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Thresh Avery
Best Path Inc.
Cascade Imminent
Posted - 2010.06.13 01:39:00 - [31]

They should rename you "CCP Lightning" for your speedy uploading skills. Smile

Thanks for doing so soon, i missed a lot of the matches today.

Poseidon's Wingmen
Perihelion Alliance
Posted - 2010.06.13 19:41:00 - [32]

Please upload StevieSG and Soundwave's advert, because I got a semi when (I think) Soundwave mispronounced our alliance name again during it.

CCP Loxy

Posted - 2010.06.13 22:56:00 - [33]

Kurj Valdoria
Guiding Hand Social Club
Dystopia Alliance
Posted - 2010.06.13 23:03:00 - [34]

Originally by: CCP Charlie
Day 4 is live, under 2 hours since we stopped broadcasting!

Wow. Damn impressive!

Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2010.06.14 00:08:00 - [35]

Tyrrax Thorrk
Habitual Euthanasia
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2010.06.14 01:19:00 - [36]


Tyrael Primus
Paxton Industries
Gentlemen's Agreement
Posted - 2010.06.14 10:34:00 - [37]

Awesome work, where I am right now I can't even use the 400k low quality stream effectively so YouTube is where I watch them.

Posted - 2010.06.18 09:40:00 - [38]

last three match are to late for me
al tournament end in time and when finale is
they most start late Evil or Very Mad

Posted - 2010.06.20 01:10:00 - [39]

so im going to sleep now and knowing my luck some1 from ccp gonna make a post in 10-15 minutes telling vids r on yt :(

Final Agony
Posted - 2010.06.20 02:10:00 - [40]

I'm just wondering if they are going to be even posted tonight.

Thresh Avery
Best Path Inc.
Cascade Imminent
Posted - 2010.06.20 02:16:00 - [41]

I believe CCP Charlie is in a coma from serious uploading overdose. Fair enough reason to do them tomorrow really. Wink

Final Agony
Posted - 2010.06.20 06:57:00 - [42]

Edited by: Ikoras on 20/06/2010 07:02:57
Originally by: Thresh Avery
I believe CCP Charlie is in a coma from serious uploading overdose. Fair enough reason to do them tomorrow really. Wink

In curial last minute setups this is seriously unacceptable. This isn't the qualifying rounds, this is the finals. And given the response time on vids loaded for no-name matches vs who ever vs the ones that matter are crucial. So ya, it can't and shouldn't wait until tomorrow...

Edit: forgive me for my typing abilities, I am somewhat living in the drunkenness of Iceland atm :)

Cotin Zhu
Posted - 2010.06.21 14:44:00 - [43]

We are waiting in awe :)

Leon Gaff
Posted - 2010.06.21 15:57:00 - [44]

Actually, we are waiting rather impatiently!!!
Twisted Evil

Posted - 2010.06.22 05:13:00 - [45]

For the love of anything holy CCP get cracking. Not everyone could watch the finals and there's no sensible reason why you can put out the qualifying videos in hours but for some strange reason the finale of this much hyped event can't be viewed yet! Just put up the videos!

Miniature Giant Space Hamsters
Posted - 2010.06.22 05:41:00 - [46]

For some of us the live feed stuttered very badly, especially as the tournament progressed, making it impossible to watch. I'm looking forward to the youtube vids, 'tho my gamer attention span is beginning to forget what I was waiting for already..... ;)

Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2010.06.22 08:53:00 - [47]

There IS a big difference between the qualifiers and the finals.
Originally by: CCP Charlie
Ok I'll do my quick explanation as is custom each tournament :).

During the qualifying weekends we have a fraction of the work load compared to the final weekend. We can record each match individually and then while the next match starts up have someone working on the edit and compression so we can get the matches up on youtube really quickly. We perfected that process mostly because in the past few tournaments those weekends were radio only so getting you the video as quickly as possible was very important.

On the final studio weekends we are all incredibly busy bringing you the live show. Instead of breaks in between matches we're bringing you studio content to enjoy. The small army of machines we have are all busy making that happen and all the team is working flat out on the show. So currently doing all the back end work involved with getting matches on youtube can't be done by us at the same time.

Getting all these matches on youtube is no trivial task and with the studio segments the final weekend comprises of 70+ videos to upload, or around 13 hours of HD content. We'll strive to have this content available for you as soon as possible this week.

In the meantime please tune in and enjoy the live show Smile.

Tiberion Cain
Posted - 2010.06.28 19:37:00 - [48]

Edited by: Tiberion Cain on 28/06/2010 19:39:01
When will day 5 and 6 videos be posted to the AT8 schedule? It seems as though they are up on youtube.

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