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Diablo Ex
The Devil's Reject's
Posted - 2010.08.07 17:23:00 - [1]

The Sansha's take citizens in a live event, 2 min later as the Eve hero's gather the server crashes....

Lesson: Live Events cause Server Crashes, or Sansha's deploy secret Uber-weapon and pwnes ccp database!

Vee Raa
Cadre Assault Force
Posted - 2010.08.07 17:26:00 - [2]

That's Mrs. Raa for you !

Justin Bieber
Asterisk Corporation
Posted - 2010.08.07 17:27:00 - [3]

Don't blame the Sansha. Blame the CCP. 18 months.

Boris Petroshevski
Posted - 2010.08.07 17:29:00 - [4]

Originally by: Justin Bieber
Don't blame the Sansha. Blame the CCP. 18 months.

17 months =P

Posted - 2010.08.07 17:30:00 - [5]

any idea when the server is going to be back to normal, i was in the middle of a mission with full room aggro.

Fuzzy Something
Southern Cross Empire
Flying Dangerous
Posted - 2010.08.07 17:30:00 - [6]

I knew I should've gone and fought the Sansha's and their node-crash device instead of cleaning up my mission!

Shaalira D'arc
Posted - 2010.08.07 17:30:00 - [7]

The Sansha underestimate how far we will go to stop their dropships.

In all seriousness, I doubt it was the live event. There were two other such events last night, at Odatrik and Hatakani, that had a much larger player participation. The server performed fine then.

Posted - 2010.08.07 17:34:00 - [8]

CCP employees involved with the live event should be banned for increasing the cost of maintaining Eve...

Verplante Juenger Hamburgs
Legion of Damnation
Posted - 2010.08.07 17:38:00 - [9]

They should be banned for intentionally causing lag to crash the server with their 500 NPC spawns.

Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2010.08.07 17:39:00 - [10]

CCP should stop giving capital and super capital kills to high sec carebears in caracals.

Di-Tron Heavy Industries
Initiative Mercenaries
Posted - 2010.08.07 17:43:00 - [11]

CCP should sell EVE to another company that can run it and join the rest of Iceland (dare I say Europe) at the poor house. Great vision, poor implementation. Yet I will never stop playing :(

Neo T.E.C.H.
Posted - 2010.08.07 17:43:00 - [12]

Didn't CCP tell us we couldn't do this, 'cause it would break #17 of the TOS?

Ban Sansha!


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