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Posted - 2010.06.10 13:10:00 - [1]

Edited by: Eleni on 10/07/2011 19:18:29
I am glad to introduce to you my services of characters’ evaluation for their further sale at Character Bazaar.

A character is evaluated according to a formula, which I derived by myself using my long term experience of working on EVE market. The price is complex, each character gets an individual approach and skills study, I estimate the amount of skills and the volume of resources spent to get them. For the past 5 years I evaluated 1000 characters.

This service has been available for 5 years on Russian-speaking sites of the game fans. Using their advice I decided that it was time to offer my help to all players. To be honest, I was shy at first, but they talked me into it.

So, to evaluate a character you don’t need much – just provide links to the skills and transfer 100 mil ISK to me. In response I will send you a reserve price of your character and also will give you a piece of advice about how to run an auction.

Characters who have less 2,6 mil SP not evaluated, because their price is less than the cost of transfer.
Buy PLEX's via your account manager and enjoy with ISK =)

Characters <35 mil SP free
Characters 35> mil SP 100 mil
10% discount for each additional character.

Some small rules for this topic:

1. I recieve link like this. I dont recive links like simple text
2. Please cheack your link before/after posting. If you didnt find PC it means that your link does not work
3. Dont provied any passwords!!!
4. Please no ingame PC!

PS I will give PC's once a 7-10 days, please be pations ;) If you donate me, please send me eve-mail, I,ll try give your PC earlier

Rae Kharra
Militant Mermen
Posted - 2010.06.11 06:38:00 - [2]

I have no idea how i am the first person to reply to this topic but here goes


iv been trying to get a price check on her for about 2 years...

Posted - 2010.06.11 08:23:00 - [3]

Edited by: Eleni on 11/06/2010 08:25:04
Originally by: Rae Kharra


Hello Kharra,

You character has been skilled for year and a half (1.5)

Reserve is 4 bil
B\O 5 bil (5.040 mil to be precise maybe 5.100 if you fave jumpclon with implants)

Rae Kharra
Militant Mermen
Posted - 2010.06.11 08:36:00 - [4]

Thank you Eleni, il get on what you suggested and il fix the sec abit faster, great service

Tink Nova
Posted - 2010.06.11 10:16:00 - [5]

If you only do 1, pick the first one please. :)
(Definitely selling that one, probably selling second, maybe/maybe not selling 3rd).

Spinal Tapp
Posted - 2010.06.11 17:44:00 - [6]

Edited by: Spinal Tapp on 22/06/2010 10:28:54
Hi there whats your take on this char, i also have just purchaced JF book and will have that trained to lvl1


Posted - 2010.06.11 20:13:00 - [7]

can get a evaluation if u still got a slot for a free one'k'k

the link may not fuction cause of the ' in my character name :(

Beyond Control.
Initiative Mercenaries
Posted - 2010.06.11 20:15:00 - [8]

Edited by: Corkil on 11/06/2010 20:15:45
100m isk for a pricecheck service that people do for free?

Posted - 2010.06.12 09:29:00 - [9]

Originally by: Tink Nova

1. janvierr
2. Tink_Nova
3. Stixslave

1. She has been skilling for 8 mounth
Reserve = 2.5 bil
B\O = 3 bil +\- 50 mil

2. She has been skilling for 5 mounth
Reserve = 1.3 bil
B\O = 1.7 bil *~2 bil (but I do not think that someone would give this price)

3. She has been skilling for 1 year 4 mounth
Reserve = 4.3 bil
B\O = 5 bil maybe + 500 mil for somebody who very need science\industrial char :)

*B\O this is not the maximum price, you can easily put more, but do not overdo it

Posted - 2010.06.12 09:41:00 - [10]

Edited by: Eleni on 12/06/2010 09:54:20
Edited by: Eleni on 12/06/2010 09:53:06
Originally by: Spinal Tapp
Spinal Tapp

Hello Spinal Tapp,

Your char has been skilling for one and a half year. (*non stop skilling, i think... it is possible for two years, perhaps an skilling of Learnings was not completed. Rank 1 non 5 lvl)

Reserve 5 bil
B\O 5.7 ~ 6 bil

Your skill of JF does not change the picture +120mil if it is skilled for 4 lvl

P.S. Its a pitty you didnt skill Jump Fuel Calibration for 5 lvl insted off Conservation.
Skills of Rank 5 slowed your skillin with the Learnings you had. Learn of Rank 1 must have 5 lvl!!!

P.S.2 Also you must have Implants!!! Embarassed A least Base set!!!

I for got to say: VERY NICE CHAR!!!

Posted - 2010.06.12 10:00:00 - [11]

Originally by: Shova'k


Hello Shova'k,

You char has been 2.5 year of skillin (Possibly you lost 4 mounth becouse Learnings were skilling not in order, common mistake among newbies)

Resevre = 6.5 bil
B\O = 8 bil

Posted - 2010.06.12 10:45:00 - [12]

Originally by: Corkil
Edited by: Corkil on 11/06/2010 20:15:45
100m isk for a pricecheck service that people do for free?

As a rule, the ones who would like to evaluate a character need to know the price ASAP and in most cases their question either remains without an answer or get an incompetent answer because not many people understand how much the character actually costs. Usually people go to Bazaar and check for how much others sell. But this is wrong! In Russian-speaking community people come to me because they’re sure I am competent. I, in my turn, spend time attentively learning skills, their cost and the time spent to get them. Hopefully, it gives me a right to collect 100 mil for my job. Don’t you agree?

Spinal Tapp
Posted - 2010.06.12 15:02:00 - [13]

Thankyou for your valuation, i will for sure be using your service in the future and good luck with making this grow

Kittie Hello
Posted - 2010.06.12 15:07:00 - [14]

Yes i think this is a good service and paying 100mill to be sure and get the advice is isk well spent, 100mill when selling a few billion toon is nothing, keep up the good work.

Posted - 2010.06.12 16:38:00 - [15]

Edited by: Listoria on 12/06/2010 16:38:26
Hello Eleni,
Just wondering if you could take a peak at this char for me ME
I'm looking to sell her and your input would be great.
hope im one of your free 10 if not ive the 100mill

Thankyou in advance

Tribe of One
Tribal Conclave
Posted - 2010.06.12 17:27:00 - [16]

Why are you charging people for price checks? I do the same thing. for free for characters and everything.

Price Check Kingdon

Yours Truely,

Posted - 2010.06.12 20:18:00 - [17]

Edited by: Eleni on 12/06/2010 20:21:54
Originally by: Listoria
Edited by: Listoria on 12/06/2010 16:38:26

Hello Listoria,

Reserve is 1.1 bil
B\O 1.55 bil

Posted - 2010.06.12 20:37:00 - [18]

Edited by: Eleni on 12/06/2010 20:37:35
2 Durantis
Originally by: Durantis
Why are you charging people for price checks? I do the same thing. for free for characters and everything.

Its my busines!
Originally by: Durantis
Look out for impostors trying to charge 100m.

This is not ethical of you to write such things! Guess people will think twice before asking you for help.

Posted - 2010.06.25 20:04:00 - [19]

Hi, please take a look at

Thank you.

Posted - 2010.06.26 13:54:00 - [20]

Hi help mee plz)
what i could sell this char for

Posted - 2010.06.27 15:15:00 - [21]

Edited by: Eleni on 27/06/2010 15:18:22
Hello Reskah,
Originally by: Reskah

B\O ~ 1.3 bil


Hello Inpoc,
Originally by: Inpoc

~ Reserve 2.5-2.6 bil
~ B\O 3.3 bil

Posted - 2010.06.27 18:31:00 - [22]

How much can i get for this character?

Full amarr spec ^^ 10.5mil sp

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2010.06.27 19:55:00 - [23]

Edited by: ImoaTep on 28/06/2010 10:32:30
Price check these characters please.

I currently have +3s in, plus about 1 billion in hard-wires -/+ 100 million.

Posted - 2010.06.28 17:29:00 - [24]

Edited by: Eleni on 28/06/2010 17:31:13
Hello everybody!

PlantDizzle - Reserve 2.5 bil \ B|O ~ 3 bil (nice char for quiq start)

Morpheus 1 - Reserve 1.3 bil \ B|O 1.6 bil

ImoaTep - Reserve 2 \ B|O 2.4 bil (I recomend to sell all accets)

Posted - 2010.06.28 18:07:00 - [25]

hi, price check me please

PASSWORD = sybrant

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2010.06.28 18:37:00 - [26]

Thanks for the price check, I cant sell the implants there plugged in. But cheers anyway.

Ragnar Blak
Posted - 2010.06.28 18:41:00 - [27]

Hey, can you check this character out?


Posted - 2010.06.28 18:47:00 - [28]


Ragnar Blak - Reserve 2.2 bil \ B|O 2.550 bil

Posted - 2010.06.29 04:42:00 - [29]

Hi sybrant!

You have nice sub capital char.

His price inqlude skills is 13.2 bil, but you have many skills 5 lvl... +10-15% for goon skilling.

Reserve 13.5 bil
B|O 15 bil

Trueside Winder
Posted - 2010.06.29 09:31:00 - [30]

Hi Eleni, could you help me please.
I wondering to sell my Miner, it's my first PC; could you help me please?

Napa Steel 6.2 mil SP.

Some features:

- All five +4 learning implants
- All high sect T2 cristals
- Ref. 5 and Ref. Eff. 4
- Maxed Int. and Mem. Skills
- Nice standing with Carthum Corp. (next to Perfect Refining)
- Drones T2 (for little mission runner)

Thanks in advance! Very Happy

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