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Ghost Siretsa
Posted - 2010.12.30 08:28:00 - [91]

Edited by: Ghost Siretsa on 30/12/2010 08:28:44

I found this on Facebook ISK The Guide on Facebook. Surprised

Jugis Modo Utopia
Warped Aggression
Posted - 2011.01.07 06:30:00 - [92]

London, England – January 6, 2011 – MMM Publishing, a leading publisher of online gaming magazines, has announced a new “EON Presents…” publication for players and fans of the award-winning science fiction universe EVE Online. This February “EON presents… ISK 3.0″ will be released as a free pdf download, offering all EVE players the most exhaustive and expansive strategy guide that’s ever been compiled in the game’s eight year history. Like previous “EON Presents…” projects (EVE Strategic Maps, EVE Career Guide), the ISK 3.0 guide is a collaborative effort between EVE players, CCP Games and the design and editorial teams of MMM Publishing. Previous versions of the “Industrial-Sized Knowledgebase” have been downloaded by almost 40,000 EVE players and the vast compendium is considered by many to be EVE’s de facto player manual.

The new expanded ISK guide has been updated to include recent changes brought to EVE Online as part of the Incursion expansion, including adaptions to character creation, skill training and planetary interaction. It has also been completely redesigned to be easier to read and reference important sections, with new images and tables within established chapters on getting started, ship fitting, manufacturing, trading, exploration and combat.

“EVE players have been crying out for a comprehensive strategy guide since the game first came out” says EON editor Richie Shoemaker. “With ISK 3.0 people are going to realise that the wait has been worthwhile. Compiled over many, many months it’s an incredible piece of work that we’re proud to help bring to EVE players.”

Beyond the release of ISK 3.0 the team will begin work on a premium edition of the guide that will be available to buy as a digital publication alongside EON Digital. The extended 500-page guide will also be available to pre-order from the EVE Store as an exclusive and limited edition print publication. Price and publication details will be announced at a later date.

“Creating ISK has been a labour of love for many months and we intend to keep updating and releasing newer and better versions of the guide for as long as people want to read them” said ISK’s creators Gábor Várkonyi and László Lipták. “Our dream is to eventually have a professionally published edition in my hand and after having published EON magazine for six years, MMM Publishing are the best people to make that dream come true.”

ISK 3.0 Lite Edition will be freely available as a pdf file from February 1, 2011 from, and all good EVE fansites. The digital and print Premium Edition will follow in the spring.

All Yurbase
Posted - 2011.01.07 16:47:00 - [93]

you are awesome.. really :-)

Jugis Modo Utopia
Warped Aggression
Posted - 2011.01.27 11:15:00 - [94]

Hello All!

Not long to go now for ISK 3.0! In fact, 5 days before it’s released.

Jugis Modo Utopia
Warped Aggression
Posted - 2011.01.29 12:26:00 - [95]

3 days 'til release :)

tasman devil
Pangalactic Punks n' Playboys
HUN Reloaded
Posted - 2011.01.30 01:00:00 - [96]

Originally by: Ghost Siretsa
Edited by: Ghost Siretsa on 30/12/2010 08:28:44

I found this on Facebook ISK The Guide on Facebook. Surprised
yep that's it!

and a friendly bump from a friend for a friend and for an awesome guide! ;-)

Xantor Bludberry
Posted - 2011.01.31 16:43:00 - [97]

Tomorrow! Tomorrow ?!?!?

Jugis Modo Utopia
Warped Aggression
Posted - 2011.01.31 17:29:00 - [98]

Only 1 day remaining! CoolCoolLaughingLaughing

Posted - 2011.02.01 03:30:00 - [99]

today is the day..cant wait to download it....really2 good work LACI your the man..i mean itYARRRR!!

Posted - 2011.02.01 11:40:00 - [100]

Is it out yet?
I can't seem to find it anywhere over the net.

Cant's wait for it! :)

PS: Great work btw!

PS2: how can I delete one of my posts?

Jugis Modo Utopia
Warped Aggression
Posted - 2011.02.01 11:40:00 - [101]

Are we there yet? No, we arent. But very soon™ CoolCoolCoolCool

CCP Spitfire

C C P Alliance
Posted - 2011.02.01 11:43:00 - [102]

Offtopic post removed.

Incidental Damage
-Mostly Harmless-
Posted - 2011.02.01 13:26:00 - [103]

gief it nao!

Mine 'N' Refine
The Unforgiven Alliance
Posted - 2011.02.01 17:04:00 - [104]

Where's our new guide. It's 17 hours late in eve time.

Jugis Modo Utopia
Warped Aggression
Posted - 2011.02.01 18:20:00 - [105]

The ISK 3.0 Lite has released!

the muppets
Posted - 2011.02.02 00:02:00 - [106]

Awesome guide and thanks for making it free :D

Jugis Modo Utopia
Warped Aggression
Posted - 2011.02.02 07:41:00 - [107]

Edited by: Laci on 02/04/2011 11:32:23
ISK 3.0 Lite goes to EVE Store Wink

The guide EVE players have been crying out for since 2003 is finally here! Updated to include changes up to Incursion 1.4, ISK is the most exhaustive guide to EVE ever compiled.

No matter whether you are a beginner on a 14-day trial account or a veteran trader; maybe a fierce pirate, a determined miner, a pilot who has years of experience in mission running or a three-month-in noob - there is no pilot who has tried and done everything or knows all there is to know about EVE. Beginner or expert, this Guide - known as the Industrial-Sized Knowledgebase - is for you!

Expertly written by a number of specialists in their field, beautifully designed by the EON Magazine team, and officially endorsed by CCP, this guide covers just about everything you can do in EVE. If you need to know something, just look it up in this book. Of course you do not have to commit everything to memory; just open the ISK 3.0 Guide and you will find your answer.

EVE’s infamous learning curve can now be overcome!

Note: You are pre-ordering the printed version of ISK 3.0 Lite Edition, updated (Incursion 1.4) from the downloadable pdf currently available from In order to receive the $5 pre-order discount during the pre-order period, please apply coupon code ISK305 at checkout. You will be notified by email when your order is dispatched. Oh, and go tell your mates the guide they need is finally here!

Pre-Order (EVE Store)

Jugis Modo Utopia
Warped Aggression
Posted - 2011.04.10 06:29:00 - [108]

Hi, we got a few questions related the plans changes.

"This has me confused, so you are doing another version of the ISK Guide with the premium chapters added? If so when? I’m starting to wish I hadn’t been so hasty in pre-ordering now."

The original plan was: we make the lite and a premium version.

The plan was:
Lite: The current content
Premium: The current content + a "pvp guide"


Title: Industrial-Sized Knowledgebase [ISK] - Volume 1
Content: Introduction, mining, ship-fitting, PI, R&D, manufacturing, production, trade, agents, 0.0 life, exploration, starbases
Format: Digital download pdf & print
Pages: 400 approx
Availability: pdf (out now - update pending) - print (late-April 2011)
Price: pdf (free), print ($35 + mailing - pre-order discount available)
EVE version: Incursion 1.4.1

Title: Industrial-Sized Knowledgebase [ISK] - Volume 2
Content: PvP basics, PvP by system security, PvP by fleet roles, fitting for PvP, PvP by fleet size, tanking in theory and practise, weapons, EW, logistics, ship guides
Format: Digital download pdf & print
Pages: 400 approx
Availability: pdf (summer 2011) - print (summer 2011)
Price: pdf (<$30 - TBC), print ($35 approx - TBC)
EVE version: TBD

If we would stay with the original "premium" content version, then the printed guide would be more than 900 pages which is too big for release (and the printed version would be too expensive. )

If everything goes right, there should be a Dev Blog in a few days (i hope sooner than usual soon™) 

Fly Safe!

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