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Radix Salvilines
legion industries ltd
AAA Citizens
Posted - 2010.09.11 09:22:00 - [1]

Hi there,

While I've been flying over empire space trying to collect datacores from my R&D agents (took like 80 jumps - omg horrible) I started to wonder how make flying over the empire more faster.

The best idea I came up with is a replacement of super highways by 'jump network'. Basically it mean that in empire space (about 0.0 later) in every constellation one of the systems would have 'jump hub' (a special navigation station without which smaller ships cannot jump) in it. This hub would allow player to jump into any other hub anywhere in low sec and high sec (those systems would surely automatically become trade hubs aswell).

Now not to make it too easy - every jump would require some time to charge the ships' jump drive' - the more distant (freighters have to wait 2x the time due to their sizes blah blah blah) the destination the more time it takes - of course the ship during this time is vulnerable to enemy fire.

One would be able to set autopilot to use jump hunbs or go using old fashioned way.

The benefits are - less traffic in ALL systems, except for hubs that could get more server space to operate, less time to go around the empire (also making it less frustrating to get things done yo have more time for the fun stuff). Systems would also automatically seem less crowded.

As for 0.0 - territory owners would have the options to set up a hub in the constellations they own and link it to other hubs (alliance or standings based). To get anywhere else in 0.0 you would have to get a titan that has a new module 'Jump Hub Mode' that connects it to the current allied network, but renders it immobile and turns its weapons offline. Setting up a titans jump hub means having to wait 24h until its ready (unanchoring takes another 24h) - so it doesnt mean you can quickly move the fleet into enemy territory - 24h is a plenty of time to blow up a titan. Titan pilot would be able to safely leave it be until he would want to unanchor it.

This idea also imo makes stuff and travelling look less complicated because the max number of jumps one has to make would be like 10 - 15 anytime they travel (and it will not necessairly mean it will be shorter in time due to jump drive charging up feature).


the united
Negative Ten.
Posted - 2010.09.11 10:35:00 - [2]

Eve has become smaller than it used to be, all your idea would do is make it smaller still.
Not only that, you are in effect avoiding whole swathes of space.

Not supported.

Hirana Yoshida
Behavioral Affront
Posted - 2010.09.11 12:33:00 - [3]

Eve on easy mode is restricted to 0.0/Capitals and if a certain lengthy posting spree from Greyscale is any indication then CCP are not too thrilled with travel times in general.

If anything then a highway system with routes where freighters warp/align at 10x speed would be more than enough to boost inter-region trade and even spawn a few extra hubs.

Posted - 2010.09.11 14:18:00 - [4]

Eve's travel, combat and economic structures are all fundamentally flawed due to the fact that the inhabitants of New Eden have in their possession technology that allows the instant dissassembly of vast amounts of matter and trasportation of data instantaneously between Star systems many light years distant.

Lets assume that they cannont use that tech planet side and must mount star gates on space structres then they would not seperate the gate from the station. There would be one or more massive structures with jump gates attached. A network of gates could bounce the data from system to system with no need of rematerialising the cargo until it had reacheached its final destinations uncorrupted.

We do not DL our data from the net by having it saved to and from hundreds of Hard drives as it travels around the planet to our PCs so neither would they. You would not even leave the station through a 'gate' your ship would simply be materialised from ahh... well... from what? The star gates are constantly rematerialising ships from raw energy or do they use generic atomic structures to rebuild the ship in which case they would use quantities of ENERGY and MASS as in the Total Annihilation games.

Ok so lets assume they dont need mass and are constructing the ships from pure energy. Each ship already has a capacitor and a reactor to supply energy. What of the jump gates.. what supplies their massive energy requirements.

I think that this means from what we can observer about the eve online universe is that there are different levels of tech availability ... star gates are hugely dangerous and must be placed away from anything of value....and each ship is fitted with a 'firewall' that allows or disallows its dissassembly and trasportation or destruction.

If New Eden were mine to alter I would put the stargates onto the stations in a modular configuration and remove 'docking bays' from the stations. Players would materialise their ships when they had a need to leave the living network of Stations around the galaxy which are constantly transporting the data required to materialise and dematerialise 'people' and 'goods'.

Basically the inhabitants of New Eden would have probably ascended into beings of pure data composition.


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