP Kill a game I been playing for 5years for some extra profit. I Say there should be a Poll. Players have rights to the game were playing as I understand Eve-Online Give players the right to speak their mind all the time this is a crucial time for the game developer open there EYES and Listen to the Public sadly if this doesnít happen eve will die very fast. I GIVE THIS DECISION 4 THUMBS DOWN Yes, I can do that Iím a Alien after all. I DO NOT SUPPORT THIS IDEA AT ALL AND CCP WILL LOSE A 5yr VETERAN PLAYER Crying or Very sadCrying or Very sadCrying or Very sad

Archer Desade
Posted - 2010.10.06 21:28:00 - [894]

I think, I will quit EVE too, if CCP decides to do this.

Even if its only new clothes for PLEX (when Incarna is coming) or anything like that. As soon as this is possible, its just a small step further to special Items for money.

Everything, that gives an advantage to everyone not paying extra money, is bull****.

Pep Alo
Posted - 2010.10.06 21:34:00 - [895]

We are the box, you just a handful of sand.

Nasty Pope Holding Corp
Talocan United
Posted - 2010.10.06 22:00:00 - [896]

Quit lying CCP.


Morgane Kaeren
Posted - 2010.10.06 22:26:00 - [897]

Please no... Crying or Very sad

Posted - 2010.10.06 22:27:00 - [898]

Why are u so upset with this ? There are such things in the game already and that is called attrib implants. Are u not complaining about those too ?

Unknown Soldiers
Posted - 2010.10.06 22:40:00 - [899]

Edited by: JoelCoen on 06/10/2010 22:41:11
CCP, stop ignoring your playerbase...

Shinobi Kurai
Republic Military School
Posted - 2010.10.06 23:30:00 - [900]

Noooo... Do net let it happen

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