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Posted - 2011.08.01 14:04:00 - [631]

ok, nvm, Im just going to delete both the test server folders, and try the above suggestion after realising that the test server, and TQ server versions are completely different.

Posted - 2011.08.01 14:37:00 - [632]

Originally by: Soldarius
Originally by: Norrin Ellis
I ran the tool, and it did not ask for the location of my Tranquility client to copy files. The tool simply started a 5 GB download from the server. I started skimming this thread for a similar problem and solution, and though I found reports of the same problem within the first few pages, the devs seem to have skipped over it.

Can I just manually copy the Tranquility folder to a new one, then run the tool to prevent the 6-7 hours of downloading?

Right now, do not run the tool. It is not patching to the newest version. Sorry to say, you have to delete your current SiSi build and copy your TQ files into it's place. Then download the newest patch to someplace easy to find like your desktop.

Once you have the patch, run it. You will have to tell it where your SiSi folder is located. But beyond that, it should work fine. I just did it and SiSi is now available for me.

Ok, just did this.

Incompatible build.

Ok, no idea what I am doing wrong...going to take a break before I punch a hole in my monitor Evil or Very Mad

What version should it say on the singularity client?

Posted - 2011.08.01 16:25:00 - [633]

har har, simply had the wrong patch. Herp

If you are still having trouble, do what is suggested above, but make sure that you use patch 273475-279845 which can be found on another thread in these forums.

Posted - 2011.08.04 16:27:00 - [634]

I imagine they'll fix it before the Aug 9 masstest if they want it to be a success.

Rigultru Rae
Posted - 2011.08.05 01:19:00 - [635]

I get the client up and running. When I log in with my account info, I get a message saying my account is disabled because I am no longer subscribed. It also says my last log in date was back in 2005....

Fierce Monkey
Posted - 2011.08.07 05:24:00 - [636]

Here is what i have learned and it may be helpful. First thing I did was to locate the main sisi file. – right click the icon and choose “open file location”. This will take you to the root file location.( If you windows version can’t do this find it see below). After this go to “repair” the icon looks like a wrench. Double click and windows will ask if its ok, say yes. Then it will go to the repair program. When I did this the program hit a error and I had to do it twice so be patient. After this it should detect there is a new version. Hit “ok” to fix the issue. Then after its finished start up the sisi client and it will say a new patch is available. Follow the normal installation steps an BAM! Your good to go. Now for those folks that cant find the file location.
If you cant find the file location by means described above try this; start button on task bar, computer, hard drive usually (C:), evetest, CCP, EVE, Repair. (Please note this will only work if you followed the instructions ccp gave on how to install the sisi) Then follow the instructions above. Also, as a final note even if you do all of this and the server is down, then only the DEVS can do anything. Hope this helps!

Xander Hunt
Dead Rats Tell No Tales
Posted - 2011.08.28 11:37:00 - [637]

Originally by: CCP Atropos
I got a reply from Untangle, is any of the following true for your setup?

Usually this is caused by the user choosing to block HTTP Resume (partial/range fetches) in one of the Virus Blocker apps.
This is an option because some admins wish to force downloads of complete files so they can safely be scanned for viruses.
If the admin has chosen to enable this option (its not the default nor suggested), then your only option is to use complete fetches or ask the admin to reallow partial fetches.

The other issue we've seen is that some firewalls/routers with extremely low TCP idle timeouts (<30 seconds) can conflict with virus scanning because it tends to reset the connection while the scanning is taking place.

Negative. Disable HTTP resume is not checked. Untangle *IS* my firewall.

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This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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