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Posted - 2010.08.09 22:55:00 - [241]

Originally by: Khors
  • Mass Effect 2 started lagging up and doing about .5 fps on the main menu, I just gave up as I've completed it anyway and played the first one instead. Tried a few tips I googled without success and felt unwilling to turn off the CPU shutdown as someone suggested.

  • That probably happened b/c your video card isn't supported. I had to dig deep into their knowledgebase to find out my card wasn't supported, even though very, very similar cards were listed as being supported, but no mention of my actual card not working on the specs they listed on direct2drive. D2D gave me a refund.

    Nagomochi Acknan
    Posted - 2010.08.09 22:58:00 - [242]

    I've heard dust is a great food substitute and will help me lose weight.

    Imminent Ruin
    Dirt Nap Squad.
    Posted - 2010.08.09 23:07:00 - [243]

    This is a loaded question. CCP already said they were going after a completely different crowd than the current Eve population (ergo, not any of you). So it's not surprising to see so many of you saying "no" with all your elitist PC attitudes.

    I don't like consoles much either, but given that it's a CCP game set in the Eve universe that also happens to interact with the Eve MMO, I'll keep an open mind and try it out.

    So I guess that makes it a "yes".

    Alexandra Delarge
    The Korova
    Posted - 2010.08.09 23:23:00 - [244]

    Micro-transactions? No thanks.

    Posted - 2010.08.10 01:24:00 - [245]

    Would never play dust even if it was out for PC. The chances of it being better than TF2/BC2 are marginal to none.

    I will be *fascinated* to see how they attempt to connect Eve and Dust together because I simply cannot see how that can work. Anything that forces Eve players to depend on ADHD console gamers is going to be met with furious resistance. Anything that forces Xbox players to wait on Eve politics before they have targets, or imbalances the battlefield to represent the state of Eve politics, is going to be just as unpopular. It just cannot work unless the connection is so marginal and abstracted it was barely worth doing in the first place.

    Tset Tsun
    Posted - 2010.08.10 02:15:00 - [246]

    Not on a console.
    Not on a PC.

    I play eve to get away from the kids.

    Constantinus Maximus
    Paxian Expeditionary Force
    Posted - 2010.08.10 03:29:00 - [247]


    Urich VonWolfenstein
    Forty Thieves.
    Posted - 2010.08.10 03:46:00 - [248]

    im gona just for the hell off it. anyways if god answers my prayers and gives me planetary bombardment it will be more fun watching the slow children get fuked up from the ground view. + i got a over 30 planets colonized and rather do it my self then leaving it up 2 incompetent people.

    Hienz Doofenshmirtz
    Posted - 2010.08.10 04:22:00 - [249]

    will I buy dust HELLS YES, will I kill people HELLS YES, will I have fun no matter what HELLS YES

    Herzog Wolfhammer
    Sigma Special Tactics Group
    Posted - 2010.08.10 05:26:00 - [250]

    YES! I will buy DUST!!! And I will buy it with extreme prejudice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Because there is so much whining about it, it makes me want to buy it. Makes me want to have a party around it, and show pictures of the party where will have have rum, chicks, and parrots!!! And those whiney neckbeards can read the thread and weep. We might even set off some fire extinguishers!!!!!

    As my late dad always said: "F**k 'em".

    Posted - 2010.08.10 07:59:00 - [251]

    No, I won't buy it.
    Reason 1) I don't own a console.
    Reason 2) I don't want to play yet another average to poor FPS...

    Deep Core Mining Inc.
    Posted - 2010.08.10 08:32:00 - [252]

    Edited by: Zothike on 10/08/2010 08:33:38
    Probably yes and a console too because i dont have one , and only for this game
    it depends on news and features we will see about it (i dont like already the micro transation idea)
    If it turn to be like Planetside (more or less) as this mmo i play since 2003 is the most fun mmo i ever played (even if some balance problem)

    And what i wait from dust514 that miss in Planetside is to make player "responsible" of what they do or dont (at least for thoses fight that will count in planetary control, because i bet the FW Fps side that will be "instant action" of the game will be a FFA mindless quake full of little kids

    Imminent Ruin
    Dirt Nap Squad.
    Posted - 2010.08.10 12:27:00 - [253]

    Edited by: London on 10/08/2010 12:27:20
    Originally by: SkinSin
    No, I won't buy it.
    Reason 1) I don't own a console.
    Reason 2) I don't want to play yet another average to poor FPS...

    Jumping the gun a little aren't you? What makes you assume automatically that it's going to be a "average to poor FPS"?
    So far what they've shown looked rather impressive compared to other console shooters. And it certainly looks ambitious enough in design to break out of any "average" mold.

    Tony Starmap
    Caldari Provisions
    Posted - 2010.08.10 12:35:00 - [254]

    Dust looks to be fu***ng awsome :D

    Jack Gilligan
    Caldari Provisions
    Posted - 2010.08.10 12:39:00 - [255]

    Sure, I'll buy DUST, if it's released for the PC or MAC (I have both). I am not buying a console though.

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