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Posted - 2010.09.02 05:51:00 - [1]

Appx how much ehp would you need to take a punch in a battleship running C5 wh sites, with 3-4 battleships dps's and a triage carrier?

thanks for the thoughts

Dahk Myir
Posted - 2010.09.04 01:34:00 - [2]

I would weigh in at somewhere between 100k EHP to 140k EHP.
I've seen spawns of 4 BS /ALMOST/ break the tank of a five person RR BS gang where everyone had 2+ reps running, In a C5 there are spawns of 8 BS that you will be dealing with on a regular basis. I'd also base it on how many people your carrier can target at once, and what their transfer times are. (IE: If their cycle runs 20 seconds, you want to be able to survive at least 30 in case they lag while trying to re-select repper-targets. You're not going to survive the absolute worst unless you've got a good BS spider tank going anyway, because if that carrier disconnects...)

Keep in mind that if you're armor repping, you're going to want to be doubly careful of that number, because a good spawn in a C4 can flatten your shields in one salvo.

My best recommendation would be to try it out on test first, and bring more then 3-4 dps battleships. Maybe bring a scorp too, because that can lower incoming damage by a very respectable amount.

el Sabor
Posted - 2010.09.04 11:45:00 - [3]

I always state a minimum requirement of 100k EHP. As your gang test the water you might be able to shave some off. Some of us run with around 80k and survive the bigger spawns no problem.

Scorps are the main example of this: You'll never hit 100k EHP with a scorp with a sensible fit but you can plan ahead and have reps and rep drones active on scorps before you trigger a spawn.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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