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Ishina Fel
Terra Incognita
Intrepid Crossing
Posted - 2010.06.25 19:23:00 - [1]

Edited by: Ishina Fel on 25/06/2010 19:23:49
Greetings. I'm a returning player who hasn't been active during the last two expansions. Now, I want to explore the features that have been added since then.

My profile:

- I am EU timezone. My daily playing time varies due to IRL commitments (work, family, and so on). I will not usually agree to put EVE before them unless it's a very special case.

- Nearly all of my playing time I spent in IRON or IRON-associated corporations, before most of them merged into IT Alliance (at least that was the last I heard, since I was drifting into IRL-induced inactivity then)

- I can PvP. I maintained a 95% efficiency ratio on the IRON killboard. However, I don't see it as my calling and won't go out of my way to rack up kills just because. I'll fight to defend my home, and may join a fun roam or two.

- I am not rich. I tend to get too lazy to earn more ISK after I have a certain buffer (usually between 500m and 1 billion). But I do have an established passive income so I should never need to beg for ISK, items, or ship reimbursement.

- I have positive security standing, and none of the empire NPCs dislike me all that much. Pirate NPC factions do dislike me, since I have a habit of shooting them for money.

- I have 49 million skillpoints distributed across over 300 skills in just about every category. I rarely ever specialize, because I enjoy trying out new things. In return, I can be useful in just about every situation: I can mine and refine, build things, conduct research, shoot people, manage planets, play the market, provide gang bonuses, probe and explore, and run missions efficiently.

- My learning and fitting skills are top notch. I know how to theorycraft and fit ships well. You won't find me flying honor tanked caldari laser cruisers.

- I am ready to start training capital ship skills, I just haven't felt it necessary to dump that huge pile of ISK into actually buying them.

What I am looking for:

As mentioned, I want to try out Features that were introduced during the last two expansions. Therefore, I am interested in a corporation and/or alliance that has the following things:

- Access to 0.0 space, to take a look at the new sov system and upgradeable space. Ideally you should live close to empire, or at least be blue with whoever controls the entry system. In that 0.0 space, I would like to be authorized to try out different things, including but not limited to: ratting, mining, exploration, planetary interaction. I won't try to set up a POS.

- NBSI or NRDS, I do not mind. But if your corp exists solely for gatecamping and ganking, you're probably not the right match for me.

- A friendly, mature playerbase. And with "mature" I do not mean "especially creative with avoiding the profanity filter in CAOD". I am relatively laidback and hold a bit of a dislike for power politics, flame wars, scamming, griefing and general elitism - even when conducted by my own corpmates.

- No activity requirement. As mentioned before, I have IRL commitments. If your corp asks things such as a minimum number of kills per month, minimum number of money contributed per month, or minimum hours online per day, I may not be able to fulfill these criteria every single day/week/month.

- EU timezone active playerbase. We won't have much fun if you're all asleep when I log on!

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Coffee Lovers Brewing Club
Care Factor
Posted - 2010.06.25 22:28:00 - [2]

That's one hell of a recruitment post. I know it may sound strange, but our small corporation may be what you'r lookig for! We are currently 28 members, we are mature, all 18+. We have families, lifes, we have no forced ops, no alarm clock ops. We are going to be part of Aegis Militia (our application has been approved, we are currently in the 24h cooldown), so we'r going to be in 0.0 and we are going to have a lot of fighting in 0.0. We fly random roams, we also pve in groups.

Check us out by clicking on my signature, or visiting ! The .pl means that our server is on a polish domain, yes, but we all speak english and in fact, I am the only polish person in the corporation! We have our own private hosted forums, two offices and huge aspirations. SP ranging from around 2m to over 60m depending on the character.

Hope to see you in CLBC PUBLIC chat soon!


jin Lee1
Posted - 2010.06.25 22:52:00 - [3]

Ascendancy. is a well established Corporation with Veterans from several alliances like SOT, IT, Atlas and U'K.
We are an openminded and a respectfull corporation.
With honest pride I can say that our goal is to be the TOP of EVE.
Our focus is widespread and consists out of PVP, PVE, Industry and is very experienced in regard to PVP and Industry-related issues. We believe and it is our experiece that pvp does not flourish without a decent industrial backbone.

Our requirements:

Characters must have at least 5m sp's (exceptions can be made but need to be reviewed by our Councilmembers).

If needed we will ask you to provide a limited API key to check your skills and to be able to provide advice on skilling.

You must be able and willing to participate in corporation fleet ops, pvp or industrial.

Once a week we have a corpwide Icemining-op to provide fuel for our posses (participation is not mandatory).

0.0 or lowsec experience would be very welcome.

What do we offer:

Loads of PVP ops in 0.0.

A safe ratting/mining/missioning environment with awesome bonuses.

Access to Corporation Manufacturing/Research Labs posses.

A vast experience in PVP, PVE, Industry, Skills.

Ship reimbursement plan.

Focus on getting our members into capital ships asap.

Very experienced FC's

Our members are mostly from US and EU Timezones, meaning we cover 23/7 of Eve.
Corp hoppers do not need to apply, if you dont know what this means, then it prolly does not apply to you.

Please feel free to join our Recruitment Channel: Ascendancy Pub
If you have questions, please eve-mail/convo me or for more info.

Padraig O'Healey
Posted - 2010.06.26 01:07:00 - [4]


Welcome back. I think The Wyld Hunt can offer you just about everything you are looking for out of a 0.0 based corp. Please check out our recruitment thread:

The Wyld Hunt

Public Channel: The Wyld Hunt

Good luck in your search, hope you look us up!


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