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Modahn Etch
Posted - 2010.08.29 11:58:00 - [1]

Edited by: Modahn Etch on 30/08/2010 06:27:54
Edited by: Modahn Etch on 29/08/2010 13:46:43

ArrowGallente Carrier V.
ArrowGood Moros Toon.
ArrowGood Capital Skills including JDC IV, Fighters IV, Cap Rep IV, Cap Hybrid Turret IV etc.
ArrowCan fly Vaga, Munnin, Rapier, Huggin, Loki, Proteus, Deimos, Ishtar, Arazu, Lachesis. With T2 Fittings.
Arrow8 days to Sleipnir/Claymore/Astarte/Eos.
ArrowLG Crystal Clone, LG Slave Clone, HG Slave Clone + Akemons ZET5000 (3.5b ISK CLONE!) and a +5 Clone with an Extra level in Infomorph Psychology should you want a new jump clone.
ArrowCan fly all Pirate Faction ships, BS -> Frigate.
ArrowGood Gunnery Skills.
ArrowSentry Drone Op V

Skill Link: Modahn Etch

Current Sec Status: -7


LG Slaves
AX-1 Gunslinger
CX-2 Gunslinger
ZGL1000 Deadeye


HG Slaves
CX-2 Gunslinger
Akemon's Noble ZET5000


LG Crystals
G-1 Epsilon


+5s exc. Charisma

ArrowPrice: 16b

Mail/convo me.

Strategic Syndicate
-Mostly Harmless-
Posted - 2010.08.29 19:50:00 - [2]

As someone that has been playing EVE for significantly longer than most who'd comment on a thread like this and thus has a massively inflated ego etc, I am of the opinion that this character is significantly better than its price gives it credit.

Modahn Etch
Posted - 2010.08.30 06:30:00 - [3]

bump would like to sell before Thursday.

Posted - 2010.09.04 07:45:00 - [4]



This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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