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Posted - 2010.08.17 07:07:00 - [31]

If I had to agree at all with the idea of protecting noobs from the dark void of EVE, it would be only in that, just perhaps in the true noob systems like kisago, only toons still able to recieve rookie chat be allowed to enter. Once you pass that threshold, no more special treatment. Also, if said noob leaves that system, well he is subject to the dark reality of the game

Absent Cloaker
Posted - 2010.08.17 13:37:00 - [32]

So lets just say I'm an ore theif...(which I am)

I cruise around in a frigate (I remind you, a frigate) looking for peoples ore to steal.

I spot a group of miners all belonging to the same corp mining together with there drones out, upon closer inspection I see that they are using a hauler (or an orca) to grab the cans the miners pop out of there holds. Unless I feel like dying that day and losing a frigate, I'd leave them alone (because the corp that owns the can has the right to blow up the theif without concord intervention Rolling Eyes). Now I could come back but it would be a difficult fight and the miners might've left already, there are alot of variables to consider.

Now I leave the corpmates to there op, a few belts later I come across a lone retriever jet can mining with 4 t1 drones out. You do the math, this guy is probably hauling his own stuff and is an easy mark.

SPOILER ALERT: Now I'm going to give an unfair hint to the miners (only because I've managed on a trial account to destroy more than 200mil in noob mining ships while only losing 1.5 mil in ships, yes 2 weeks trial account) the flippers can't attack you if you don't attack them Shocked. Now that the secret is out I just made my play time that much harder.

Anyway IMO the punishment for theft (the victims ability to destroy the thiefs ship without concord intervention) is a good enough and if you prepare for that eventuality you'll have no problems. Eve is a game that is kind to planning and is essentially a pvp, no matter what. If your a miner join a corp that can protect you and always mine in groups, this will keep many newer ore thiefs at bay. Train up at least some pvp skills, any fleet of frigates can destroy targets much larger.

One last thing, don't smack in local if you aren't willing to back it up with a 1v1, it only makes them want to target you more.


Tactical Knightmare
Posted - 2010.08.17 15:00:00 - [33]

Posted - 2010.08.17 15:04:00 - [34]

Originally by: Gramps Pank

Hello I am Korean gamer

Do you know Sun and Jin from Lost?

Boundless Faith
Posted - 2010.08.17 15:05:00 - [35]

Good post, would read if again.

That being is said - CCP, please go promote more random violence boating for the us pirates to become.

Essence of Decay
Black Cartel.
Posted - 2010.08.17 16:10:00 - [36]

Many happy welcomings to Eve.

Now stop dishonoring yourself by acting like a coward. Either defend what you have or research a another way to mine (I usually mine with Secure containers if I need to mine by myself for awhile).

Don't change the game we all have come to love. Adapt or die.

OneTimeAt BannedSpank
Trillionaire High-Rollers Suicidal Bassoon Orkesta
Posted - 2010.08.17 16:15:00 - [37]

Originally by: Skippermonkey

It's too easy

Posted - 2010.08.17 16:56:00 - [38]


Also, this will be dealt with.

Tactical Knightmare
Posted - 2010.08.17 17:29:00 - [39]

Originally by: OneTimeAt BannedSpank

It's too easy

Reading that '04 post, could you steal from a jetcan and not get flagged back then?

And if 'the final word on Ore Thieves' was back in '04, shouldnt this thread be locked Smile?

Troll Bridgington
Incompertus INC
Fatal Ascension
Posted - 2010.08.17 18:03:00 - [40]



Sinner Among Saints
Exquisite Malevolence
Posted - 2010.08.17 18:11:00 - [41]

Originally by: Rachel McTingle
Least obvious troll ever.

Still a good read thoughWink

Jhagiti Tyran
Muppet Ninja's
Ninja Unicorns with Huge Horns
Posted - 2010.08.17 18:57:00 - [42]

Borat troll on the EVE-O forums? well I never.....

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