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Hurtful Words
Pator Tech School
Posted - 2010.09.13 17:20:00 - [1]

I'm moving into a C4 and am curious about carriers. I'm fairly certain C3 and below cannot have carriers enter, but can a carrier jump into a C4 from k-space?

I know you can build them in system, so they could be here, but just curious about the jumping mechanics of a C4.

Many thanks

Caldari Citizen20090217
Posted - 2010.09.13 18:15:00 - [2]

There are a few wh types that go to/from lowsec/0.0 to wspace, and have the mass allowance to fit a carrier (no supercaps tho). There are no holes that will allow a carrier to jump to highsec, but I have seen big lowsec->wspace holes that could fit a carrier. Can't tell u for sure that these went to C4s tho, was a while ago.

Bear in mind that if you enter a wspace system in ur carrier, via a wormhole that is not the static, you may end up waiting on the vaguaries of eve's RNG to spawn you an exit.Twisted Evil

khazak mokl
Black Viper Nomads
Posted - 2010.09.13 18:57:00 - [3]

There are no whs that go to a c4 that can take a carrier/dread. You have to build them on site.
The largest Wh has a max jump mass of 300,000,000kg.WH mass data


Elmerus Juniorus
Posted - 2010.09.15 05:16:00 - [4]

^^ Not true. For MOST holes the limit is 300 mil, but not all. Check ur stats for a C140, C248 or a C391 WH (and a number of other null and low sec holes either 24 or 16 hour durations) and note it is possible to move a carrier through. Frigates mostly after it moved through, but it still could go through.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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