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Demolition Men
Posted - 2010.08.06 21:27:00 - [121]

Performance improvement? Performance has not improved.

StarFleet Enterprises
BricK sQuAD.
Posted - 2010.08.07 04:08:00 - [122]

Lets Cut the bull the overall lag cannot be fixed unless AMD or INTEL come out with an processor core that is atleast 3 times too a spiffy 5 times faster in the near future. Maybe in a decade or more. So what else can be done. O yea write a new interpreter for stackless python that can actually use multithreading as the GIL (Global Interpreter Lock) is serial execution. Why is that some of you ponder ? Hard to do? Will never happen. Even if CCP wrote it ( Would take a bit amount of money if its even possible. They would have to give it away for free to the stackless community. Never gonna happen. See the scripts can not churn any faster without more processing power or more cores if it was multithreaded period. Can CCP PLEASE for the love of isk stop telling hald truths. You give me a headache watching how you lead these sheep on. So what is the other option ? Using a new scripting language? EVE 2.0 DX11 and a new scripting language that can do multithreading ? Now that would take a hell of some isk to make.. Good luck guys

Posted - 2010.08.07 17:29:00 - [123]

Please fix or at least reduce the lag/crashes in eVe. In the meantime, i'd like at least a month's worth of training time.... Work with us here cause it ain't cheap being a capsuleer.ugh

Posted - 2010.08.07 17:45:00 - [124]

Originally by: Batolemaeus
Edited by: Batolemaeus on 07/07/2010 22:11:21
Nice Blog, bonus points for including graphs. Also, you got balls. It seems.

Will there be another Devblog that explains what went wrong with the server with Dominion, too?
Also, will you also look into the abysmal UI rendering performance in the future? The difference in fps between a heavily filtered ui and no ui whatsoever is over 95% for me (going up from <1 fps to ~60 fps just by pressing ctrl+f9, even with drone brackets filtered out and effects down to a minimum is just wrong)


A devblog on whats wrong with dominion?.. Thats everywhere here, This is all an update its where Dominion is headed. I am fairly certain they are working on solutions for all the issues that have been brought to their attention. Its implementation will likely be meant to fix the known issues. As for your interface issue, if you haven't already updated your drivers for your video card and your Motherboard, you should start there. Then go to and download the DirecX runtime and let it put all the DirecX code thats currently written and registered as DirectX code on your system. And try turning your interval setting to immediate with the interface settings.

Hopefully your troll is quelled. And remember "There is such thing as a stupid question."

Fly true, Strike sure, and Keep up!

Jagged Bluetooth
Posted - 2010.08.07 17:47:00 - [125]

argh !!! Eve crashes again.. we have cans full of abc's in the grav and can we get on again? chance. This becoming more than frustrating...EVE go look at blizzard or the guys that do guild wars.....they don't even have a DT and never have these problems.

Roll on Diablo 3 that's all I can say. Tests I don't see why I should pay to be a beta tester !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sort it out arghhhh

Posted - 2010.08.07 17:55:00 - [126]

Blizzard also has DTs. But the guys who hadn't played WoW yet don't know about it. So the only thing we could do is waiting, chill out and play other games during the DT ^^

Tigresia Rexia
Posted - 2010.08.07 17:59:00 - [127]

Im a bit surprised that it hasnt really occured to anyony yet - but here goes.

Perhaps... they got 2 dev departments ? - 1 doing server side, 1 doing player side, and the devblog we seen is from the ones dealing in Client side?

So - if the client side bug hunters are reporting, what would be the chanses of server issues be listed.. prolly zero..

Having 2 dev departments would make perfect sense.. pretty much the same u do in other companies.. then again - perhaps im wrong.

Having a crappy computer, im glad Dev ppl also uses time to optimize the game playerside - making this a enjoyeble for me, and not just those with super-computers.

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