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Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2010.09.04 08:21:00 - [1]

This is a csm proposal that asks the GM's to automatically reimburse game time if a character is banned due to an investigation and then later unbanned, after being found not guilty. This is the most easily fixable complaint I've gotten about the GMs so far, although I don't know how widespread the issue is, there doesn't seem to be any systematic reimbursement of losses due to GM investigation at no fault to the player.

Recycled Heroes
Posted - 2010.09.04 08:42:00 - [2]

Do they really not do this already?Rolling Eyes

Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2010.09.04 08:54:00 - [3]

Originally by: Siiee
Do they really not do this already?Rolling Eyes

they do it, but i believe you have to pester them about it and it takes a long time. that is really unacceptable from a customer service standpoint, i know if i was any other company and i wasted the customer's time at no fault of their own i would automatically make things right.

this really can be automated too. anytime a gm uses their little foamy unban hammer their gm tools could automatically reimburse game time based on how much time has passed since the ban.

Posted - 2010.09.04 13:00:00 - [4]

Sounds good to me.

William Archer
Posted - 2010.09.10 02:19:00 - [5]

good idea

Laura Duran
Posted - 2010.09.10 02:32:00 - [6]

Sure, why not.

Hack Harrison
Posted - 2010.09.10 02:41:00 - [7]

Supoprted, but what happens to their SP?
Does it keep accumulating while they are banned (assuming they have a long skill in), or does their queue stop.
Assuming it doesn't stop, what happens if they have a 2 day skill in and are banned for a week - should they get the 5 days of SP reimbursed?
I recently had a case where I clone jumped, restarted the queue and when the skill that was currently training finished, the next one in the queue failed to start. Only was to unjam the queue (apply was not working) was to remove the skill from the queue, put another one in and then put original one back in.
I lost 18 hours of training time. Luckily I provided enough info to get a GM to pump up a skill I wanted to l3 which corresponded the the 8 or so hours they were prepared to reimburse...
And yes, it IS a cool story Very Happy

Slimy Worm
The Skunkworks
Posted - 2010.09.10 03:31:00 - [8]

Supported. On top of that, don't pause skill queues for people who are under investigation for being banned. Spend 5 minutes to reprogram Eve Gate so that those people can log in to change skills but not do anything else with Eve Gate.

Arnold Predator
Special Situations
Posted - 2010.09.10 03:34:00 - [9]

Supported because it should have been in place since day one.

Reliables Inc
BricK sQuAD.
Posted - 2010.09.10 04:20:00 - [10]

Originally by: Slimy Worm
Spend 5 minutes to program Eve Gate so that people can do anything useful with Eve Gate.


supported; once again, can't believe they don't already do this

Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2010.09.10 05:43:00 - [11]

raised for csm meeting

Fantastulousification Inc.
Posted - 2010.09.10 09:52:00 - [12]


Posted - 2010.09.10 12:33:00 - [13]

Sounds reasonable.

Garoun Investment Bank

Posted - 2010.09.10 17:35:00 - [14]

Edited by: T''Amber on 10/09/2010 17:35:41
I support pant wearing

mazzilliu we should have an ingame wedding.
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Phantom Squad
Posted - 2010.09.10 19:37:00 - [15]


Antihrist Pripravnik
Scorpion Road Industry

Posted - 2010.09.10 20:14:00 - [16]

Never had this issue, but still...

Posted - 2010.09.11 02:05:00 - [17]

I'd add that in the event an account/character is accused of buying isk and turns out to be innocent(I'd like to believe one forum rant could be true) the account gets reimbursed game time for any time their account was put in the red through GM action. Tying up your isk if you are innocent could seriously screw with your ability to play the game.

Seamus Donohue
Posted - 2010.09.11 04:25:00 - [18]


I've never had a problem of this kind, but it makes sense.

Noun Verber
Posted - 2010.09.11 05:35:00 - [19]

This should already be happening.


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