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Nasty Pope Holding Corp
Talocan United
Posted - 2011.01.04 14:18:00 - [301]

There is a freedom in death. One that we as capsuleers have forgotten. We struggle to acquire wealth, that we use to acquire even more wealth. To what end? Yet while we do this, billions suffer to put even the meanest meal on the table for their children to eat. If this is what we hail as glorious progress... is what the Nation offers any worse? Or any better?

THAT is the question I pose to you. Think deeply on it.

I have stared into the raging inferno that lies within the heart of stars and the cold blackness of the depths of space. And I was looking into a mirror that revealed my soul.

Liandri Corporation
Posted - 2011.01.11 12:14:00 - [302]

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Originally by: ValentinaDLM
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Originally by: Serra Csylleste
So much anguish over this one threat from outside, even as we are plagued by things far worse at home. I find myself in remorse for taking arms against Sansha and his children, their desire for unity noble.

Yes, the means may not be what most consider right...but how often is it when the ends bears great fruit. I am willing to join them if it means true peace... Though I fear my past aggressions may know no forgiveness.

There is an old saying in my family: "If you mustresort to violence, then you have already lost."

Indeed Serra, if you look at the upliftings that have occurred, you will see that the capsuleers fire first too. The Nation merely defends itself while trying to bring more people to a brighter future. Instead of feeling grateful as they should these bloodthirsty capsuleers try to stand in the way of the nations dream of unity, all the while causing strife and pain that is totally unnecessary.

If one really thinks on the situation, it is clear that The Nation works in the best interest of the human race, while the elements that work against the nation fight against progress and for stagnation with the current system. I for one choose unity over New Eden as it exists now.

You speak as if the Capsuleers are to blame for the hostilities, but may I remind you of the devastation that every incursion has caused. Countless millions of souls who are innocent in the conflict that rages in the heavens above their heads. You are welcome to visit the Liandri Facilities on Kusomonmon III and speak to some of families there. Ask them about how they feel about the Nation soldiers who raised entire settlements to the ground because they refused to be "Uplifted" ... what about those taken as well, have you ever met a true slave? God even the term isn't even close, they have no free will; no sense of who they are, where they are, even their eyes just vacant their pupils barely visible. They are nothing more than zombies that will actually cease breathing if ordered to.

Yes, they might be still physically still alive but that isn't living! It is nothing more than an abomination extension of a madman who even after all this time still wishes to bend the universe to his own will and no other.

Say that all Sansha do is defend themselves; but why are we not entitled to do the same?
As capsuleers we have the luxury of giving our lives over and over again, to defend those who only have one. Not everyone wants to be immortal and certainly not at the cost of their very soul!

Would like to say though there is an old saying that is quite apt here: "My non-violence does not admit of running away from danger and leaving dear ones unprotected. Between violence and cowardly flight, I can only prefer violence to cowardice. Non-violence is the summit of bravery."

If we were to sit by as those around us suffer while we have the power to prevent or subvert, then surely that would make us as guilty as those commiting the crimes... I can't think of any greater form of cowardice.

Maximum Kiely
Kiely and Son Salvage
Posted - 2011.01.11 18:37:00 - [303]

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Originally by: Dilaro thagriin
once again, hipocrisy.

Mhhhm... careful Dilaro a man intent on pointing out all the hypocrisy in the universe will find himself with little time to do much else.

Posted - 2011.01.11 18:54:00 - [304]

Capsuleer life was always really simple for me. I dont understand why you people make it so complicated. The only real decisions I ever had to make were:
[Scratch Head]
[Do not Kill]

Posted - 2011.01.28 04:06:00 - [305]

The presence of Jovian tech in the hands of Kuvakei is distressing. If it was taken by force then it becomes apparent that the Nation has some technological advancements far ahead of what we capsuleers currently possess. If it was given to them by the Jove then there are the implications of what Jove intends with its manipulations. The Jove would seem to be playing both sides against the middle if that were the case. Giving the Nation tech and having CONCORD distribute tech to counter the resulting incursions without making it easily overcome would balance the fighting. As both sides take losses and lose assets and resources neither would be in a position to challenge Jovian supremacy after the conflict regardless of who wins.

Also note that CONCORD has yet to directly intervene in the Nations assaults on any system. This could be indicative of Jovian refusal to allow CONCORD to act directly.

As for the Empires, I believe that the power of their massive fleets will (and correctly so) be reserved for the defense of the core worlds at least until more is known about the Nations full capability to manipulate the wormholes and they can be certain the home worlds wont be completely defenseless. Therefore, I believe it will remain up to the capsuleer fleets to mobilize against the Sansha threat once the location of Kuvakei's base is ascertained and there is an opportunity for an offensive strike.

Make no mistake, we are already in a war for survival. The most pressing and obvious battle will be and MUST be against the Nation. If we fail in taking the fight to Kuvakei the Empires may well fall. Overconfidence would be a grave error, the Nation possesses something we capsuleers often neglect and underestimate... Unity of purpose. It is the Nation's purpose that makes it a threat and it is their unity that makes them dangerous.

GoGo Yubari
Posted - 2011.01.28 22:32:00 - [306]

The empires are holdouts from an era with much less technological sophistication than what could be realized today. They're crippling power structures created by ancient megalomaniacs. The capsuleers and their sometimes uneasy relations with the empires are a good indicator of this. Sometimes I'm confounded by the lengths to which capsuleers go to defend these outdated ideals.

The dear Master Kuvakei is at least a progressive megalomaniac. The empire.. nay, the Nation he's seeking to realize is a thing for today. The advanced technology being displayed by the Nation is just one indication of it.

I'm just saying, shouldn't we as capsuleers be glad to see someone who is one us attempt to establish a new order that is specifically one for the era we were born in? Beside such pioneers as the Intaki Syndicate and the null-sec capsuleer alliances, Sansha's Nation still remains avant-garde in this century.

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