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Sinjin Mokk
Stillwater Corporation
Posted - 2010.06.22 12:46:00 - [91]

Edited by: Sinjin Mokk on 22/06/2010 12:48:18
Omvistus is a newb. Just look at his EVE Gate profile/ :)

That being said, he's obviously a little power drunk with his new capabilities and responsibilities.

Keep in mind that your character is not immortal by any stretch of the imagination. Only when they're connected to a pod are they holding any power. Put them in a station or on a planet and they're feet are made of clay.

Also keep in mind that an Amarrian would never stoop to blasphemy decalring himself a God or going agaisnt the wishes of the Theology Council...except in certain circumstances, of course.

There would be similar societal controls among the other races too. People are raised to believe in not bucking the system. Out on the fringes of high-sec though, like in this story, even a new capsuleer can put the scare on a weak administrator.

Shooting a gun at a planet is a waste of ammo. All you need is a tractor beam and an asteroid.

Very Happy

Gosakumori Noh
Posted - 2010.06.23 00:12:00 - [92]

What the **** is this crap? Is New Eden's fiction ever going to get over the infantile posturing intended to do little more than stroke pre-pubescent capsuleer egos?

Alain Colcer
Quantum Cats Syndicate
Posted - 2010.06.23 02:12:00 - [93]

I liked the chron, but i must mention 3 things:

1) You, as CCP, have created and populated every system with all kinds of planets. You are the ones who write and control the lore and prime fiction. It would be wise if your written chrons match the universe we see ingame, or the game is modified to match the universe you describe in the chrons. Consistency is a very nice thing to have when you relate the chrons to existing assets ingame.

2) Omvistus reached Gallente space for an obvious reason, he could not threaten holders and amarrian governors in the same way as it threathened Yvesk, the Federation is an aglomeration of local governments, and as such local authorities cannot refuse such a powerful and wealthy individual on a moments notice without falling into a long-term bureacracy to rise petitions in the Federal Administration, which kinda explains the first 6-month figure Yvesk mentioned.

3) I don't quite get the idea that remote sensors (satellites in orbit really) are allowed, or even effective, to scan deposits of resources in or below major population centers. Wouldn't such sites distort the results or alter the readings?. It would be a bit more believable to know that it is a rural area with valuable farming operations and population centers scattered around, and indeed relocating such people would take time as it is so spread out.

I did like the chron, it makes us look the gods and megalomaniacs we are as players, but it needs a touch of polishing.

Maxsim Goratiev
Imperial Tau Syndicate
Posted - 2010.06.24 18:56:00 - [94]

Originally by: Astald Ohtar
Edited by: Astald Ohtar on 15/06/2010 22:43:54
This is outrageous ! an amarr firing with 425s ?!! Where are the Tachyons !
He's too kind i bet he got some filthy gallente blood, thus his slaves arent that obedient !

I love it Very Happy

This guy is a noob fitting 425's to his armogeddon. He failed at pvp, so he decided to harras random citizens.

AkJon Ferguson
JC Ferguson and Son Ltd
Ferguson Alliance
Posted - 2010.06.24 21:11:00 - [95]

Originally by: Gosakumori Noh
What the **** is this crap? Is New Eden's fiction ever going to get over the infantile posturing intended to do little more than stroke pre-pubescent capsuleer egos?

Posted - 2010.06.25 02:54:00 - [96]

hmm while usually I love eve and I love the chrnoicles this is something I don't particularly like about eve.

What I want is choice, I wanna be able to choose to be a good guy or a bad guy. What we seem to see in eve is that everyone is just an evil bastard there isn't any choice when playing or even reading the chronicles to be something else.

Lets take an in game example, say I wanna help minmatar without becoming a mass murdering phsycopath. So lets do some mining for a minmatar corp, that's about as carebear as you can get and we should end up doing some good to humanity there. Nope, more profitering, making war machines, fighting off drones oh and selling local settlers dodgy merchanidise so we can keep exploiting them indefinetely.

When I feel that rouge drones have more moral choices than us I think theres a problem.

I think closest we've seen to a nice captuleer is the chronicle her painted selves and my opinion on that is best explained by the doctor.

Posted - 2010.06.25 07:17:00 - [97]

Presence SOCT Advanced social consciousness training. While this training obviously is of great value to anyone, the most impressive results are achieved by students with great latent potential. Training in this skill allows a student to develop heightened mental sensitivity, to the point of being able to sense the surface mood and emotions of a person.

Adds 1 additional point to your Charisma attribute per skill level.

Point: Omvistus was just bluffing. He has charisma trained to the max and is just a really good at what he does. He sensed that this particular planetary manager was weak and inexperienced and knew that he would achieve optimal outcome by instilling fear into him.

Jake Raven
Posted - 2010.06.25 07:24:00 - [98]

Originally by: Destination SkillQueue
Edited by: Destination SkillQueue on 15/06/2010 17:42:15

I liked this one a lot. It really gives a nice feeling about how the the abstract interaction in the game might actually be like. Now why don't you try and bring more of that fantastic atmosphere to the actual game too.

Yeah, I want to be able to bombard a planet, and see the result and consequences on planetary population... I'm guessing this will become something we will eventauly be able to do when interacting with the DUST 514 players on planet.

Posted - 2010.06.25 08:14:00 - [99]

The Capsuleer was just bluffing, intimidating the planet bound plebs into doing what he wants. He just pointed a target painter in the general direction of the building and spouted off some gibberish about antimatter effects he heard in some holoreel. Prejudice and superstition of the common people did the rest. Not CONCORD protected, yeah, right, stupid grievers. Razz

Marz Ghola
Royal Order of Security Specialists
Posted - 2010.06.25 08:44:00 - [100]

I think this is a step in the right direction.

It is often said (for some weak reason) that eve is a dark place, blah blah, etc. In actuality the games fiction has always been too much based on current RL social matters and that is not dark by any stretch. It is too timid and lawful, which = tame and predictable.

I like the idea that once, concord held the reins tightly, yet now that is getting harder and harder for them to do as the capsuleers are coming into their own strength over time. As time goes by, things change and the eve universe should get far more brutal and finally be able to represent that dark universe that people have always tried to claim eve was.

The new eve novel is an example of the weak nature of the current fiction. *Spoiler* Rescue workers (snooze) who suddenly become super ninja's and become buddy's with all pirate factions to kill all capsuleers. Capsuleers that were portrayed just like the real life Caod/LEET idiots.
I like the idea of rescue workers as desperate looters who pick over the remains of the corpses/detritus just for one more meal. They would gladly sell their lives/services to a pilot to repair an area, if profit could be realized (for the pilot) for a while. Then they are forgotten/destroyed just as idly.

An idea of "good vs. bad" would be something like one guy who would wipe out a city to place his factory and enjoy the screams (atmosphere has its advantages) and trauma, vs. the "good guy" who would wipe out a city to place his factory and have a fleeting sensation of emotion that base humans might call sympathy.

I have always imagined a fun scene of a rupture (any) class cruiser landing right in the center of a huge and populated sporting arena. The thrusters would roast the entire crowd, yet the pilot found it a convenient place to set down at, without a proper atmospheric docking facility during emergency or otherwise.

So I am glad the fiction is turning a more happy shade of black. The like the art and how the capsuleer was shown to be truly something other than human and barely related to in any context by the cows. The idea that mass murder is as common as a breath of air/pod goo to them and that for their leisure time, they kill other pod pilots just to feel something other than the dead sensation in their minds and dark hearts.

I can even imagine capsuleer miners feeling nothing (or feeling good) as they knowingly munch the roid inhabited by a colony of base humans. CCP could taylor some Pve missions to do just that.

So please CCP, lets push the fiction further in the direction of this story and deeper into madness.

Heck, we have trillions of sheeple in the eve universe, lets get the bbq burning brightlyVery Happy

Posted - 2010.06.25 11:13:00 - [101]

This is a story written specificly for empire bears so they can cream in their pants what powerfull demi gods they are while flying itteron mark 3 Laughing

Posted - 2010.06.25 17:05:00 - [102]

good story. when does planetary bombardment start?

Bobaflex Doomwalker
Conclave United
Posted - 2010.06.25 20:33:00 - [103]

I often find myself wishing the dynamic between NPCs and the PCs was a bit - shall we say... "thicker" than it is - mainly because when I read Chronicles like this (or Her Painted Selves, or All these Lives are Fit to Ruin, or The Hands of a Killer) I really find myself wondering just how much goes on outside the Pod; is Bobaflex (and subsequently the pilots who accompany him) a reliable (even heroic?) source of muscle to the Federal Intelligence Office, or a necessary evil who can be bothered to do their dirty work when he isn't jumping into and out of wormholes at a whim?

As an aside, I'd love to run into NPC Capsuleers, they're supposed to exist, right? I could very easily see myself being offered (and accepting) a contract from the FIO to put a hurting on Omnivus for the undue stress he put on the Federation's citizens.

Food for thought.

Elisa Vilerum
Posted - 2010.06.25 20:44:00 - [104]

only good thing in this story is pic it drift away so hard from lore its junkSad

Posted - 2010.06.25 23:48:00 - [105]

I like the story. Some capsuleers are going to be like that. Others would use their power for philanthropy. The sheer power capsuleers are supposed to have is right on par with that story (though we don't get to see it much in game). Of course, we take that as the every day being capsuleers ourselves.

Khanid Provincial Vanguard
Posted - 2010.06.26 00:04:00 - [106]

Known fact: All capsuleer ISK is controlled by CONCORD corporations.
Derived fact: CONCORD can, at any time, decide you shouldn't be able to spend your money on equipment. Or clones.

Known Fact: If you point a target painter at a civvy target in hisec, you will get shot up by CONCORD.
Derived Fact: CONCORD gives a flying **** about civilians.

Result: Committing acts of senseless murder so great that it can only be called holocaust should not be allowed by CONCORD.


Ugh. I like the whole "Capsuleers are immoral monsters" thing, but I hate it when you guys choose to ignore all logic when trying to prove it.

Hey, I think I'll solve the whole war by getting a few mates and burning all of the matar worlds to ash. Apparently that's acceptable so long as you have a control centre set down, right?

Nicolo da'Vicenza
Divine Power.
Posted - 2010.06.26 06:54:00 - [107]

Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos!

Posted - 2010.06.26 08:09:00 - [108]

that capsuleer was actully more mellow than any of the players doing PI.
Raise you hand, if you has any contact with anyone on the plant (man or beast) when you place your structures and didn't just place them.

I be waiting to hear people chime in.

And the BS about "ego's"....if you are immortal and surpemly powerfull, a big ego is just a natural progression.

Yarod Cool
Posted - 2010.06.26 08:54:00 - [109]

Edited by: Yarod Cool on 26/06/2010 08:54:33
This chronicle represents every reason I did not want Planetary Interaction. One battleship faces down a highsec world and wins. I hope this is the exception rather than the rule (Sansha pls?) because otherwise it's just weak.

Edit: Also, this:
Originally by: Gosakumori Noh
What the **** is this crap? Is New Eden's fiction ever going to get over the infantile posturing intended to do little more than stroke pre-pubescent capsuleer egos?

Diplomacy V
Posted - 2010.06.26 15:26:00 - [110]

Akrasjel Lanate
Naquatech Conglomerate
Yulai Federation
Posted - 2010.06.26 21:44:00 - [111]

Oh my god... Shocked

This capsuler treats them like bugs... Well maby not like bugs, they are expendable to him. Maby it's because he is Amarr and everyone know how thay behave toward other people...

Lolion Reglo
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2010.06.26 22:28:00 - [112]

Edited by: Lolion Reglo on 26/06/2010 22:28:31
such beauty portrayed in such scientific and simplistic words as to the threat the capsuleer posed to the planetary civilians. i would not personally have pulled that threat to utilize that planet but not all capsuleers are the same i guess.

LOVE THE DEMORALIZER!!!!!LaughingLaughingLaughingLaughingLaughingLaughingLaughing

kano donn
New Path
Posted - 2010.06.27 04:41:00 - [113]


Posted - 2010.06.27 07:21:00 - [114]

This chronicle has now been elevated to 'life imitating art'.

British Petroleoum's lying about toxic dispersant, buoy/berm effectiveness, they pressure on the leaks, the safety violations at all their facilities, the yacht trip on clean English waters! + utter economic, environmental and psychological devastation in Louisiana and now, Florida = capsuleer smashing a facility into a highly populated area.Laughing

Everyone has to move out of the way of the fallout and no one can tell them pause to make sure they actually do it in a moral manner.[deep sea drilling ban just got shot down/CONCORD giving the green light]

If you believe a government can remove that much financial influence, and overnight. You are a complete fool.[Big Tobacco is still fighting regulation and lying about their genocide count]

tldr; Money talks, bull**** still walks, even in the future. HTFU.

CCP has a staff member who is psychic.Laughing

I really don't know where roleplayers get off not roleplaying real life politics and the consequences for real people.Confused

Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2010.06.27 07:42:00 - [115]

Omvistus - christ, what an *******. :P

Azran Zala
Fleet of the Damned
Legion of The Damned.
Posted - 2010.06.27 11:42:00 - [116]

I find this rather RP breaking and inconsistant.

Although Concord has lifted a ban on capsuleers from interfering with planets.
I highly doubt the Gallente Federation would allow one to hold a billion of its citizens up for ransom.
Not without some serious **** going boom and blameing the Caldari over it.

Posted - 2010.06.27 14:02:00 - [117]

I was highly entertained by my most favorite chronicle yet, but the silliness in the comments have been almost equally entertaining.

I like how the capsuleer in the story is a metaphor for all of the people rushing out to try the new PI. I doubt your average player considers the planet dwellers when dropping down his factory chains. It was very funny to see things from the dirt suckers point of view. I think the best part was how the capsuleer was talking about a matter of hours to have their planet fully industrialized.

That little twitch right before the capsuleer said the items would be ready in six hours, is that the lag on the market window when he clicked Planetary Infrastructure to buy his 72 CCs?

Posted - 2010.06.28 02:09:00 - [118]

Good story, I liked it but it made little sense. Sure he could technically bombard the planet but the ramifications of that would be pretty big. You shoot one other capsuleer and you loose standings and in 30secs Concord has locked you and you barely have the time to say "Ohhh SHii-" before your ship's hull is ripped to shreds. So one capsuleer death (loss of standings and get shot) versus millions of people?

Sure you can come back, but damn if you were to orbitaly bomb a planet in highsec! In all reality you would be hunted down by the states (genocidal criminals are hated by all), your still lifeless but fresh husk ready to be your current bodies replacement would be chucked into the biomass grinder.

If this would have happened in nullsec or low it would have made more sense to me as piracy is rampent.

If the capsuleer is Amarr that dosen't mean anything towards what ship he is flying and what guns he is using. One of my friends is Minmatar missioning for Amarr and flying Caldari :P Capsuleers are not limited by faction, they do not have to sign themselves off to only one group, they choose their allegiance with those they see fit, not those that share the pilots original blood.

Posted - 2010.06.28 07:33:00 - [119]

Edited by: Saelie on 28/06/2010 07:34:56
Good chronicle.

Sounds to me like an Amarrian doing what Amarrians do best - Threatening their lessers to get their way. He might not have any ability or intention to carry out that threat, but if the other guy doesn't know that (And a planetary governor is unlikely to know the laws governing spaceships) it's still a powerful threat. As for a governor being intimidated by it? I can see that - Someone has threatened to kill millions of his people and demonstrated he has the capability to do so, and if he's not aware this would be considered highly illegal, then there you go. Fear is a powerful tool, and one that Amarrians in particular are very skilled with.

Edit: Also keep in mind that when you run missions and see all those little buildings you can shoot, odds are those buildings are populated. Destroying a complex of buildings just for fun might kill tens of thousands of people.

Rock Ballz INC.
Posted - 2010.06.28 13:56:00 - [120]

I dont spend much time reading these chronicles, but I do find them entertaining and this one particular is something I would like to see happen. And I want to see a projectile from Quad 3500MM Siege Artys hit a planet. But it would be a sad day for the inhabbitants of the planet. Twisted Evil

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