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Posted - 2010.11.07 09:03:00 - [61]

Put me down for a bil please.

Psykotic Meat
Posted - 2010.11.07 10:25:00 - [62]

In for a bil please.

Brian Petersberg
Posted - 2010.11.07 14:25:00 - [63]

In for 500 million if available.

Machete Visor
Posted - 2010.11.07 14:34:00 - [64]

reservations noted.. please send isk (start of new week is now, pro-rating interest is a beyatch)

Posted - 2010.11.07 15:35:00 - [65]

Sent (from my alt, Kara)

Brian Petersberg
Posted - 2010.11.07 15:58:00 - [66]

I sent the ISK earlier this afternoon.
(Also it's Petersberg, not Rosenberg ^_^)

Astromechanica Federatis
Posted - 2010.11.07 18:52:00 - [67]

I'll take the 500M remaining, if it's ok.

Machete Visor
Posted - 2010.11.07 20:25:00 - [68]

yes, just send me isk to get it going.

Astromechanica Federatis
Posted - 2010.11.07 21:22:00 - [69]

Originally by: Machete Visor
yes, just send me isk to get it going.

isk sent

River Ace
Posted - 2010.11.09 11:38:00 - [70]

Mailed you. Isk sent



Trebor Whettam
Posted - 2010.11.09 16:00:00 - [71]

I'm looking to switch up my trading strategies, so I'd like to cash out my 500mil for some quick liquidity.

Thanks for the investment opportunities and prompt payouts.

Trebor Whettam
Posted - 2010.11.10 13:18:00 - [72]

My isk has been returned.

Thank you very much, and good luck.

Lashka Gar
Posted - 2010.11.15 02:37:00 - [73]

MV, I'd like to cash out my 500mil. I sent an EVE mail about it too.


Machete Visor
Posted - 2010.11.15 04:17:00 - [74]

interest paid for the week.
lashka gar cashed out
500M open

Posted - 2010.11.15 09:26:00 - [75]

I'll take the 500M. Please confirm if okay, after that I will send the ISK.

Seven Sins
Posted - 2010.11.15 14:08:00 - [76]


I am willing to invest up to 1b once a spot becomes available, please contact me via evemail if the opportunity arrises



Astromechanica Federatis
Posted - 2010.11.15 17:30:00 - [77]

Confirming isk received! thanks

Machete Visor
Posted - 2010.11.15 18:48:00 - [78]

Originally by: Xilael
I'll take the 500M. Please confirm if okay, after that I will send the ISK.

confirmed. pls send in game

Posted - 2010.11.15 19:59:00 - [79]

Sent from my Corp.

Adonis Gunther
Broski Federation
Test Alliance Please Ignore
Posted - 2010.11.16 14:21:00 - [80]

Edited by: Adonis Gunther on 16/11/2010 19:05:23

Machete Visor
Posted - 2010.11.20 17:42:00 - [81]

i'm redeeming back some of my smaller investors. i've got excess ISK and want to reduce the number of payments made. See the top of the thread for those paid back.

Currently not looking for more ISK.

Machete Visor
Posted - 2010.11.27 20:31:00 - [82]

made a few more repayments and paid interest. see top post as always for current status.

Machete Visor
Posted - 2010.12.12 18:24:00 - [83]

I made a bunch of interest payments (I don't keep the thread updated each time i do it since it is weekly) and will make another this evening.

In any case, I would like to expand the offering by 10B. Here is why:

Faction ship trading.

I originally did a ton of faction ship trading via contracts. But I burned out because it was such a PIA to manage (1 contract at a time, 3 days to expire, over and over and over). Also, the contract mechanism w/ collateral was not very favorable to profits. I had to put up maybe 3 or 4 different orders to get one Navy Megathron, each with 1% collateral. That is 3M * 3 that I don't get back. Same thing on the sell side and all of sudden, I am down 18M in lost collateral, plus broker and sales tax and that really hurts the return.

PLUS there was no margin trading, so everything was fully collateralized. Basically, it was a huge pain, so I quit and redeemed those funds (see the top post for thread histories).

Now, I can trade them via the market. The spreads are tighter, but I can execute better. Plus margin trading, good standing at my station of choice = win.

So you ask, why 10B?

Well, I am obviously not going to put up 40B worth of buy orders. Probably my buy orders will expand by 2-3B, which means only about 1B in escrow required.

However, I have found that when I am really on fire, I accumulate inventory. Then to not tank the price, I sell off slowly at the higher prices. My current bond (9B) is fine for the mods, regular ships & implants I trade. But if I need to carry 5 Navy Megas and Navy Ravens, that is 5B tied up. Add in some cynabals, drams, and hopefully a few faction battleships and you can see where this is going.

So I am offering a 10B expansion, to bring my total to 19B. Interest rate of 8% still. 1B minimum please (too many investors and I start making mistakes on the interest payments).

Current investors <1B can invest less by bringing their total to 1B+.

same terms and conditions as in the first post.
anyone not comfortable with the risk level can cash out, no problems / questions asked.

if you want in, please post here, send ISK to me in game and I will confirm later this evening.

if you would like confirmation of my trading of faction items in the past, i direct you to my contracts history page. warning: it is quite long.

Xiro Giolhya
Posted - 2010.12.12 18:40:00 - [84]

1B sent

Posted - 2010.12.12 19:05:00 - [85]

Edited by: Legebriril24 on 12/12/2010 19:07:43
I'm in for 2bil. Isk sent.

Machete Visor
Posted - 2010.12.13 04:21:00 - [86]

received ISK
paid interest

Jay Wareth
Posted - 2010.12.13 06:13:00 - [87]

I'm in for 1bn. ISK sent.

Posted - 2010.12.14 11:59:00 - [88]

I am in for another 500mil to make it 1b in total. ISK sent from corp again.

Posted - 2010.12.14 12:52:00 - [89]

And up he goes...
Will be interesting if this ends up in a scam, not many around here can be trusted with 20B isk unsecured.
Not calling you a scammer :), just saying that everyone reaches a point where making money for others stops being fun.

Still, nice work on being able to push 10%+ returns on 20B station trading, I know I wouldn't be able to do that.

Brian Petersberg
Posted - 2010.12.14 13:05:00 - [90]

I'm in for another 500m, will send ISK within the hour.

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