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Mnemonic Enterprises
Dark Matter Coalition
Posted - 2004.12.23 15:53:00 - [1]

Edited by: Aelius on 23/12/2004 15:56:02

For the last month i have 2 jobs in RL, so my time to play EVE is very limited. I mainly just log to change the skills and to keep myself updated on the corp situation.

We are now part of XETIC and i still didn't arrange any time to move to 0.0 to hunt NPCs, something i can do with the little time i have to play.

I have 6 R&D agents all lv3 with 15 quality or above, 4 of them together have more than 200.000 RP in caldari starship engeneering.

Some of you may ask what am i doing in EVE if i barely play. Well mainly because i have my subscription payed until March 2005. My char has almost 21M SP (7M in science alone) and i want to advance even more in that field.

I would like to plea to the DEVS to look to players as myself that don't have the time to play and don't want to leave EVE. Research is a good field to help such players if only there were more research options, more things to do inside a station related with science, more skills to learn, etc, etc.

PS: If you think im the worst carebear possible that doesn't even leave a crapy NPC station, there are reasons for it. I simply don't have time for anything else ATM. I even have a second account were im training a solo pirate char for when i have the time to play with him. I haven't been always this awfull idle char i am now but RL forces me to be one.

I'm sad i haven't been able to test properly the Exodus expansion and that sadens me but... well life must go on.

I really love EVE as the greatest game i played so far, so quiting isn't in my plans. I just want my char to do something while i'm logged off besides amass RPs and SPs. Super high requirement skills don't scare me because i have all the time in the world to train them.

I hope you understand this thread and don't flame it.

Tks and merry christmas.Smile

Evocations of Shadow
Posted - 2004.12.23 15:59:00 - [2]


im drunk is the point of this post?

Posted - 2004.12.23 16:19:00 - [3]

I think science and research need a big content update. Not only players like Aelius but also very active players are interested in this.

As it is now, we have less game interaction than mining if interested in science. Maybe adding some type of new NPC agent (or add a new mission service) that will give out information about new developments in the empires, then u need to go to that place and talk to one of the agents of the corp that made a breakthrough, get a mission (difficult one), if succesful retrieve the research data. It can then be traded or used at a research agent, also together with this change research agents give out BPCs (much more frequently than BPOs ofcourse) and BPOs can only be obtained by the above mentioned way. Or maybe make ppl have to go to different scientists do missions for them to add them to their science team.

And change the lottery system to a progress bar with a succes rate depending on your skills, never reaching a max of 50%. If a research project fails it should have a chance to give out a 1-2 run BPC.

I mean common CCP with lottery and monopols and all that stuff this cant be what you had in mind...Confused

Less active players would get BPCs and if u want a BPO you need to put some efford in that.

Avery Cane
Posted - 2004.12.23 20:03:00 - [4]

i also have 6 r/d agents and a ton of rp. ihave never recieved a bpo and it is frustrating. i would like to know when the lottery is held or a progress bar that would show me something other than "nothing easily predictable". at least then i would know that i have a chance at something.

11th Division
Ares Protectiva
Posted - 2004.12.23 23:10:00 - [5]

Originally by: Kunming
research agents give out BPCs (much more frequently than BPOs ofcourse)

That and more lab slots and it would be ok.
It's sounds so simple I wonder why it's not ingame yet.


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