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Trinkets friend
Posted - 2010.08.11 03:10:00 - [61]

The problem will come if there's not enough output of PI materials for POS fuel, leading to not just a shortage, but a complete collapse of supply. Sure, prices will go up, but when POS's go offline in bulk, things will start getting chaotic. I just hope, like trit was before the Dominion rebalance, CCP seeds a bot of NPC fuel into the market if there are actual supply bottlenecks.

This is a separate argument from can you make money. Yes, you can. Especially in a supply constrained environment. But it will be interesting to trawl hisec for offlined towers in the next few weeks as one-man corps struggle to keep them onlined. You can't supply a tower off one person's efforts without turning your whole gaming experience into PI hauling and clickfest.

Snabbik Shigen
Posted - 2010.08.11 05:16:00 - [62]

I got in early, put between 50 and 100M ISK into it, made a profit of probably 100-300M ISK before the bottom dropped out of the market and made it not worth the click-fest. So I made my ISK back, and quite a bit on top.

The only way I'll ever start those colonies up again is if prices really spike. I'd rather go run an L4 mission for ISK then sit there and restart all enough extractors to make the same ISK/hr. Or if the 96h duration becomes an infinite duration and the yields are recalculated once an hour.

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This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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