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Posted - 2010.07.02 15:49:00 - [1]

Hi All.

I have a strange problem.

I have been running eve under wine for over a year without much problem for nearly a year now.

Recently the textures of some of the missions objects are red and messed up. See image

Most of the mission objects like the enemy stations and other large structures are messed up.

Any ideas whats happened?

Posted - 2010.07.05 08:08:00 - [2]


Here is a smaller image which loads lots faster

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Posted - 2010.07.06 23:27:00 - [3]

Hi I saw the same issue with a couple of Textures on the Sisi build from a few weeks ago, I bug reported it, but it seems it's not too interesting as the bug report hasn't even been filtered yet, I assumed it was something to do with the current Sisi build at that time, but obviously I was wrong if you're seeing this on TQ.
It looks to me like only part of the rendering is happening, hence the red only texture appears on the client.

Vaneshi SnowCrash
Posted - 2010.07.14 19:06:00 - [4]

This pink/red texture also affects Wine on OS X, so it's not a driver issue for Linux. It's something in Wine that's not quite right.

Doesn't seem to adversley affect stability... just looks odd.

Vanishing Point.
The Initiative.
Posted - 2010.07.14 23:08:00 - [5]

this happened to me for about a week and only on 1 of 3 separate installations.

no idea what caused it, it went away, could have been a wine update i stay with whatever is most current in the wine repos, i think i cleared the cache at some point as well on that client. been on the most recent nvidia drivers for awhile so i doubt that had any impact.

So in summary i'm on wine 1.2 rc6, nvidia 256.35 drivers, ubuntu 9.10 with a custom 2.6.32 kernel and i haven't seen this effect in a few weeks.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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