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Insurrection Inc
Posted - 2011.07.15 02:24:00 - [121]

My idea is using a battleship size industrial ship to support the frigate size harvesting ships. The harvest can be done by 1 month old pilots. To make it interesting, the harvest cannot be done without the battleship size industrial ship and vice verso; emphasizing the importance of team work. The analogy is a carrier, but with actual pilots piloting the fighters.

Grey Faith
Posted - 2011.07.15 22:20:00 - [122]

Edited by: Grey Faith on 17/07/2011 01:25:33
Edited by: Grey Faith on 17/07/2011 01:24:03
Edited by: Grey Faith on 17/07/2011 01:23:40

The Rammer was developed as a low cost "Aurora-Borealis" harvester by the Minmatar. The large profile front scoop is considerably large for the otherwise Hulk sized ship. The ship is based off of Ram-scoop technology except that the product is not used to fuel the ship. The main engines are quite powerful but turning this beast is a problem. Test-pilots have said it is necessary to line up several concentrations of the Aurora before engaging the engines.

The funnel shaped scoop is shielded from the incoming particles, however, larger objects such as micro-asteroids or other debris cause damage to the shield. An inattentive pilot could possibly lose his ship if the debris is quite thick and the ship has hit top speeds. Mining lasers with auto tracking can mitigate this danger but not eliminate it.

Redundant computer systems are also a must as the cloud damages any running system. Redundant systems kick in as the crew and ship attempt to fix the problem, however going too fast during this process may knock out the backups too, this is after all a Minmatar ship. Overall CPU capacity can be severely cut causing most or all systems to go down leaving the Rammer floating in space until systems are repaired or it is rescued.

4x high slots limited to a scoop-shield, and specialized mining lasers known as micros.
3x mid slots, maybe mwd, micro-asteroid targeter and whatever else
5x low slots

8000m3 cargo

5% reduction in scoop-shield cpu usage per level of Aurora Harvester
5% increase in top speed per level

Lots of new ideas.

Basic structure:
Please visit your user settings to re-enable images.

*Edit after reading the rules again... 3d model is started in wings3d. Could go a lot further.

Insurrection Inc
Posted - 2011.07.16 16:28:00 - [123]

Update to my design.

Posted - 2011.07.16 19:13:00 - [124]

Thank u for all your entries so far. I will give it another 7 days, to see if more will find a way in here.

Posted - 2011.07.20 20:55:00 - [125]

A little bump, back to the top.

Include a little upgrade on a freighterconcept out of this .


Posted - 2011.07.25 08:11:00 - [126]

3 Entries = 3 Winners Doomnaught
2.nd: Kistor
3.rd: Grey Faith

Thank u for joining, include your ideas.
Moeny will be send to u after posting.



Grey Faith
Posted - 2011.07.25 19:09:00 - [127]

Thank you! I hope you have more opportunities for creative juices to flow.

Posted - 2011.07.28 04:08:00 - [128]

Njoy the iskies,

will see, which will follow, but not right now.

cya then.

Posted - 2011.08.04 21:28:00 - [129]

Well time to set a new one .

This time u had to find a new role for a pirate faction T III corvette. ( size a bit lower then a frigate)

Try to write the story/introducing with not more then 300 words.

Pirate corvette concept 1

To get an idea

Pirate scientiest have investigate into sleeper technolgy and where able to construct a new kind of frigate.
They call it corvette, a bit faster and smaler then a frigate, but more powerfull.
It has only 2 weapon slots but a 100% damage bonus.
They combined it with pod technology, which make it possible to let npc s mechanics / weapon officers control this parts. Under Fights they are able to improve fitted weapons and moduls.
a smal chance depended on the quality and experience of the crew member.

something like this would be cool.

This time

the first Price will be 500 mio isk
2.nd 250 mio isk
3.rd 100 mio isks

hope u join

greetings mac

Posted - 2011.08.09 11:35:00 - [130]

Entries will be accepted till the 30. August.

Dark Stars Science labs
Posted - 2011.08.10 21:21:00 - [131]

Edited by: Kistor on 10/08/2011 21:24:04
Edited by: Kistor on 10/08/2011 21:22:21
Edited by: Kistor on 10/08/2011 21:21:58
Hey everyone,

here's my little story in the form of a Concord report. I hope you like it.

Concord Report - 424-LB915
Subject: Connection between the loss of the recon ship Hermod and the
appearance of a new Angel corvette(Codename: Brigand)

5 years ago, the recon ship Hermod was lost in K7-LDX, in the region of Scalding Pass.
The investigating officer, Karel Leifhann, came to conclusion that some Angel ships were
involved in a fight with the Hermod, but the analysis of the radiation levels shows that
a super solar flare was the main reason for the damaging of the Hermod.
Leifhann belives, that the Hermod was the only surviving ship in the sun near area.
Although the shields, weapons, drive core and great parts of the hull were destroyed, the
ship was able to send a distress signal.
As our ships arrived 3 hours and 12 minutes later there was no sign left of the Hermod.
As we were not able to find the ship we stopped the investigation.

Two days ago, one of our surveillance ships spotted a unknown ship design in K212-A, two
jumps away from K7-LDX where the Hermod was lost.
Scans of the ship have shown a vague similarity to our ship designs, although weapons,
scanners and engines are standart modules.The shield and hull design, however, clearly
descend from our technology.
Unfortunately, our ships were too slow to react and the unknown ship vanished. (also see:
Concord Mission Report Archive Nr. 79163a.1)

Although we do not know much, we have to suspect the Angel Cartel to be in possession
of some of our technologies salvaged from the Hermod. This might be a danger
for pilots throughout New Eden.
The region of Scalding Pass will be kept under extended surveillance in the next time.
Every captain shoud directly alert the high command if a unknown vessle is spotted.

End of report

Posted - 2011.08.13 11:28:00 - [132]

Thank u for joining Kistor,

it s very well written, and could take a part.



Posted - 2011.08.20 05:08:00 - [133]

10 days left to win maximum 500 mio isks, for a little story.

Posted - 2011.08.29 16:10:00 - [134]

Edited by: WASMisch7788 on 29/08/2011 16:11:28
here is my story

The first design of the Pith-Corvette was developed by Korako
"The Rabbit“ Kosakami
while he served in the Caldari Navy.
After his desertion he stopped thinking about the design, but a few
month ago he took
a look at his old design files.
The Pith-Corvette is perfect for attacks on the increasing amounts of
particle harvesting
ships. It's small signature radius and it's enormous speed make it a
target hard to detect
and fight. Although, it's smaller than a normal frigate its firepower
is even higher.
The Pith first was seen month ago, but nobody who saw it was able to
report about it in the end. The Guristas prefer groups of six to ten ships. Most of the
careless miners won't
even notice them until their jammed down and shot at.

Insurrection Inc
Posted - 2011.08.30 03:55:00 - [135]


Concord declined to comment on the newly released video footage of an anonymous computer hacker and his crew who hacked their way into several dozens of the Serpentis highly guarded Info Shards and Backup Servers at the Regional Serpentis Command Center. It is widely speculated that these newly uncovered information of the corvette class ships are the latest Serpentis ship design that are meant to out run Concord frigates and deliver their highly valued drug boosters into the black market in high security space.

In other news

Reverse engineers from Roden Shipyard R&D division were recently able to extract some data pertaining to the newly acquired Serpentis weapons datacores that suggest the corvettes class ship maybe designed as an anti-frigate, perhaps as a last resort counter measure to fend off pursuers. No words as of yet on when or if developments and productions are being planned to create corvette class ships. According to Roden Shipyard’s official, “We are currently exploring possibility of creating corvettes. At this time however, we are only analyzing datacores”.

Grey Faith
Posted - 2011.08.30 23:39:00 - [136]

Most capsuleers abhor the blobs of ships that make low-sec sometimes extremely dangerous. However, pilots in these blobs are starting to fear something worse: swarms.

At first it was thought that swarms of these never before seen ships were rogue drone attacks, on scales that had never happened before. But forensic evidence of the battle sites afterwards showed that these were in fact crewed ships, flown by a pirate faction.

The ships are smaller than frigates, but the ability to build so many and man them with skeleton crews allows even a 50% loss of a swarm, compared to near 100% in the blob, as a cheap loss and easily replaced. A few survivors reported that actual formations and tactics were used, though with such fast and fluid dynamics that it was hard to identify. Most pilots that woke up in a clone didn’t even know what hit them.

The current term for these ships are wasps or bees. Any further information on these ships is speculation as Concord’s investigation is on going. Be on the lookout for the swarm as it may overwhelm your blob, even with battleships. Be sure to report to Concord any sightings or encounters with strange ships, especially ones smaller than most frigates.

Posted - 2011.08.31 10:11:00 - [137]

Thank u for Joining.

I ll be back tomorrow night, and then i will announce the winner.

I will freeze this for a while, so keep your eyes open, for the future.



Posted - 2011.09.01 18:10:00 - [138]

Edited by: Macmuelli on 01/09/2011 18:10:12
It was difficult to find a winner.

So i give u all the 1. Pricze.

Njoy what ever u do with it.



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