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Oberon Incorporated
Posted - 2010.08.06 13:57:00 - [61]



- I like consoles (Got a PS3), but i don't like FPS on anything but a PC.
- Like any other FPS game i own on console, Dust will be gathering Dust after 2 weeks.
- Since i do not own an XBOX i'm certainly not going to buy one for FPS.

If it ever comes out on PC, then maybe.

Neo T.E.C.H.
Posted - 2010.08.06 13:59:00 - [62]

If it turns out to be a good FPS. Doesn't require Xbox Live Gold to play and you aren't forced into micropayments to enjoy it. Yeah, why not support my EVE when I want to frag some screaming 13-year olds.

... that's if I play EVE when DUST comes around. If.

( 18 months and all that )

Syn Callibri
21st Eridani Lighthorse
Posted - 2010.08.06 14:00:00 - [63]

NO...I play eVe, on a PC not a console.

Tobias Sjodin
Habitual Euthanasia
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2010.08.06 14:01:00 - [64]

I won't.

STD contractors
Posted - 2010.08.06 14:06:00 - [65]

I wouldn't want to downgrade to a console when my PC cost me four times as much than an Xbox to build.

Ratnix Foisen
Posted - 2010.08.06 14:22:00 - [66]


I don't play shooters on consoles. I have tried them and I don't like them at all.
Also the fact that it is out for the 360 only means I would never buy it. I own one but I don't like it in the least bit.
If it was for the PC I would probably get it to try it but I will never purchase another shooter for a console again.

Jack bubu
GK inc.
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2010.08.06 14:24:00 - [67]

Got a xbox laying around and gathering dust so yes imma buy it.

Sibil Vane
Posted - 2010.08.06 14:27:00 - [68]

FPS and mmo´s are for PC.
Console is for sportgames, fightgames etc.

Nova Tiempo
Posted - 2010.08.06 14:31:00 - [69]

no, not a console owner. Still, hope it does well.

Posted - 2010.08.06 14:32:00 - [70]


One of These Days
Posted - 2010.08.06 14:37:00 - [71]

Not unless it comes to PC.

Hedion University
Posted - 2010.08.06 14:39:00 - [72]

No.. I stopped buying consoles once I hit puberty. Rolling Eyes

X Kent
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2010.08.06 14:42:00 - [73]

Originally by: Deva Blackfire

Battlefield 3, Killzone 3, Resistance 3 (probably) coming out next year. Add Crysis 2 for a good measure and there is no place for mediciore shooters :)


Elijah Mohammed
Republic Military School
Posted - 2010.08.06 14:45:00 - [74]

Not with new halo coming out.

I fear the ccp lag monster will hit dust as well.

Posted - 2010.08.06 14:47:00 - [75]

I'll buy it, hopefully I'll get to test it as well.

Darek Castigatus
Immortalis Inc.
Shadow Cartel
Posted - 2010.08.06 14:51:00 - [76]

if I ever come into possesion of a 360 I'll certainly check it out.

Shocker Steg
Posted - 2010.08.06 14:56:00 - [77]

No, don't own a console, and I'm pc player. BUT I will look into youtube movies on how it looks and how the interactions works from their side of the screen etc..

bitter vetiranarian
Posted - 2010.08.06 14:57:00 - [78]

If CCP buys me an xbox 360 I'll gladly buy a copy of dust.

Posted - 2010.08.06 15:00:00 - [79]

Yep sure will buy it. Gotta "dust" off the old xbox360 but it should be fun!

Louis deGuerre
Posted - 2010.08.06 15:00:00 - [80]

Oh goodies !

Yet another unoriginal thread we've seen 1000 times already with topic in capitals no less.


Posted - 2010.08.06 15:10:00 - [81]

Hell Yes!

EvE Cookie Collective
Posted - 2010.08.06 15:14:00 - [82]

Originally by: Louis deGuerre
Oh goodies !

Yet another thread i feel i need to write a completely useless reply to, i so rule and ill even give it a score


Dominatus Crispus
Nation of Muppets
Posted - 2010.08.06 15:15:00 - [83]

we will probably by it, but not because my wife and i want to play it, but our 10 year old daughter loves fps shooters on the xbox and is quite good at them. (finished Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 in like 17 hours.)

she tried eve, and it just was too slow for her at first, "too slow and to much clicking" she says. so she went back to her xbox, but i mentioned dust to her and she sound excited, but not any more excite about any other new fps that comes out.

so yeah... tl/dr version... yes i will buy one.

Posted - 2010.08.06 15:16:00 - [84]

Yes, i'll buy it. So i can shoot players while shooting pos' ^^

Gladys Pank
Trillionaire High-Rollers Suicidal Bassoon Orkesta
Posted - 2010.08.06 15:19:00 - [85]


das licht
Echtzeit AG
Posted - 2010.08.06 15:19:00 - [86]

No, no and again no! FPS are boring like hell.

Anyway, Dust comes out 15 years to late. It's not the best time to release a shooter. Maybe it'll never be released. At least it'll be a huge, huge cash sink.

Elbert Ainstein
The Engineer Corp.
Posted - 2010.08.06 15:26:00 - [87]

Originally by: Bad Princess
I play on a PC, not on a console.

*IF* it is ever released on the platform I use, I may consider the idea.

If it remains strictly a console game, then no.


Di Mulle
Posted - 2010.08.06 15:28:00 - [88]

I do not own a console, I never had a slightest intention to buy it and DUST is not going to change that. So no.

Adacia Calla
Posted - 2010.08.06 15:36:00 - [89]

Not buying an xbox just for 1 title.

Isten Baba
Posted - 2010.08.06 15:37:00 - [90]


I honestly don't understand the decision to develop Dust at all. Please focus on your core expertise/income, CCP!

One can argue about the merits of Incarna, but at least it is focussed on CCP's target audience. Dust is almost completely unrelated to anything CCP has done (they could never compete with specialised developers), and unlike what its customers (PC users!) are looking for. I fear that Dust will go down in the history books as a case study in poor management choices. It even endangers EVE's success by alienating the fanbase and draining resources from their core product.

Oh, and anyone who thinks that Dust customers will flock to EVE, or that Dust will be able to maintain a long-term following, or that it will truly affect EVE game play in any meaningful way, is seriously deluded.

Bad. Really bad.

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