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Jake Archer
Posted - 2010.06.04 22:22:00 - [1]


im new to eve. i have played now 2 Days but i have the ability to read. Flying alone isnt fun so im searching for a Corp.

What can i offer you?

- Full Account
- Caldari
- Activity and big interrests in the Game.
- self-supporter ( You will never see me asking for ISK, because i make now some Million ISK a day my own.)
- Clear Goals: Im doin Missions and Ratting to support me with ISK. Later i will aim for PvP and 0.0. From what i read this is the Place where the real Action is going on :P
- I can use TS or Ventrilo
- I have not the best English but i think this will be fine enough for Fleet OPs now, and hopefully it will be better with time.
- Im 24 Years old and im Working. So you will see me online during the week mostly betwen 18:00-23:00 Eve time, because im from the German timezone.

What do you need? (I have some Points, because i dont want to become an Corp Hopper)

- Min 30 Members without Alts.
- You are at 0.0 with an Outpost in High Sec. Or you want to go there later.
- You have some good Experience in the Game. (I want to learn something)

Thats all for now :P I hope i get some Response from some newby friendly Corps out there.
You can contact me Ingame ;) Jake Archer is my Char.

See you

Jake Archer
Posted - 2010.06.05 09:24:00 - [2]

habe gefunden.

Rico Minali
Sons Of 0din
Fatal Ascension
Posted - 2010.06.05 09:34:00 - [3]

Ok, this would be a new thing for us...

Sons Of 0din are a 0.0 pvp corporation, we normally have a 5 million sp minimum. However, if you are serious about your goals and dedicated to the game, here is the deal:

You join 0din, mission and build your sp while learning to control your ships. Aim train yourself to a BC as soon as you can, with a full T2 fit, sniper range weaponry. As soon as you feel confident to do so, move on out to our 0.0 home.

If you can agree to those points, we will help you all the way and get you out to 0.0 quickly to join in the pvp.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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