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Aloe Cloveris
The Greater Goon
Posted - 2010.08.30 09:46:00 - [61]

Got a booby prize - next guy got a Navy Heat Sink - but the concept is pretty cool. Would play again.

Tattered Fury
Posted - 2010.08.30 10:51:00 - [62]

got dark blood medium neut and shadow serp EANM was good fun to play

BCBS Blue Crew Beef Stew
Phobos Alliance
Posted - 2010.08.30 21:03:00 - [63]

This guy is legit, i got meta 11 large repper.

TNX m8, will come back more often

3v3 Online
Posted - 2010.08.30 21:06:00 - [64]

Edited by: 3v3 Online on 31/08/2010 00:20:49
I won a Shadow Serpentis Large Armor Repairer. It'll save me the time of training Mechanic to 5 Very Happy

Bumpity Bump Wink

Antarium Laidai
Yulai Guard 1st Fleet
Posted - 2010.08.31 15:13:00 - [65]

Confirming that this game is epic Cool

So far my notable wins

Cruor (cruiser thing)
Tairei's modified large armour rep
Caracal Navy Issue
Corpum C-type medium armour rep

all in all im about 200mill up :_) and had a laugh lol

New Oberon Syndicate
Posted - 2010.08.31 22:58:00 - [66]

Got some cool prizes, Got the gila, imperial navy large armor repper and some other smaller stuffs. All in all i broke about even. Was a good time.

silent terror
Posted - 2010.09.01 22:10:00 - [67]

did something like 8 pulls, won a nightmare won the heavy nos won the true sansha web and large repper, nice game thanks alot

- known as Yellow Phoenix on the channel :)

Posted - 2010.09.02 16:29:00 - [68]


Current prices are awsome. 4 carriers(chimera and nid are allready won, so only 2 left) and bunch of great stuff.

Check Pricer
Posted - 2010.09.02 23:42:00 - [69]

I won an Ashimmu!

Johana Leversale
Posted - 2010.09.06 13:12:00 - [70]

have win lot of stuff and lose lot of isk too.This is a real lottery and not a scamm. Do not hesitate

Saul Stice
Section XIII
Cursed Alliance
Posted - 2010.09.06 16:37:00 - [71]

Seriously why is nobody doing anything about this scam. Nobody believes the 50 alts you created to support your fake lottery. Please stop taking people for idiots.

Blaze Black
Posted - 2010.09.06 22:27:00 - [72]

I know that you are trolling, but m8t you saying that I have 17 acounts and that I posted with every alt I have, and I'm paying 5 bil a month for nothing?

trance atlas
Posted - 2010.09.06 22:34:00 - [73]

posting to confirm that i spent 400 on this lotery 2 main prizes left and won a dramiel a phoon fleet issue and a domi tracking so i made my money back

Heretic Heroine
Posted - 2010.09.06 22:48:00 - [74]

Most awesome lottery ever!!!

Just invested 60mil and won a succubus, a faction plating and a faction launcher!!! Very Happy

Veeeeeeeeeeeeeery friendly bump Cool

Dokten Ral
Posted - 2010.09.06 22:53:00 - [75]

Originally by: Check Pricer
I won an Ashimmu!

Posting to confirm for the troll's sake that this is my Jita price-checking alt. BLAZELOTTO is legit, keep at it.

Posted - 2010.09.07 23:44:00 - [76]

omg this guy is for real 80 mil can for a nightmare wow thanks dude Very HappySmileVery HappySmile

lily virtese
Posted - 2010.09.08 12:16:00 - [77]

got true sansha disruptor, nice little game cheers :)

Orgamba Tashi
Posted - 2010.09.08 15:05:00 - [78]

This is legit i won a aworm and cynabal

Posted - 2010.09.08 15:09:00 - [79]

Bought 9 cans because im a freak, won a domination warp disruptor and a dark blood energized adaptive nano membrane, the rest was poor but its part of the game, plus i had fun.


Posted - 2010.09.08 16:01:00 - [80]

WOW ty just won a nidhogger

Posted - 2010.09.08 16:03:00 - [81]

Won a Archon, great and legit game ^^ won after my 2 first cans \o/

Sprengt Lutefisk
Posted - 2010.09.08 16:42:00 - [82]

Won myself a PLEX from this, totally legit!

De BuG2
Rise on Chaos
The Fendahlian Collective
Posted - 2010.09.11 14:25:00 - [83]

Yay!, i won a plex and a worm, firetail and comet, totally legit lottery and i will probibly play again soon Very Happy

Zorth Athall
Memphis Technical Industries
Posted - 2010.09.12 09:58:00 - [84]

1st go, won navy geddon woot woot

Tarik ThunderStorm
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2010.09.12 10:38:00 - [85]

N-APOC won this morning. Considering i ripped off the lottery idea Embarassed if its a scam I seriously dont think he would have given me the main prize lol... Rolling Eyes


Posted - 2010.09.12 10:38:00 - [86]

Great game, won imperial navy heat sink, imperial navy large armor repairer, and Pith A-Type large shield booster.

Amber Stonei
Posted - 2010.09.12 14:52:00 - [87]

played a few times, first time no wins, 2nd time broke even, and this morning played 2 cans at 50mil each and won a rapier and nighthawk!

Posted - 2010.09.12 15:33:00 - [88]

Definitely worth a try! Very Happy

Posted - 2010.09.12 16:30:00 - [89]

won a sleipnir
bump bump bump

Posted - 2010.09.12 16:31:00 - [90]

Won a Eagle! again great game! keep em comming

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