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Brujo Loco
Brujeria Teologica
Posted - 2010.08.22 22:27:00 - [91]

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Woa, so much euro-white people music here ... dnb,techno, industrial, metal, gothic, cyberpunk, trance, death, progressive, mangamania , etc ... We need more CentralAmerican tunes here

And since about 70% of you prolly never ever heard some of these, it remains "obscure" :D

First some commercial ones and then some bit rare ones ...

Wisin y Yandel - Sexy Movimiento

Los Benjamins- Noche de Entierro

DLG - La quiero a morir

Bacanos - Traicionera

Too Rosario - Kulikitaka

Bonny Cepeda - Cuarto de Hotel

Simeon Tor
Picon Fleet
New Eden Research.
Posted - 2010.08.22 23:24:00 - [92]

Longplayer, it started playing on 1st January 2000 and it will finish on the 31st December 2999.

I deem it awesome in the respect that it'll (hopefully) be playing long after we're all dead (not if I can help it, cryogenics here I come!)

Listen here.

Posted - 2010.08.23 01:43:00 - [93]

Awesome thread. Thanks for the great music!

Posted - 2010.08.23 05:12:00 - [94]

illusion VNV nation

Cpt Greagor
Liquid Relief
Posted - 2010.08.23 17:45:00 - [95]

The AEther
Agony Unleashed
Agony Empire
Posted - 2010.08.23 19:06:00 - [96]

Short Bus Pole Dancers
Posted - 2010.09.06 12:10:00 - [97]

Something Random
The Barrow Boys
Posted - 2010.09.07 17:48:00 - [98]

Posted - 2010.09.08 01:04:00 - [99]

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We Want Your Soul

Found this to be rather interesting. Catchy tune as well.

Danton Marcellus
Nebula Rasa Holdings
Posted - 2010.09.16 23:33:00 - [100]

Kyle Troy

Thought I'd plug this guy before people think Idol gave birth to him and his band von Benzo.

Posted - 2010.09.16 23:42:00 - [101]

The Akond Of Swat

Ken Nordine is the wordjazz guy, sorta constitutes music, this one is one of my favorites, he covers Edward Lear's Akond of Swat in this one.

Ministry Of Eternal Disorder
Posted - 2010.09.17 00:27:00 - [102]

Daisuke Aoki
Syndicated Systems
Posted - 2010.09.17 01:39:00 - [103]

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Originally by: Kalindra naskan
Originally by: Kuea
And its original:


Listening to that made me want to start up Perfect Cherry Blossom again.

As a reward for redeeming yourself, have some Cirno:

Continuing with the Touhou themes:

This is more normal-ish trance, but it's one of my favorite (and from a great series as well)

Alexeph Stoekai
Stoekai Corp
Posted - 2010.09.18 08:57:00 - [104]

Corozan Aspinall
Posted - 2010.09.18 10:19:00 - [105]

Excerpt from Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme.
Music by Lully Very Happy

yani dumyat
Pixie Cats
Posted - 2010.09.18 12:11:00 - [106]

Damnit, I hate these threads. I'm now gonna loose half my evening listening to some of the excellent bands who've been posted here. Sad

The Burns Unit - Send Them Kids To War Hindi influenced country n western.

Tomoyasu Hotei - Kill Bill Theme Funk and Shaolin monks :)

The Shamen - Boss Drum A shamanic anarchistic archaic revival.

Afrocelt Sound System - NorthTruly epic song with African, Gaelic and Sikh drumming. Starts very chilled but crank the bass up to get full effect from the 2nd half :)

Deus - Disappointed In The Sun Chilled piano ballad, one of my all time favorite songs.

Deitre Cibrus
Turntable Dubbers
Posted - 2010.09.18 19:17:00 - [107]

The AEther
Agony Unleashed
Agony Empire
Posted - 2010.09.18 23:52:00 - [108]

Kongsberg Vaapenfabrikk Amarr branch.
Posted - 2010.09.21 05:37:00 - [109]

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Originally by: Karma
She - Coloris.

holy **** this is awsome!

my link:

Mambo Kurt - Smells like teen spirit

these are my favorite threads in here, so i cant miss the chance to promote some norwegian bands:
Kvelertak - Utrydd dei svake
Kvelertak - Liktorn
Kvelertak - Blodtrst

Shot at dawn "In hoc Signo Vinces" Official musicvideo

Right last 2 wasnt very obscure other than atm having a small following.
Again norwegian:
Arcturus - The Chaos Path

True Enlightenment
Posted - 2010.09.21 11:39:00 - [110]

Obscure music heh?
I have more than few things up my sleeve :D

First kudos to guy posting Burzum Twisted Evil

Here is some more black metal obsure music:

Dornenreich - atmospheric blck metal and probably one of the best audio experiences in my life (listen to it even if you dont like this kind of music..)

Root - Pisen pro satana
- Probably one of most obscure black metal songs evar...Rooten to the core

Nargaroth - This is little more mainstream in black metal world imo ..but its obscure non the less for the most people

And now for something completely different...
Obscure things that ive been listening recently.

Shiva in Exile - Great atmospheric ambiental etno music (at least thats how i would label it)

Dead can dance - Simply amazing, they are genere of their own...(this video is an except from a documentary so start listening at 0:50 )

And in the end some pagan folk:

Omnia - Always brings the good mood in me :D

Medieval Babes - This song for some reason sounds so minmatar to me :D

The AEther
Agony Unleashed
Agony Empire
Posted - 2010.09.25 05:03:00 - [111]

Rim Collection RC
Test Alliance Please Ignore
Posted - 2010.09.26 14:12:00 - [112]

El Barco Pirata
Posted - 2010.09.26 14:53:00 - [113]

Stumbled over some nice dark ambient yesterday
L'Horrible Passion, album is free for download if I got it right.

Veto Corp
Posted - 2010.09.26 18:49:00 - [114]

Furi Anga - Zero Charisma

Deep focus. Sooooo relaxing.

eXceed Inc.
Posted - 2010.09.27 05:06:00 - [115]

After browsing eve-o forums for longer than 5 minutes I find listening to and then doing , this , helps a lot.

The Crushah
Rote Kapelle
Posted - 2010.09.27 06:03:00 - [116]

Xeno Tech Corp
Vanguard Imperium
Posted - 2010.09.27 21:14:00 - [117]

Edited by: OverCoat on 27/09/2010 21:15:12
I have a lot of obscure music, as well as being an obscure musician myself herp derp

Tesla Boy - Thinking of You [I might use this in a EVE PVP video]

Dm-Funk - LAtrifying

Chromelodeon and Sprite Slowdown - Red Max

iamamiwhoami - t very fascinating youtube channel, I recommend checking all their videos out from time of release date, crazy stuff

A lot of the stuff I'm seeing posted in this thread really isn't that obscure. BT? Hatsune Miku? Come on.

yani dumyat
Pixie Cats
Posted - 2010.09.27 23:28:00 - [118]

Edited by: yani dumyat on 28/09/2010 00:03:48

Originally by: silly person
Edited by: silly person on 09/07/2010 19:13:51
Eluveitie - Omnos

Eluveitie - Brictom

Thank you for posting this, it's totally changed how I think about Switzerland. I thought it was all beautiful roads spoiled by an anally retentive population of bankers who imposed speed limits to prevent any disruption to their precision timed chocolate eating sessions.

Apparently Switzerland does in fact have culture that goes beyond the homogenized western perception of Europe as a Christian colony, not only that but has a band who sings in Gaulish and uses real instruments!

Much love to the the Swiss, please post more music like this.

Originally by: various

Metal music

Most of the metal posted in this thread suffers from a delusional lead singer who perpetrates heinous crimes against the word 'singing'. It's a shame because many of the best guitarists gravitate towards metal as a pinnacle of string twanging prowess, does anyone have links to metal songs without some idiot doing 'growl like satan' singing?

Note 1 - I tried to find a link to a band called 5ive but all that came up was cheesy pop stuff. If anyone could find a link to the metal band of the same name I'd be very appreciative, they've got superb guitar and no singing (what metal should be!).

Note 2 - Anyone who knows Devin Townsend from Strapping Young Lad (Balding Old Gits) will understand when I talk about a metal singer who actually adds rather than subtracts from the music. More of this please.

Note 3 - Anyone who's in to metal (or other music) and wears a pagan star or skull symbol please understand that it has nothing to do with the devil. Before Christianity arrived in Europe we used to preserve the bones of our ancestors as a form of memorial, to understand these symbols you must first understand how skulls were a positive link with our people and our land.

Any link to the devil is an invention of the Christian (Arabic) creation myth, if you wish to counter the common culture then please try and understand what you're doing because many people died to protect that culture. We were defeated but we are still here.

It's sad that modern culture has perverted these symbols in to some form of evil yet in some ways it's good that they have become a symbol of counter culture. I try to disguise my disgust at metal heads for their abuse of history but sometimes don't have the willpower.

Originally by: Brujo Loco

Sexy Latina Girls

I see your sexy South American ass wiggling but unfortunately most of the sexy women in those vids appear to be of the doormat type. I raise you one level of sexy by posting British/Irish girls that might be an intellectual challenge and more than a little fun in the bedroom for it (at least that's how it works in my imagination):

Risn Murphy - Edit, adding this for a bit of her lyrical genius ^_^
Allison Goldfrapp

Note - Having read and appreciated your threads about South America I understand there may be intellectual stuff in the vids you posted that went over my head due to a language barrier. Still remains that intelligent = sexy though Razz.

yani dumyat
Pixie Cats
Posted - 2010.09.27 23:28:00 - [119]

Originally by: Rupert Murdoch


If you believe the European media it would be easy to separate north America in to Canadians and Idiots, I suspect that it's more a case of MTV having a contract to portray normal USA citizens as douchebags. Look at it this way, if you want to promote the Jonas Brothers or Friends as the prime of American culture then it should be no surprise that the world hates you.

Fortunately there is a world beyond the media so if anyone could post bands like the dixie chicks or arcade fire then thanks and hugs. Honestly anything that makes us thing there's more to northern America than the Simpsons and maple syrup is good Wink

I'd say how I feel about the USA but David Byrne puts it better:

I love America but I know how tall she is without hes platform shoes....sometimes I think of her when she is fu<cing you.

Originally by: the little voice in my mind

Yani, you're doing my head in, please shut the fek up.

Ok fair enough, I'll leave you with a very varied bunch of links:

The Sweet - Ballroom Blitz and the girl in the corner let no one ignore her because she thinks she's the passionate one!

Thecnologic - Daft Punk best punk.

David Byrne - Daddy Go Down So comfortable yet so disturbing.

Various Artists - Here lies love. Can't stop listening to this song.

Death In Vegas - An FU to all the metal heads, this is how the techno world makes a disturbing vid :)

de v
Posted - 2010.09.28 05:55:00 - [120]

Noisia - Seven Stitches - Dutch D'n'B band. You may recognise this tune from Wipeout HD. Check out their other stuff too, brilliant stuff. Like:

Noisia - Block Control
Noisia Gutterpump

Seeing as we're all being eclectic and such, a smattering of my own music collection.

Refused - Hook, Line and Sinker - The way punk should be.
Sufjan Stevens - For The Widows In Paradise
El-P - Smithereens - White Brooklyn rapper who produces his own stuff. Really filthy, layered beats. Love it.

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