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Blood Covenant
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2010.07.15 08:13:00 - [31]

How ****ing dare anyone out there make fun of CCP after all they've done for you.!

They made factional warfare, they made wormholes. they made ****ing planetry interaction.

A developer turned out to be a cheater, and now they're trying to finish dust. All you people care about is….. playing eve and having fun.

THEY ARE HUMAN! What you don’t realize is that they are making you all these games and all you do is write a bunch of crap about them.

They haven’t released a good expansion in years. Their motto is “We care more. We work harder.” for a reason because all you people want is MORE! MORE-MORE, MORE: MORE!

LEAVE THEM ALONE! You are lucky they even made eve for you BASTARDS!

Dierdra Vaal talked about excellence and said if CCP was a excellent they would’ve pulled it off no matter what.

Speaking of excellence, when is it excellent to publicly bash someone who is going through a hard time.

Leave CCP Alone Please…. !
Leave Crowd Control Productions alone!…right now!….I mean it.!

Anyone that has a problem with them you deal with me, because they are not well right now.


Ban Doga
Posted - 2010.07.15 08:50:00 - [32]

Edited by: Ban Doga on 15/07/2010 08:50:09
Not supporting the current course of CCP.

Introducing bugs is sad but happens - we're all human.
Not fixing them as soon as possible and instead introducing more content (that will have bugs as well) is wrong.
You don't correct one mistake by making another.

In 18 months when Incarna and/or Dust will be released there will be the next project/expansion on the horizon and new reasons to say "we'll just do this, then we'll get back to fixing stuff. promise".
Do it now, do it right.

One thing you should learn early when developing software is LeBlanc’s law: later equals never.
So please stop hoping you will have time later.

Drake Draconis
Shadow Cadre
Shadow Confederation
Posted - 2010.07.15 09:21:00 - [33]

Here's an idea.

Spend less money on advertising and marketing... and more on fixing the bloody game.

Let the pilots advertise for you.

It's how I found this game... word of mouth.

I can tell you this much... the only reason you guys got people here who have played for years is because of loyalty over the spirit/uniqueness of eve... not for the frakking new features... I guarantee it.

Posted - 2010.07.15 13:53:00 - [34]

You fail to consider that CCP/eve has been around for many, many years.

The amount of very basic, reproducible bugs (not even considering more complex issues like fleet lag) is staggering for such a "mature" product. CCP has stated that devoting even a minimal amount of resources to this problem is out of the question.

With this in mind, what grounds do you have to tell the player base to stop whining and support CCP?

Tyr Aeron
Wildly Inappropriate.
Posted - 2010.07.15 21:48:00 - [35]

Edited by: Tyr Aeron on 15/07/2010 21:48:51
Edited by: Tyr Aeron on 15/07/2010 21:48:35
Developing EVE is CCP's JOB. I get up in the morning and go to my job and in return, I recieve a paycheck. If I did my job half-assed, I would be fired. End of story.

CCP, however, gets paid roughly $15 per account per month regardless of how ****ed up they're most recent 'efforts' (and I use that term loosly) have been. We're the boss here people, and our employees are drinking on the job and stealing from the supply closet. Time to put the hammer down and demand CCP quit ****ing around and follow through with their promises.

Posted - 2010.07.17 16:19:00 - [36]

This is like ultimate luxure that company is so transparent as ccp. They took time explain how they allocated resources in order to achieve selected goals, which is pretty amazing. Look at other companies you don't see nothing nowhere like this.

Besides, I guess thats true that CCP "fixing" team is working on a variety of bugs behind the scenes. I'm sure there were a lot exploits, bugs and various other problems with the code, which should be fixed. And if you don't see it, it does not matter that no work is done.

To my liking their choice of development is amazing. I think incarna and dust link implementation is exactly the right choice of tasks for now in order to really improve the game.

Dariah Stardweller
NO U111 Enterprises
Posted - 2010.07.18 21:07:00 - [37]

Originally by: Herschel Yamamoto
Originally by: Witcher
please if you support it - post thumbs up

But we don't support it, that's the thing. CCP has stated outright that they're not going to put any serious effort into fixing the thousands of things that are wrong with Eve for at least 18 months. Given their track record, I'd wager good money that they'll say exactly the same thing in 18 months when we ask for them to finally start caring for their flagship product. Yes, I have a lot of respect for CCP and its staff in a lot of ways, but sticking your fingers in your ears and loudly proclaiming that everything is perfect is ridiculous.

Let's take a look at what they actualy said:

"Once Incarna and Dust are fully implemented, focus will probably shift far more towards improvement"

"Fully implemented", basicly they can keep claiming it's still not fully implemented as long as they want.

"Probably", that's right, it's not even a sure thing. More of a 'maybe'.

And at last: "Far more". Well, if you do jack **** about it now doubling your efforts is "far more" but still crap :D

Garoun Investment Bank

Posted - 2010.07.18 21:32:00 - [38]

/me <3 CCP.

No-one griefs better than CCP.
I love this game!


Brutus B
Posted - 2010.07.19 11:50:00 - [39]

Edited by: Brutus B on 19/07/2010 12:13:41
+1 I definitely hate eve is dying threads. The great thing is that when old players give up, new players are eager to try and take their place. IT's an epic sandbox where there is always someone new wanting to take their place. Despite player turnoever being a real thing, they are still growing their playerbase at a healthy rate.

I <3 CCP TOO. I offer critics as much as I have time to, only because they desire player feedback and spend time sifting forums unlike other dev-teams out there.

I know they have huge backlogs of things they mean to introduce and fix because they aren't as big a company as they need to be to deal with the thousands of issues in backlog. Leveraging isn't a problem--they are bursting with cash. BUT they have had DEV positions open for ages at all of their offices. (They have had some positions open forever because they are looking for people who can contribute, and not just ruin eve, and have even opened a 4th office in England to give them access to yet another local talent pool.) Plus, they've never charged us extra for new expansions, or segregated us into seperate universes. Despite it's imperfections (and what game is without them) EVE is for many many reasons the best MMO and is the only MMO I've been able to play for years (as opposed to a week or a month).

I will be one of the eve players who also plays dust when it comes out. And I will even sample World of Darkness MMO whenever they get around to it because I trust their brand, and commitment they have to their products. All things considered, I think CCP is one of the best developers out there, and only CCP can convince me otherwise because I DIGGS their stuff.

Besides the whole improvement controversy in the csm minutes was over making lowsec "better", and I don't think many lowsec "improvments" would be "improvements" if the vast majority of lowsec ideas proposed in this Hall are any example of "improvements". I think bug issues should just be rolled out in patches as they work on them, and I'm under the impression they do that because I read patch-notes.

EVE has bugs/lag issues related to it's scope/size. You might want to say a "mature" product by someone else has less bug/lag/ballance issues. But, most games don't let you pit hundreds and hundreds of players against each other in teh same server over such a range of pc-hardware, and in fleet/ship compositions that are incredibly customizable. To my knowledge, there is simply nothing like eve, so you can't compare it to other things. CCP is trail-blazing, and that's not an easy thing to do.

Daedalus II
Helios Research
Posted - 2010.07.19 12:16:00 - [40]

Though I really think people are bit (read: a lot) ungrateful for everything CCP does, and I do support this, I can't help but thinking this is a really fitting link Laughing

(Just replace Britney with CCP)

I think it's risky to come down too harshly on CCP. Sure, we as players should be able to influence the way the game is headed, but if we're demanding too much there is a risk CCP stops listen entirely, scraps the CSM, and we'll have NO voice instead. Better with moderate influence than no influence at all imo.

Posted - 2010.07.20 15:43:00 - [41]

Edited by: Cearain on 20/07/2010 15:43:49

I think you misspelled "CCP". In your title you ask us to support "CPP".

But then again maybe you intended to ask us to support "OPP" and mispelled that. If thats the case, I do give that my full support.

Black Dranzer
Posted - 2010.07.20 16:11:00 - [42]


Chesty McJubblies
Center for Advanced Studies
Posted - 2010.07.21 15:18:00 - [43]

Originally by: Witcher
please if you support it - post thumbs up

Cosmic Rainbow
Posted - 2010.07.21 15:50:00 - [44]

Edited by: Cosmic Rainbow on 21/07/2010 15:50:20
Sorry, I dont support CCP anymore.

The interesting thing OP is that you assume we are trying to hurt or damage CCP through this action and through our postings - by criticizing them, and by demanding that they change their direction, and this couldnt be further from the truth.

We are attempting to help them.

How are we attempting to help them Im sure you're asking yourself?

If there is a problem amongst the player base, or a significant issue which could jeapordize the game - that being paying subscribers will cancel their accounts and move on to another MMO, then we have a duty as people who enjoy and care about this game to bring it to CCP's attention.

The fact is:

Large portions of the game are broken. The number of broken 'features' in the game keep increasing. The list of broken features has been well documented by the CSM, and presented to CCP.

The player base has used the available channels, and processes to present these issues to CCP, and express the player's concern regarding these issues. Those concerns have been ignored in favour of creating yet more new shiny's (and really imo trying to make something so new and cutting edge in order to give themselves a pat on the back, and be industry ground-breakers; ie; EGO).

IMO - this could very well be the death of EVE if it continues moving along this path.

I dont know what the corporate culture is like within CCP, but Im getting the feeling it is truly one of arrogance and "we know better than you", and one of indulgence as well. This, I cannot support.

Pel Ukken
Ice Fire Warriors
Posted - 2010.07.21 20:11:00 - [45]

i support CCP every month with my subscription payment.

and that's all they are getting atm.

Captain Greeneyes
Posted - 2010.07.21 21:18:00 - [46]

tl;dr: Don't like the game? Quit playing. Either that, or STFU.

I truly support what the OP is trying to get across. And no, I'm not trolling.

Let me first start by saying that I understand everyone's argument -- it does seem silly that little things like rockets or glitchy timers aren't being fixed in a timely manner. If I was a developer, I would take a quick minute to fix many of the bugs. But what a lot of people don't understand is that this is a company in which all decision, big or small, need to be thought out and run by everyone before their implemented. They can't say... "Hmm, I think I'm just going to ninja this fix in" -- it needs to go through the proper channels just like everything else.

CCP is a -company- first and foremost, and will do what they think is right for the company. Just because you pay them doesn't mean you tell them what to do. For all those "I pay them, so I demand they listen to me" -- no, you payed them to access this wonderful game. What they do for expansions and patches is up to them, even moreso since the patches are 100% free. If you don't like playing the game that they have offered, then -quit playing-. It's quite as simple as that. If you truly think that the game is so bugged and that CCP doesn't give a damn about it's playerbase, then wtf are you still doing here?

It's disgraceful when you have idiots shouting FIX THE LAG whenever a dev blog appears, even when the dev blog isn't relevant to anything of that nature, when everyone knows that lag is probably the hardest technical problem CCP comes across (and will probably never fully solve due to the nature of it).

Yes, I'm also a little peeved that they are devoting most of their resources to new projects rather than taking a week to fix and balance rockets and the small stuff. But I also understand that they are a company trying to make a profit, and to do that they need something to sell. They can't release an expansion -a FREE GODDAMN EXPANSION- and try to sell it with "EVE Online: The Bug Fix Expansion". They NEED new content that will draw new players into the game. At the moment, that new content is Incarna and the DUST interaction, which are both major releases up to the scale of the Trinity patch (I wasn't around back then, but I don't know of anyone who has ever said "Damn, I wished they fixed the damn rockets instead of adding new shiny models to the game. I loved my blocky Thrasher, it didn't need an upgrade").

Be thankful that this company is as transparent as it is. Had this game been made by Blizzard, you would have to pay for the expansions, in between of which you'll get almost no insight into the company or the game, and there would be exclusive betas and not the freely accessible test server. CCP does a lot for us.

I'm disgusted by all the people frothing at the mouth. Yes, the game has problems that really -need- to be addressed. Yes, CCP has been a little too enthusiastic with it's vision for the future. But I do not believe that CCP is telling it's playerbase to STFU like so many on these forums claim they do.

I support CCP and the work they have done so far, even though I may not be entirely thrilled with some of the decisions that have made. Like the saying goes "you can't win 'em all". To those complaining: STFU or quit the game. Whatever you're complaining about is obviously not enough to get you to quite since you're still here. CCP is aware of all the problems, they don't need it's playerbase to jump at them at every chance.

Posted - 2010.07.21 23:57:00 - [47]

Originally by: Malcanis
Let me get this straight: you want me to support the CCP that does have the time and resources to introduce a completely useless (albeit pretty) hauler, but doesn't have the time and resources to fix rockets? Or Assault Frigates? Or Scan Probes on overview? Or any of dozens of other trivial fixes that have been awaited by the playerbase for years?

Support the CCP that put 20 people on to the Evegate team to produce a social networking app used by about 12 players and that was requested by nobody, but that only had ONE GUY on the UI team until recently, when we've been begging for a UI overhaul (or at least fixes for some of the more glaringly awful issues) since... well, since EVE launched?

Yeah. No.

I'll support the CCP that says: Hey, wait, maybe we've been doing things the wrong way around here. Maybe we should pay some attention to our customers' priorities, and not just squeeze out yet another half-finished, untested, unwanted, poorly balanced "new shiny" to lie stinking up the game with more useless features that would be great if they actually worked.

Oh, and OP, please tell me where you fly your Primae. I'd like to, uhm, come and tickle it with my lolkets.

couriertrading alt
Posted - 2010.07.23 00:41:00 - [48]

CCP have made a great game and put a lot of work into keeping it interesting for the vets and so that the n00bs can start all the while keeping it as balanced as they can, you must have enjoyed it once or you are just complaining for no reason.

If you dont think CCP is working hard enought to fix the problems vote with your feet it is easy to do, if your f***ed idea of fun is playing a game you dont enjoy go play and whine about WoW dont constantly complain about the hard work of the people who make a game I love.

There are issues but i am sure CCP is working hard to fix them and not just because it is their job i belive that the people at CCP want us to enjoy EVE and not just so we keep subscibing.
Good job CCP keep up the hard work.

tl:dr STFU CCP are Great!!!

(yes its an alt dont feel like being podded for supporting CCP again!)

Kel Nissa
Posted - 2010.07.23 17:21:00 - [49]

Personally i think that CCP does a bad job with community interaction.
Thats why im not supporting this thread.

To many half finished features
- faction warfare (territority has no meaning)
- certificates (how about inner corp access?)

To many well known bugs
- using logistics in higsec on foreign player is suicide
- hangar access is beyond fixing

(It would be easy to add 100 issues, but thats not relevant for the current topic.)

Maybe I should open a "tumb down" proposal thread.

Actually im close to cancel my annual sub, because the last 2 expansions where a waste of time in my opinion and projects like dust are not in my interest (i dont intend to buy a console).

I am well aware that some players are unable to respect my opinion. But that is their problem and not mine.

Posted - 2010.07.24 09:51:00 - [50]

Edited by: Ti''anla on 24/07/2010 10:06:32
Eh, I'll support this one, and strongly.

While the thread's a bit on the extreme side, and I recognise there are issues, I've had it up to here with all the shrieking about the developer's current plan (especially the erroneous claims all space-bound content, fixing, and optimisation is completely and utterly on hold for 18 months), and hope to God they continue to ignore it.

Not that they can pull back on it, if you ask me. Incarna is too far along for it to be anything but a financial disaster to abort it, and putting it on hold would only create more problems, including at least one largely wasted development cycle from reassigning staff and resources.

For one, I do not want an EVE where everything was fixed early because of screaming children, instead of being a proper development focus as they plan on it being, only for a mass-pile of expansions from Incarna, DUST, and the rest of Planetary Interaction to break everything all over again, and possibly take another few years to get fixed due to resources already having been burned in a previous, redundant fix-scramble. That might even do serious damage to EVE, way more than a year or so's continuation of the current state (complete with the usual continuous, tertiary-priority fixing along the way) could do.

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