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Posted - 2010.08.30 16:34:00 - [1]

Edited by: Aescor on 31/08/2010 12:36:07
Edited by: Aescor on 31/08/2010 00:32:16
Edited by: Aescor on 30/08/2010 16:44:44
GREAT all around toon, and lots of bonuses to note:

Arrowcarrier pilot and dread pilot
Arrowt2 heavy drones
Arrowjf, rorqual, transport ships and MAXED orca pilot
Arrowexhumers to v
Arrowplus 5 implants
ArrowGREAT leadeership for armor and sheild skillz
Arrowgood logistics skills to go wtih carrier
Arrowneural remap available

other bonuses as well, just take a look and check the link, let me know what the price maybe, and im looking to sell here if hte price is right. I reserve the right to end this auction at any time. It will go for 1 week from initial post date.

all ccp rules apply, etc etc.
SB:6.5 Billion
BO: 10 bill OBO
Reserve: Hidden

kind regards

Blood Moon Legion
Tactical Narcotics Team
Posted - 2010.08.31 00:36:00 - [2]

bump for a mate. great toon, and great working with him in fleets! nice to have maxed orca bonuses while mining and he was boosting. gl with your sell!

Ciaphias Cain
Posted - 2010.08.31 02:24:00 - [3]

6.5 bo.

Posted - 2010.08.31 02:42:00 - [4]

Edited by: Aescor on 31/08/2010 02:42:52
SPoke with Cia in game, 6.5 bill bid currently.

Posted - 2010.08.31 12:37:00 - [5]

Edited by: cyn0mama1 on 31/08/2010 12:36:56
daily bump. great toon looking to unload!bo of 9 bill will be taken if given today

kind regards,

Posted - 2010.09.01 00:03:00 - [6]

Edited by: Aescor on 01/09/2010 00:02:53
b/o agreed with ciaphias cain for 7.5. waiting for roles to be taken off to leave corp before isk transfer and character transfer.

Ciaphias Cain
Posted - 2010.09.01 00:07:00 - [7]

7.5 Bill sent to Aescor.. waiting for roles to be dropped and toon to be transfered

Posted - 2010.09.01 00:44:00 - [8]

isk received. now only waiting for roles to be revoked, then character will be transfered.

kind regards

NiKun Hai
Posted - 2010.09.01 02:29:00 - [9]

If deal falls through willing to make same offer.

Posted - 2010.09.04 07:10:00 - [10]

is this toon still available?


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