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Lady Ayeipsia
Posted - 2010.06.29 17:40:00 - [31]

I believe if you read the topic concerning the skill points, you can file a petition to have the points transfered to a different character on your account.

m3talc0re X
The Babylon Consortium
Posted - 2010.06.29 17:54:00 - [32]

Originally by: Ghaylenty

except that you can actually apply the sp to your skillsheet, so not only is your analogy dumb and WRONG, you make yourself look like a fool for not understanding the relationship between the sp and the issue at hand..

thanks though, always good to get a laugh out of nerds.

Wtf are you on about? And I'm far from a nerd you little homo.

JitaBum, like you have any room to talk, but what exactly is wrong with my name? Cuz it has an X on the end? Had to put it because an old char of mine on a long since dead account already has my name. Because the letters and numbers mixed? I've used the name for like 9 or 10 years now you ****.

Anyway, thank you for listening CCP and Navigator for letting us know!

Gautan Virdamot
Nebula Rasa Vanguard
Posted - 2010.06.29 18:38:00 - [33]

Edited by: Gautan Virdamot on 29/06/2010 18:44:30
I've whined some and petitioned, now I only have to not shower and the day will be truly french.

Cipher Jones
Posted - 2010.06.29 18:41:00 - [34]

hey it was out for a day they gave me a day of free skills.

My obnoxiously expensive drake thanks you CCP.

Selene Bork
Celtic industries
Posted - 2010.06.29 18:53:00 - [35]

Ooh cool, thankyou CCP ! Now its edged me closer to 100m sp :)

Posted - 2010.06.30 02:32:00 - [36]

Thank you for the unnecesary retribution. And for those who complain, STHU!!. I pay for a service, true, but I pay because I want CCP continue improving their work of refining quality.

Continue with the hard work!

Helio Amor
Posted - 2010.06.30 02:45:00 - [37]

I assume it was given to highest toon because THEY assumed thats who you would have been training the day in question that....well we wont mention that dark day forever in eve history...anyway look at it this way most people are actually getting 2 days worth of skills in one, soo....take 2 days off on your highest character and use that time to train an alt. NOW you should be balanced.

Selene D'Celeste
The D'Celeste Trading Company
Posted - 2010.06.30 03:51:00 - [38]

Nice work on the skillpoint system CCP =)

Hope to see learning skills abolished before another year goes by.

Pink Leaf
Posted - 2010.06.30 04:26:00 - [39]

Originally by: Byuk Gho
Rather than giving them to the highest skillpoint character, wouldn't it have been more logical to give them to whatever character (if any) is currently training on the account and, if all of them have an inactive queue, then give them to the highest skillpoint character?

Because of this, I may have lost my free skill points due to the character they were given was about to, and is now, deleted, I hope they are passed on to my next character as I have not claimed them yet. Sad

Darek Castigatus
Immortalis Inc.
Shadow Cartel
Posted - 2010.06.30 13:01:00 - [40]

i would say file a petition about it anyway Pink, you might get lucky.

Temporal Mechanics
Posted - 2010.06.30 13:07:00 - [41]


You guys only got 100K given? That's rough...

Dan O'Connor
Cerberus Network
Posted - 2010.06.30 13:50:00 - [42]

Originally by: BrundleMeth

You guys only got 100K given? That's rough...

How much you get? Rolling Eyes

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