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The Hunt Club
Posted - 2010.07.01 02:07:00 - [121]

Originally by: Lusulpher
This chronicle has now been elevated to 'life imitating art'.

Not really. If it was intended as a sociopolitical commentary on BP's ****up, then it failed, because it managed to distort the issue so much that it now has nothing to do with the event it supposedly tries to showcase. The chron's story is more like Bill Gates wanting to level downtown Anchorage to build a private rollercoaster, and threatening to nuke Juneau if he isn't allowed to. It just makes no bloody sense.

Originally by: Lusulpher
British Petroleoum's lying about toxic dispersant, buoy/berm effectiveness, they pressure on the leaks, the safety violations at all their facilities, the yacht trip on clean English waters! + utter economic, environmental and psychological devastation in Louisiana and now, Florida = capsuleer smashing a facility into a highly populated area.Laughing

"Since the 20 April 2010 explosion of the Deepwater Horizon, in which 11 people died, and subsequent oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, BP's public standing and stock value have dropped substantially, losing nearly half of its market capitalisation" - wikipedia.

Spills are failures, not business as usual. Nobody is making a policy out of perpetuating them. BP may very well be on their way out of business if this goes on.

Originally by: Lusulpher
Everyone has to move out of the way of the fallout and no one can tell them pause to make sure they actually do it in a moral manner.[deep sea drilling ban just got shot down/CONCORD giving the green light]

Deep sea drilling ban being lifted might have something to do with the fact that modern world is running on a critical resource that's becoming increasingly scarce. We need oil extraction to continue despite the risk of such ****ups, because without oil our whole society will likely collapse. There is no indication in the chron that PI ban was lifted for any similar reason.

Originally by: Lusulpher
If you believe a government can remove that much financial influence, and overnight. You are a complete fool.[Big Tobacco is still fighting regulation and lying about their genocide count]

You're so naive it's almost cute. You can get away with A LOT if you have money, but it doesn't mean you can do anything. Again, you have it backwards. In the big picture, money is a projection of the influence, not the source of it. And capsuleers, ultimately, are just glorified errand boys. There's absolutely nothing about any individual capsuleer that makes him/her indispensable and/or irremovable.

And tobacco companies aren't a case in point. They simply provide the means of slow and painful suicide to people who are stupid enough to accept it, or simply enjoy it too much to care. They don't outright kill you, or explicitly make you kill yourself. All the difference in the world.

Originally by: Lusulpher
tldr; Money talks, bull**** still walks, even in the future. HTFU.

Money talks indeed, i have said as much myself. My point is, it talks, not shoves a gun in your face and screams to shoot every mother****ing last one of you. If only because the latter tends to ultimately end up being bad for business.

Originally by: Lusulpher
I really don't know where roleplayers get off not roleplaying real life politics and the consequences for real people.Confused

And I really don't know where people like you get off savoring a dystopian future blown out of proportion just for the sake of it, in ways that cease to make any logical sense. I'm not even much of a roleplayer, but despite throwing in obligatory grimdarkness (shocking to perhaps someone just out of preschool), these chrons have so far at least tried to maintain some semblance of seriousness and believability, and occasionally even to make some sort of point while at it. With this chron it all seems to be going towards turning the lore into some mainstream bull**** horror fairytale. And that is what i'm ****ed about.

Renegade Serenity
Posted - 2010.07.04 05:31:00 - [122]

Edited by: Esiel on 04/07/2010 05:31:29
Originally by: AterraX
that capsuleer was actully more mellow than any of the players doing PI.
Raise you hand, if you has any contact with anyone on the plant (man or beast) when you place your structures and didn't just place them.

I be waiting to hear people chime in.

And the BS about "ego's"....if you are immortal and surpemly powerfull, a big ego is just a natural progression.

No player was given a choice. I would love to see more RP elements put in this MMORPG game. Using PI and this chronicle as an example. When we put down our Command Centers and all the rest of our PI setup a simple message would come up (on the appropriate planet) “Your structures will cause massive damage to a population center, please choose the following course of action. A – Ignore the population put it down now. B – Give the population a 1-hour ultimatum to move or be plowed under. C – Give the population 24 hours to relocate. D – Choose a new location to put your command center.

It wouldn’t hurt much to have more RP in our game even in little ways. Then we can see how merciful Omvistus was when he chose option B rather than option A like 90% of the rest of the capsulers chose.

Saul Dhampir
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2010.07.04 11:26:00 - [123]

I have to say I find that chronicle odd.

The implication is that a single Capsuleer can happily wipe out the entire population of a planet (if he was prepared to spend the time), and absolutely no-one would lift a finger or give a damn.

This is of-course ridiculous.

Nice story, nice artwork. Daft implications.

Posted - 2010.07.04 12:21:00 - [124]

Originally by: Saul Dhampir
I have to say I find that chronicle odd.

The implication is that a single Capsuleer can happily wipe out the entire population of a planet (if he was prepared to spend the time), and absolutely no-one would lift a finger or give a damn.

This is of-course ridiculous.

Nice story, nice artwork. Daft implications.

Ever thought that those implications were created intentionally by the Capsuleer to bully the populace into compliance? His whole demeanor was set up it alienate and intimidate, building up on the prejudice that the worldbound people have about Capsuleers.

Saul Dhampir
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2010.07.04 16:35:00 - [125]

Yes, indeed and that was alluded to by other posters in this thread. Indeed I think that was the intention of the story, however where that idea breaks down for me is in the planetary administrator buying it. In order for him to go along with that threat he would have to actually believe the Capsuleer would carry out his threat and that it was perfectly ok and that CONCORD, the Gallente Navy and government would just sit there and go ‘oh bugger, that’s a shame’.

Given that previously an attack on a single station has caused Navy fleets to come pilling though cynos I would think a planetary attack might just provoke a response. I stretches credibility that the administrator would think this threat could be allowed to happen. He would have to be an incompetent Muppet surrounded be about one billion other incompetent Muppets. The idea that whole population can be shoved aside by any old passing Capsuleer also fly’s in the face of established PF.

Saul Dhampir
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2010.07.04 17:38:00 - [126]

Edited by: Saul Dhampir on 05/07/2010 19:24:47
…Furthermore, what would happen if they did try to move said populations? Are you saying they are all docile sheep with no opinion? Are they all going to pack their bags without a word and trudge off with the bottom lips out? Seriously?

No. There would be mass outcry. People calling on lawyers, making challenges in court and appealing to higher authorises like the senate. Fire brand human rights types would be all out on the soap boxes whipping an angry population into a frenzy. People would barricade themselves in, fighting the planetary authorities who tired to more them by force. There would be rioting in the streets. Groups like the Sisters of Eve would be involved. It would be all over the Scope and Gal Net…

…and this is just one planet. Now magnify this across the whole cluster. Are they all mindless sheep too? No. This chaos would be replicated across hundreds of worlds in all empires. The whole cluster would be in mass upheaval and unrest. It would be the biggest crisis in modern times with governments scrambling to deal with revolts across dozens of systems and mass hostility towards Capsuleers. On stations, security forces would be overwhelmed by lynch mobs storming the upper levels and killing any Podders they find, and trashing cloning facilities.

Now lets look at just a couple of PF problems:

Yonis Ardishapur is busy wooing the crowds with his tour. Now all these people he wants to fight for are being kicked aside by random Capsuleers. What does he do? Say “Meh, I didn’t want there support anyway.”

Tibus Heth, a man who is about as down to any one of these worlds as you can get, and whom we know from many crons, news items and the odd book is not exactly delighted by Capsuleers. Millions of Caldari people start getting moved and displaced be said Capsuleers. What does he say? “Ah *$%^ it. I’m late for my having my nails manicured”.


What about me. I director of a group who openly want to destroy the empires. Banded a terrorist by many. I’ll just pop over the Amarr home worlds shall I and find the biggest chapel in the constellation (yes I know Amarr is off limits) and say “oi, F&*^ your chapel, f&%* your culture, f£$* your religion and f”^* your god. I want to put an extractor there get it moved… now!


Chuck Skull
Fidelas Constans
Posted - 2010.07.06 04:24:00 - [127]

Love it.

For the BECAUSE OF CONCORD crowd. You can suicide gank a planet just as easily as a ship. YARRRR!!

Going by the number in the chronicle and it being 0.6. I reckon you could devastate a few hundred square KM before concord came running to the rescue. Then come back and do it again if you were so inclined, we're immortal, they're not.

Though, it does show how poor the tracking on rails is, he needed to target paint a planet. Laughing

Posted - 2010.07.13 02:10:00 - [128]

lol, I loved the description of the Amarr dude. Still, Amarrian, and using 424's? BLASPHEMY!!! Great Chronicle though, I hope they add orbital bombardment to EVE

Caroll Yanaki
Stir Crazy Research and Manufacturing
Posted - 2010.07.22 14:40:00 - [129]

It's a nice read.
And a nice interpretation of the ratification CONCORD signs for planetary exploitation by capsuleers.
Who knows how much ISK have the pod pilots poured into CONCORD, so they ratify such fundamental change in New Eden's life.
And who knows how much was that planetary administrator corrupted, so he allowed the capsulleer to deploy his machines.
And when you don't know who are you dealing with (you haven't done your homework and you haven't done any research for this pod pilot and his Corp) well... you have been served.
And... yeah.
Pod pilots are THAT powerful.
They are flying the most powerful and destructive machines mankind has ever built.
When you are THAT powerful and you are THAT IMMORTAL, your morality and ethics go down the pipe.

Nostrum Forder
Posted - 2010.07.27 15:27:00 - [130]

The worst story of all the chronicles, and that's saying a lot, considering some of the other stinkers. Completely trashes the backstory. Totally unbelievable. Not even remotely set in the Eve universe.

Other than that, it was OK.

Henri Rearden
Black Star Alliance
Posted - 2010.07.30 23:47:00 - [131]

I don't usually reply to these kind of threads, but I just read this Chronicle yesterday and can honestly say I enjoyed it more than any other I have read. It is a fantastic illustration of the Tyrannis idea and the fantastic power we get to wield, even if the little planetary peons aren't actually in the game. The part about the aiming laser for the railguns... brilliant! I can tell you, I enjoyed clicking my extractors a little bit more after reading that, imagining that with each click I was sending orders to some abused and whimpering production manager at each facility. Funny how we end up conforming to the behavior of the "fictional" ruthless capsuleers without meaning to. Good job guys!

Sketchy McGillis
Posted - 2010.08.04 03:25:00 - [132]

I like to think of myself as a nice capsuleer...that wouldn't have happened with me around! Still, a great read!

Roga Dracor
Mental Disorders Inc.
Posted - 2010.08.21 18:26:00 - [133]

First off, alot of you diehard cannon sayers, read too much into the words of "people intending to decieve you". Why does prose by some dead Amarr poet "make it so"? I hear you constantly berate CCP because you somehow "know" what they intended with every story. Eve is a dark world with darker undertones. Didn't someone say they checked the planet in question and it's "barren"? Hmm, wonder why? Maybe it is a True Slave, or an agent of theirs? They made a character to back this story up. Why? What corporation does he work for. After all he himself admitted he was a mouthpiece for his corporation, and from his time in pod, oh gee he wasn't in pod was he? Well, anyway, he is likely little more than a mouthpiece. I have tried to RP in this game, honestly, I have given up. I just find the same old tired, lets drink a (racial concoction) in station and not even try to RP in space, because, well, the game just doesn't allow us to be what we want to be. Get over yourselves. I for one am seriously liking the fiction and the "evolving" storyline of Eve. Great job CCP. This Demigod is satisfied...

Rens Pricemaster
Posted - 2010.11.02 01:17:00 - [134]

Its hopelessly unrealistic. Unless this only happens in low/nullsec. In gallente space, NO WAY. Caldari - perhaps. Amarr, will be hard but on a slave colony, sure.
Fact is, once stuff like this starts happening, concord is going to pass new rules. Don't forget, gameplay mechanics make npcs crap. But in reality 2 battleships can and will trash you. However for those who insist on going by gameplay mechanics as a guide to the universe, a single DED frigate can pwn an entire fleet.

The Scope
Posted - 2010.11.06 05:01:00 - [135]

I'm also thinking that he must be bluffing. He's in secure space, and Concord would atomize him faster than his ego could de-puff. The ramifications for capsuleers would also be incredible. So, he must be bluffing if this is to work with the lore of EVE? I thought he was Jovian at first.

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