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Vardec Crom
Tactical Narcotics Team
Posted - 2010.12.08 22:46:00 - [121]

Edited by: Vardec Crom on 08/12/2010 22:55:42
Interesting take on C3-FTM. Also I was always lead to believe that a brain scan was required at death in order for cloning to work? It's the reason that cloning was really only practical for capsuleers. People can't just walk up and shoot you and you jump to your clone. Overall though, I enjoyed the prose and writing style.

Posted - 2010.12.10 05:12:00 - [122]

Edited by: Tiiana on 10/12/2010 05:19:02
After reading the Chronicle twice, I've got to say that it is a wonderful bit of SciFi short story work. Thank you for that, Dropbear.

While going over the posts in this thread, something else occurred to me. On the discussion of transfer from an exploding capsule to a clone; assuming the device is based on quantum entanglement, this seems to make the most sense to me. I mean, why bother with a scan when you can have constant synchronization? Quantum entanglement is bandwidth-agnostic.

Let's start with pod pilot A, Abby for anthropomorphization's sake. We need a quantum entanglement MacGuffin; on one end is the pilot in her pod, and at the other, a computer monitoring the state of said MacGuffin.

Abby gets in her pod, and as soon as she does, the MacGuffin that monitors her brain state via quantum entanglement starts up. Abby gets jumped at a gate in her Probe, and sadly gets blown to space-smithereens. Never fear however, because the moment that she explodes, the computer hooked up to the MacGuffin registers the disruption of the molecules in entanglement, rolls back a few nanoseconds in the record of Abby's brain, and dumps the brain pattern from that instant before vaporization into a new body.

Presto changeo, nigh-immortality.

This may be a bit late in the thread's lifespan, but I've been out of the universe a bit, just catching up on chronicles. Anyway, food for thought.

DeftCrow Redriver
Best Path Inc.
Cascade Imminent
Posted - 2010.12.10 20:57:00 - [123]

Originally by: Tiiana
Edited by: Tiiana on 10/12/2010 05:19:02

Quoted from the Cloning article...


The cranium is constructed by seeding this gel structure (heavily impregnated with nutrients and inactivated growth factors) with nerve cells and glia, in accordance with information from the brain scan. Bound to the growth factors are molecular receptors that are coupled (using the well known FTL-communication technology) to molecules placed in the customer's burning scanner (see Clone quality, below). After seeding, the gel structure is suspended until the final moment of the original. As the burning scan is made, the molecules bound to the inactivated growth factors become unstable and cause activation of the growth factors by cleavage. The activation is an exothermic process which produces sufficient heat to melt pathways into the gel model of the brain. Thus dendrite paths in the model will be the same as in the original's brain, their growth fuelled by the activated growth factors ......

The cloning process is always on a one-to-one basis, as the molecular receptors bound in the gel structure are coupled to the burning scanner carried by the customer.

Therefore, communication between the brain scanner and the client's future brain strucutre only, and can only, take place once, because the process of imprinting the shape of neural pathways is irreversible.

I do think that your idea will be helpful for consructing the cloning technology necessary for the DUST mercenaries, though.

The Scope
Posted - 2010.12.25 07:06:00 - [124]

I'd been asking about a return of the old Gallente station background "Pleasure Station", but I was thinking, what would a Jita 4-4 themed station background be like? Much busier than the Pleasure Station, I'd guess?

Steal Spirit
Posted - 2011.02.08 12:16:00 - [125]

Originally by: Aelana Anais

I think it meant more like a business transaction was concluded, she's handing him the C3 and she's saying Happy Birthday in the sense that she's giving him a gift. Of course this is just my opinion.

I read it (quite possibly completely incorrectly) that she was giving them to her for free because they were both perceived as a part of the Sani Sabik one aspect of which is the Blood Raiders. I am thinking the reason for the large quantities of the drug and its availability might be that the Blood Raiders have found a new source (wormholes?) or found a way to re-harvest the drug out of the blood or pod of capsuleers they have targeted (as C3-FTM is a key part of pod life support systems).

But I may be reading the /wrong/ innuendo out of this.

Thanks for the link to Sabik I would have had a hard time to understand.

Btw 7 litres is the volume of blood in a body.
Either they make a whole transfusion or... take it all Twisted Evil

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