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Posted - 2011.05.06 23:12:00 - [91]

Originally by: Hirana Yoshida
You still need to run there and chase them out. Do you think that they will run on their own just because someone knows where they are? Shocked

Consider how it will work. Letís say I have 6 minutes left on a plex I am running. Then I see in a system one jump away an enemy plexer starts a 15 minute plex. I wait out my plex and then jump over one system. If he is a rabbit he will run and I will win his plex. He just wasted 6 minutes. All of my time so far has been toward doing plexes.

Lets say I see that about 15 minutes later he opens another plex. If he opens it 2 or three jumps away I may finish the plex Iím running and kick him out again.

Now if he opened it 15 jumps away I will not go chasing after him. If no one in my militia near him is willing to go fight for the plex, we will lose the plex.

But I think the chances are pretty good that there may be someone from my militia who can finish up what they are doing (maybe a plex) and within say 1-3 jumps chase the rabbit out of *that* plex too. See the rabbit will then have wasted allot of time whereas we will be spending our time optimally to win plexes.

Really with only about 8 active plexers you can have the entire fw front covered. Rabbits would not be able to plex without having an opposing militia being able to get to them in 3 or fewer jumps. This is why rabbits would not work in this system.

As far as pve versus pvp fits yes I agree that you need to fit your ship for what you are doing. Popular fits include: 1)sniper fits 2) kiter fits 3) pure in close gank and tank fits etc. each fit has its own strategy.

One unpopular fit is: the fit that is intended to have a pvp fight while you are getting pounded by unknown amounts of rat dps and ewar. It just isnít catching on no matter how often ccp tries to tell us pvp and pve would be a fun mix. Itís not a fun mix. In fact I would even go so far as to say, it sucks.

It may be fun ďsome dayĒ but for right now very very very few players have any interest in that fit or strategy. So for right now I think they should accept that reality and make game mechanics based on the reality of what players like.
Later after they make the game fun for how the current players like to play the game they can then start trying to make pve and pvp mix together in some alternative mechanic. But the misguided view, that pve and pvp mix well, has plagued fw plexing for long enough. It has resulted in the majority of people fitting for pve and running from pvp.

Posted - 2011.07.20 23:20:00 - [92]

Originally by: Arkady Sadik
The absolutely best fights you can have are the ones where you survive with a fraction of structure. That's the ones where you have sweaty hands, heart racing, adrenaline all over.

And exactly those are the fights that are made impossible by the presence of the NPCs. Even if the damage is only minuscle (and it isn't unless you are really moving a lot, which you won't be when webbed, etc.), it's what breaks the fight. No NPCs, please.

(Though it's already now annoying how many people plex, both offensively and defensively, primarily with rokies alts... Might want a minimum ship restriction for plexes, too :-))

Thanks for the comments. I don't think we need a restriction on the numbers of ships. It would be great to have 30 v 30 frigate fight in a minor. If it does become an issue they can restrict it.

Sun Zue
Short Bus Pole Dancers
Posted - 2011.08.11 17:41:00 - [93]

Bump, because FW needs some love after being forgotten about.

Ciar Meara
Virtus Vindice

Posted - 2011.08.31 13:49:00 - [94]

Anything that advances thought on better FW is good.

Posted - 2011.09.05 15:11:00 - [95]

Thanks for the support. I anticipate that CCP will start working on FW after the new year. Hopefully they will do this and give solo and small gang pvp a long overdue boost.

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