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Combat and Recon
Posted - 2010.08.20 17:38:00 - [91]

Got excited when I saw the ASCII, I thought you'd released a new linux client Wink

Addicted User
Posted - 2010.08.20 21:37:00 - [92]

ME WANT Twisted Evil

Niccolado Starwalker
Shadow Templars
Posted - 2010.08.21 14:19:00 - [93]

Edited by: Niccolado Starwalker on 21/08/2010 14:20:27

I have to give you credits for having large brass balls for daring showing up here on the forums telling us how great this thin client is, only to tell us at the end that we cant have it! Thats nassty nassty!! But I would forgive you all, if you rewrote this code and made an android mobile phone version of the game! CoolCoolCoolCoolCoolCoolCoolCool

Toshiro GreyHawk
Posted - 2010.08.22 08:53:00 - [94]

Thanks for the blog. It was interesting.

I worked on a simulator for several years. We had a main program that interfaced with a number of things and the simulator provided input and accepted data as appropriate for those interfaces.

We also had a scenario generator that you could use to create massive scenarios for stress test purposes. Having programmed scenarios also helped with repeatability as it allowed you to run the exact same test each time - with no variations due to operator inconsistencies. It sounds like you're working toward something like that.

My time working on that project was all a long time ago though. Main Frames and point to point connections rather than networking.


Good Luck with it.

Akita T
Caldari Navy Volunteer Task Force
Posted - 2010.08.22 23:53:00 - [95]

Originally by: BLOG
Q: So when can I get my hands on this?
A: Never, sorry :) The client is a developer tool only

Gorram teases Confused

SFX Bladerunner
Aperture Science inc.
Posted - 2010.08.23 00:21:00 - [96]

<notification> A wild rupture appears!
> lock rupture
<notification> rupture locked!
> activate H1-H8
<notification> rupture fled!
> reload H1-H8
<notification> reloading H1-H8 done!


Karak Terrel
As Far As The eYe can see
Chained Reactions
Posted - 2010.08.23 09:24:00 - [97]

Edited by: Karak Terrel on 23/08/2010 09:35:36
Originally by: Raneru
Got excited when I saw the ASCII, I thought you'd released a new linux client Wink


I run EVE on wine under Linux now for years and it always works perfectly. Some months ago Linux learned this: KSM. And back then my first thought was, oh that would be nice if wine could use this feature to reduce memory for multiple clients. Maybe that could be a cheap option to reduce memory consumption for this thin clients?

From the KSM kernel documentation:
"KSM was originally developed for use with KVM (where it was known as Kernel Shared Memory), to fit more virtual machines into physical memory, by sharing the data common between them. But it can be useful to any application which generates many instances of the same data."

Ki Rathos
196 MPAD
Posted - 2010.08.24 15:02:00 - [98]

Posted this in another dev blog , Still think its a good idea and probably belonged in here
Think it would be cool too if you guys could develop some kind of tool that allows the thin client to say run on my comp and take requests from your central server, maybe have it connect into sisi.

Would leave it on while I am working, you guys would then have a veritable army of PC's ready to put tons of automated pew pew ships onto a node. Maybe once you guys add in some diagnostic tools. A system like that would allow you to mass test whenever you needed from actual client machines, sort of the end to end way to check on things.

Rebellion Against Big Irreversible Dinks
Posted - 2010.08.24 21:58:00 - [99]

To be honest I would love a text version of EVE.... You're going to all the trouble making a thin client with no sound or graphics something I've positive many MANY big combat fleets would switch to when combat happens.

"OK, so we're going to be attacking x at y time, load up the thin clients it'll be a big battle"

Scaldari Anitoba
Miner's of the Apocalypse
Posted - 2010.08.25 00:31:00 - [100]

YES!!! Live Web Cam of the Server room!!!

Originally by: Cryodeus
I don't think this will ever reach the hands of players, simply because we purchased two server blades with 50GB of RAM each for large scale local testing, and if that's not enough we've got hundreds of other desktop machines within the company that we can enslave for our needs.

Do you think that in an upcoming blog you could post some non invasive photographs of where my capsuleer sleeps when i'm not playing eve?

whenever i hear you guys talk about upgrading the server the mental image i have is one or two little desktop pc towers acting as the server. i certainly know that this isn't the case.

you might not be able to post anything like that because ooo i don't want anyone to copy us or ooo i'm too scared people will steal out secret inventions of world domination.

whatever the reason, all i'm saying is is that i think it would be cool to see where our universe is contained. we see in the inside of it all the time, i kinda want a glimpse of the outside.

4S Corporation
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2010.09.02 08:46:00 - [101]

now that would be a awesome mining macro Embarassed

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