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Roo Gryphon
Wildly Inappropriate
Posted - 2010.06.29 08:57:00 - [271]

Originally by: OrOr'Baroror
So paying customers, just like anyone else, that happen to be on vacation and out of touch with the internetz while it can be obtained don't get it?

i plan on taking laptop and blackberry.. on that day log on get ship then log off before i rack up charges

Imperial Tau Syndicate
Warped Aggression
Posted - 2010.06.29 10:00:00 - [272]

Originally by: EYEDOLL
Hurray.. another useless bearship.. first that shuttle, then that probing frig and now this. Another item to sell and replace with something useful v0v

Originally by: NeaxGrim
so whats it do? hauler? or what?

Originally by: NeedMore Eggnog
This is crap in every way possible.

This is a remote PI extraction and processing ship. eveonline has three types of games: combat, manufacturing, and market. If you don't like it, stop complaining and play something else.

Posted - 2010.06.29 10:30:00 - [273]

If it looks anything like the picture it'll be my favorite hull in the game. :p Too bad I won't get to fly it much since it won't do anything my blockade runner can't, except get blown up real fast.

Dr Prometheus
Gears of Construction
Posted - 2010.06.29 10:48:00 - [274]

Make the Orca and the Miningbarges/Exhumers in the same design style and we carebears will win by the looks ;)Laughing

Kane 369
Assassins Order
Posted - 2010.06.29 11:13:00 - [275]

ok even tho i wasnt even mad about the very long downtime mostly cuz i had work but i love you guys the gifts are gonna help so much both of them so tyVery Happy

Monk Fish
Posted - 2010.06.29 12:01:00 - [276]

Edited by: Monk Fish on 29/06/2010 12:04:49
I think folk are being

A: a bit ungratful, which is fine so long as CCP remember to ignore you.
B: a bit ott on 'I'll never undock because mine will die', as the ship gets rarer the price will rise, and as there is liable to be over 200,000 of them I suspect they will never die out of eve unlike say the tournament ships of which there are 50, or some state ships and such of which there is maybe 1 in existance. In highsec I do not expect many folk to lose theres, unless they are carrying somthing valuble enough that its worth the highsec hit to kill you. And as so far as I know suiside ganking a Badger II doing a bit of PI is rather uncommon, I do not expect this to change.
C: Am I disapointed that we don't have a new ore salvage ship?, no because ccp have never said they were doing one. Sure I would like one but I never expected one. - it ifs easyer for them to make one from this hull then hell yea sound good.
D: The folk complaining that there not getting rid of skill training, well you got trolled did'nt ya ;p - haha. Considering skill training level 1 skills to level 4 give you most of the benefit and takes very little time, which you can reduce futher with implants make me thing your wanting more of an arcade game. I my self only trainined upto the top end of the second set of learning skills after I had been playing a year when I realised I would of started benefiting from them by now. I can only imagine how complex it would be to remove the training skillz from existance in a 'fair' way. I can't think of a 'fair' way to do it. And as for buying Skill points, screw that. If you want a higher skilled toon you can buy one with isk and pay $10's to have it moved to your account.
E: last but not least, THANK YOU CCP, I will fly mine around (dunno how much) and be in full appreciation of the art departments work. I even renewed my alt toon, just so she could get one as well :)
F: I also thank you for making up lost SP's, its the first time you have done it in the millions of years I have been playing, and I think its really nice of you. Thanks.
G: If possible I can understand people who for special reasons can not access there active account over the period maybe should beable to e-mail a request for to be auto done? for them on the last day to your help desk or somthing. Presuming the volume is not to high, or maybe they can register the reqest though an option on the forums thus there is less load on your staff, I think it would be nice. I know from some of the corporations I have been in that there are a good number of Millitary or oil rig staff and such who have period of limited access. But I understand this is not a wish list thread, so thanks again for the new toy!

Calis Kreios
Posted - 2010.06.29 12:48:00 - [277]

thanks CCP Very Happy remembered my birthday

Ama Zing
Posted - 2010.06.29 13:35:00 - [278]

surprise - surprise .... Very Happy .... just hoping the crashes are history now

Toshiro GreyHawk
Posted - 2010.06.29 14:01:00 - [279]

Haven't looked at mine yet. So we'll see if there is some theoretical value to this ship over say ... a rookie ship ... which is all you actually need for PI. The command centers can be carried and installed from a rookie ship - after which - everything is done through the PI interface. There is no current function for a ship to perform. Maybe this ship has a function not mentioned but so far ... my question about this ship is "what does it actually do?"

In any case, EVE being EVE - the real, practical advantage to all the gift ships - is to hold onto them and then sell them years down the road when they've achieved collector status.

In order for these ships to be worth anything - they must be rare. Now - since people joining the game after the gift ship was given out can't get one - they have to buy it if they want one - that in and of itself will eventually make them rare.

However, there is another thing that will make them rare - which is blowing them up. Thus - there is a purpose to the random gankathon that follows any gift ship distribution. All those who are keeping them safe in their hangars for future sale - will be able to benefit from that sale more and sooner the faster these ships become rare. So ... anyone taking one of these ships out - is making a mistake.

Yes - it is nice for CCP to give us something - and - I'm happy to have a ship I may be able to sell as a collectible somewhere down the road - but - that's all gift ships are.

Don't fly what you can't afford to lose. If you can't replace it - you can't afford to lose it.


Now - if they actually had some real purpose where they enhanced PI operations ... and they were being produced from BPO's ... then that would be great - but until that is the case ... mine are staying in the hangar.

Posted - 2010.06.29 15:47:00 - [280]

Get the servers back up! I need to play with it!

Thanks for the gift CCP!

And get a BPO for this one pls Embarassed

The Graduates
Posted - 2010.06.29 16:17:00 - [281]

Ok ccp thank you for the gift, however when you released the Zephyr that was a usefull ship, and I love mine.

I however dont see the use for this ship, it has minimal cargo and the four low slots which is the only slots on the ship can't be used for cargo expanders as it doesn't effect the cargo holds, so can one please tell me why I should use this ship to do PI runs rather then my itty, as my itty seems far superior in a million ways.

I dont mean to complain, I like getting free things. However other then being rather pretty it seems rather useless...

Pex Baskerville
Posted - 2010.06.29 16:30:00 - [282]

CCP i have a suggestion for you

look up the term MULTIPURPOSE on the net and incorporate that in your ship designs please

this ship has one task and as the prev poster said other ships do it better.

thanks anyway!!!

Castle Amber
Posted - 2010.06.29 16:31:00 - [283]

@ Devs; Thank You :)

Miners In Possession
Looney Toons.
Posted - 2010.06.29 16:46:00 - [284]

Thanks for this Elite shuttle.

Cant see how this benefits PI more than my Industrial ship does at the moment so it looks like I have another pretty trophy for my Asset collection.

Might I suggest in the future you actually design one of these present ships to be something of a use in the game and not a worthless trophy.

Thanks again anyway!

Posted - 2010.06.29 17:44:00 - [285]

any word on specs yet?

Posted - 2010.06.29 17:59:00 - [286]

Looks cool! I like the idea of a PI dedicated ship. I only hope that the seeding of BPC's are in the works. I would hate to lose a ship I can't replace.

-Mostly Harmless-
Posted - 2010.06.29 19:09:00 - [287]

Originally by: PropheticWarrior
Looks cool! I like the idea of a PI dedicated ship. I only hope that the seeding of BPC's are in the works. I would hate to lose a ship I can't replace.

No worries, with a little imagination any t1 cruiser can outclass this ship ... Smile
C'mon ... 100m3 cargo / 1.600 m3 command center hold and 1.000 m3 Planetary Commodities ?

Any way pretty ship Smile

Posted - 2010.06.29 19:27:00 - [288]

I agree that the ship really needs a buff in the PI materials bay at the very least. I guess the small cargo bay is probably to keep the ship from competing with other industrial ships.

I wonder if CCP will buff the ship in a later update.

do you
Posted - 2010.06.29 20:54:00 - [289]

It does seem like the ship really doesn't do anything unique, other than perhaps the planetary comodeties bay, but it's size is easily outclassed by industrial vessels.
blockade runners perform PI duties with great ease.

In my daily PI maintenance I shift holds of >5km/3 between planets, that'd be several trips in the primea.

the only place I can see this being of great benefit is unskilled alts that are just being used for planet slots in high sec where the volumes will be low and the charecter will not have skills to fly basic industrial vessels.

If the ship where given a few bonuses it could give it a much larger audience that would use it for general play.
some idea's, perhaps not all of them, but a couple on this list could make it really unique....
  • Competitive PI bay (5,000 to 10,000 m3 for PI comods only)

  • +2 warp core stability (skiff has this, as does DST) for low sec operations.

  • Planetary rocket interface (import/export goods from PI bay rather than customs office when in orbit)

  • High slots and tractor bonus (it was meant to be a salvager)

  • salvage drone role bonus (only ship which can operate salvage drones)

Arth Lawing
Penumbra Institute
Posted - 2010.06.29 21:31:00 - [290]

I like those ideas from SXYGeek above.

The bit I don't get...
Initially devised as a deep space salvage vessel for large-scale ore retrieval from destroyed ORE fleets in pirate-occupied areas

So ORE are out in Outer Ring mining with their hulks and their orcas and their rorquals decimating belts... their scout falls asleep and they all get wiped out by an incoming pirate fleet... and afterwards they decide to go clean up all the ore thats left with something this small? I think someone's confused this with an orca.Rolling Eyes

Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2010.06.29 22:14:00 - [291]

Edited by: Pirokobo on 29/06/2010 22:17:44

Well played, CCP, well played.

Silver Snake Enterprise
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2010.06.29 22:43:00 - [292]

Edited by: Morgaaan on 29/06/2010 22:45:00
Edited by: Morgaaan on 29/06/2010 22:44:21
I would be happy to use this ship full time if only they gave it a 10k m3 comodity bay.The PI set up screams 10k bay,2x 5k for filling the storage bins and 10K for unloading from spaceport.I look at this 1k m3 commodity bay and think,"it must be a typo,why do this and kill any reason to use this fine lookig craft by making it worthless vs any t1 hauler"

CCP, plz fix the typo and patch this to 10k m3 commodity bay Very Happy...else its just gonna sit in station and collect dust Crying or Very sad...which would be a shame.

Kylie Minogues
ISA Istarska Svemirska agencija
Posted - 2010.06.29 23:15:00 - [293]

This ship is pure incarnated piece of junk.
C'mon, 4 low slots on 100m3 of space...
CCP guys postponed the 1st of April joke, I guess,
(tryin to PEAS us off?)

If it was meant to bzapp lazors and help digging something from the planet, orbiting, humming, making wonderful noises and a bit of lazor lightshow, I'd support it. But I'm wondering if this one is worth redeming at all with my other 2 accounts.
(note to myself: check the REPROCESS FACILITY.) QuestionIdeaRolling Eyes

Beani Kliadi
Arekin Piggy Bank
Posted - 2010.06.29 23:53:00 - [294]

This ship is fail,

Magnate vs Primae

A: Higher inertia modifier (4.12 vs 0.7)
B: Can be fitted better with just slightly more cargo capacity than the Primae's Commodity Bay (1008.7 m3 vs 1000 m3)
C: Has the bonus of been a scanning bonused ship
D: Smaller signature radius (43m vs 150m)
E: Can fit a micro warp drive
F: Replaceable
G: Lighter than Primae (1,072,000 kg vs 15,000,000 kg)
H: Higher maximum velocity (296 m/sec vs 200 m/sec)
I: Can be packaged into an industrial (2,500 m3 vs 20,000 m3 packaged)


A: Doesn't require skills to fly
B: Looks cool
C: Has more structure, armor and shields
D: 60km maximum targeting range

Primae's Command Center Bay is generaly useless. It would only be used when launching command centers to the planet, there after (to actualy go back and use the Commodity Bay) it would be useless.

Primae is a novalty ship, something you can store in your ship hanger. Can't even be made into a musemum piece. Follows in the path of the Interbus Shuttle and Apotheosis.

Such a pitty, if this 'industrial' was more useful it might have a longer life past the redeem button.

Fred Kyong
EWH NanoTex
Posted - 2010.06.30 03:58:00 - [295]

This is the BEST designed ship in EVE I ever did see. Thanks CCP, please keep it rolling!

1st Combat Engineer Battalion
Interstellar Trade Syndicate
Posted - 2010.06.30 04:37:00 - [296]

Ok please please just make the commodites bay so that u could put raw planetary materials in it it is PI stuff anyway.

P.S. could u guys make it so that u could export cmmodities directly to the primae please. Also it would be nice to have like a bounus on export/import taxes or a remote sensing bounus.

P.S.S. also u should make the primae's command hold smaller(nobody carries 4 command centers in one ship)and make the commodities bay bigger so its like 4000m3-5000m3 that would be great ty ccp!!Very Happy

Achmed TheDead
Posted - 2010.06.30 06:57:00 - [297]

The Primae is useless. a base industrial can do it better.

the only good thing about the primae, is that it looks bloody awesome.

Kimbeau Surveryor
Posted - 2010.06.30 09:02:00 - [298]

Now if the PI hold was a corporate one, it would make transfers between co-operating PI-ers just that tad easier, and give the Primea something to set it apart from industrials ... :-)

sir endicott
Posted - 2010.06.30 12:03:00 - [299]

have to admit the idea was sound enough .......
the implementation however lacked any forthought whatsoever
this decent looking item is about worthless I will get more use out of my spare shuttles

Posted - 2010.06.30 12:21:00 - [300]

/signed for the BPO and not for GIFT

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