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Bo Tosh
Posted - 2010.09.08 08:50:00 - [91]

Supported, now and always.

Posted - 2010.09.08 15:42:00 - [92]

Originally by: Xenuria
Originally by: Destination SkillQueue
Edited by: Destination SkillQueue on 03/09/2010 19:27:29
Originally by: Maxsim Goratiev

I don't remember multy-purpose prostitutes/strippers mentioned in gallnete cronics, although that pobably does make business more ffishient.

It is pretty clear based on the backstory and the books, that futanari-type body modifications are on the tamer end of the spectrum in Gallente and that body modifications in general are a common pastime in the federation.

Even if futa isn't going to be in Incarna, I would be disappointed if the races don't have clear distinctions between the entertainment they have available. Body modifications and liberal attitude towards sex and sexual themes are actually a good way to differentiate Gallente from the other races.

Thank you very much for your post. It is rare to find posters that have the backround I do when it comes to eve.

Gallente are the race I chose because the best represent me as a person. They refuse to let gender biases or cultural sterotypes prevent them from having fun and experimenting with things.

I would love to see this thread get spamed with approval icons by people with plenty of alts. Just so that the CSM is forced to mention and possibly even define futanari. That in and of itself will be a huge step forward for the movement.

agree wholeheartedly

fingerin adyke
Posted - 2010.09.09 15:14:00 - [93]


Jada Maroo
Posted - 2010.09.10 03:54:00 - [94]

Edited by: Jada Maroo on 10/09/2010 03:54:06
Originally by: Xenuria

I would love to see this thread get spamed with approval icons by people with plenty of alts. Just so that the CSM is forced to mention and possibly even define futanari.

Best if they bring pictures and videos too, just to make sure the devs fully grasp the concept.

In fact, CSM should just bring real life undercover futas, lots of alchohol and, once the devs are intoxicated enough, send them into private rooms together.

Genos Occidere
Posted - 2010.09.11 16:44:00 - [95]

This thread desperately needs more votes...

Would it be to much to ask for all the current supporters to chat up people in local and convince them to cote support or at least look at the thread?

We are a few hundred votes behind plan so we could use a boost. Remember you can vote once per pilot so 3 votes per account. This is legitimate and you should take advantage of it.

Cobalt Sixty

Posted - 2010.09.11 17:08:00 - [96]


Jezsyka Dawn
Posted - 2010.09.15 20:25:00 - [97]


Posted - 2010.09.18 14:03:00 - [98]

we need our anatomically incorrect gallente *******s

Posted - 2010.09.18 17:36:00 - [99]

As a long-term supporter and short-term friend of Kamitora I have to give full support of this idea! I humbly demand Futanari in Incarnia!

The Whitehound Corporation
Frontline Assembly Point
Posted - 2010.09.19 14:58:00 - [100]

Edited by: Whitehound on 19/09/2010 18:09:12
Not supported. Nude characters will look like crap even with today's 3D hardware, and it has a good chance of ruining EVE's T-rating if it was done properly. The whole idea will become uninteresting after only 3 days and is not worth the effort.

yani dumyat
Pixie Cats

Posted - 2010.09.19 16:12:00 - [101]


I don't see how putting the bulges in the right place has anything to do with complete nudity or making eve an 18+ game. If a Gallente exotic dancer is wearing a bikini then their anatomy should equate to the back story, end of.

If people are calling for sexually explicit strip clubs then there is a separate issue that will exist irrespective of the dancers genitalia. I personally have no problem with 18+ areas such as you get in 2nd life but can only see that scenario being cost efficient for CCP if it attracts more subscribers, at that point you've got at ask if those are the sort of subscribers we want to attract to the game?

As for futanari it would be good to see it expressed openly in Gallente stations, it adds depth to racial differences and if anyone objects they can always play as an emotionally repressed god botherer.

Haiden Po
Posted - 2010.09.19 16:52:00 - [102]

You do realize the exotic dancers are just pixels? Toons?

If you need that imagery buy a magazine you can keep open on the desk while you play the game.

I have heard it's all the rage to play EVE without your pants on anyways. :p

Funny proposal -- I vote no.

Icura Reynard
Posted - 2010.09.19 17:05:00 - [103]

Yes to genderbending traps, absolutely yes to ending this hetronormative fascism.

(no to nudity btw)

Genos Occidere
Posted - 2010.09.19 18:04:00 - [104]

Originally by: Icura Reynard
Yes to genderbending traps, absolutely yes to ending this hetronormative fascism.

(no to nudity btw)

Hetero-normative gender stereotypes are an amarrian principle.
If I had my way all the clothing and outfits in amarrian stations would be VERY gender specific and wearing clothes that did not match your gender and economical and social status would be punishable by fines or loss of standing. However cross dressing in gallente station would be common and otherwise not a big deal.

You don't need nudity to add futanari to incarna I just put it in the thread as an optional term. Yes a gallente stripper with a great body, nice boobs and a tasteful bulge would make the eve experience that much realer to me. Fable handles sexuality in a way that parents are not afraid to buy the game for their child.

In fable you can get married, have sex, get pregnant, get aids, and make decisions on contraceptives. Yet they do it in a way that has no adult content.. If eve did something like this, where there was no actual nudity but there was however a clear text and visual indicator that the girl your looking at has both toys under the trunk then it would work.

STK Scientific
IT Alliance
Posted - 2010.09.20 15:59:00 - [105]

Full support.

Temo Jick
Posted - 2010.09.20 20:48:00 - [106]

Edited by: Temo Jick on 20/09/2010 20:49:03
Letís face it; any one who has ever spent any time in any MMO is already aware of the existence of gender bending. Having 3rd sex characters simply makes telling who is what a little easier. I support this for player characters too. Heck, why not have tattoo parlours and body mod shops in our stations while we are at it.

Keras Authion
Science and Trade Institute
Posted - 2010.09.21 05:37:00 - [107]

Sure, why not if it fits the backstory. Just don't make half of the gallente futa.

Wildly Inappropriate.
Posted - 2010.09.21 07:50:00 - [108]

**** yes.

To those of you that are saying no, all they have to do is add an option to show nudity or not. If you dont like it, turn it off. Have a password you can put on it for kids or something. Piece of cake.. Many games already do that, so I know it is not hard to implement.

As for sales, I think it would INCREASE sales if anything....

Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2010.09.21 09:48:00 - [109]

Hell No

Why not psychologists for you instead?

Ps.: Die.

count sporkula
Posted - 2010.09.21 11:56:00 - [110]

thinking mans game or not too many children play this game. and putting an adult filter in is not going to work and isn't the answer. if you need nude pix look them up on the internet. there are lots out there.

not needed.

Twelveandahalf percent
Posted - 2010.09.21 19:05:00 - [111]

just because. . .

Ran Khanon
Swords Horses and Heavy Metal

Posted - 2010.09.23 10:18:00 - [112]

I agree. Futa is what we need. This would give a whole new meaning to the term 'station games'.

Jagga Spikes
Spikes Chop Shop
Posted - 2010.09.23 12:55:00 - [113]

imo, CCP is way too conservative in depicting technologically advanced hyper-capitalistic environment that EVE is supposed to have. even the Star Trek's 20th-century-in-future had more socially intriguing concepts.

choices, color, depth. do want.

Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2010.09.24 21:45:00 - [114]

Too awesome to not support, really.
It's IC.
It's different, what other MMO would do this?
C'mon CCP, show us the surprise in your space-suits and implement this in some fashion or another.

Posted - 2010.09.25 03:50:00 - [115]

CSM should deffinetly look into this! Very Happy

Aineko Macx
Posted - 2010.09.25 06:58:00 - [116]

Hmm... Altho this is a joke thread it highlights an interesting question: How much sexualized content eve needs, if at all. From the incarna pix the art department has clearly chosen to not avoid emphasizing gender features and "exotic" clothing. I wouldn't mind nudity at all (hell, i'm all for making this game 18+), but I don't know how the game would benefit from it. Sure, scifi red light districts realism and all, maybe pixel ****, but then what? Its definitely not THE feature that would make eve complete. Also, we don't know how much content we'll get with incarna, but it would be hilarious in a bad way if all we had in stations were stores, bars and strip clubs/brothels.

Ah yes, and about futa: There are dozens of other (and more frequent) sexual orientations, so I don't get why that is the (only) one you're pushing, other than your probable personal interest for it.

Posted - 2010.09.27 23:58:00 - [117]

Uhh yes i would support this thread..being an upstanding gallente citizen*eyes to his right hand side* no thats not a gun to my its uhh a ventilator..*smiles*

*thumbs up*

Covert Kitty
SRS Industries
Posted - 2010.09.28 16:53:00 - [118]

Edited by: Covert Kitty on 28/09/2010 16:56:40

Just about every extended fleet op is nonstop p0rn links anyway, might as well make it official :D

... though considering I had to edit this post to add a zero to p0rn to subvert the censor, I think the likelihood is rather minute. :(

Posted - 2010.10.07 08:46:00 - [119]

Originally by: Radgette
Originally by: Shaalira D'arc
Bumping so that more uninformed posters might google futanari and be enlightened.

Jullian Valdexron
Marcabian 5th Invasion Fleet
Posted - 2010.10.11 20:23:00 - [120]

Originally by: Ran Khanon
I agree. Futa is what we need. This would give a whole new meaning to the term 'station games'.

For great justice!

Also for whoever said it would look horrible, maybe you should look at the latest incarna screens. The facial structures look anything but toonish. If not nudity at least the opportunity to play around with the gender indicators of your character.

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