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The Methatron
Posted - 2010.06.03 13:54:00 - [1]

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Hey guys,
ive been looking for a decent pvp corp for a long time, so now im gona try it again on the eve forums after half a year.

what i dont want:
Arrowboring gate camps
Arrowpirate corps which only pick fights where the odds are in their favor
Arrowan alliance to care about, i dont want to defend 0.0 space
Arrowbig gangs
Arrowa focus on highsec wardecs
Arrowmining or plexing
Arrowliving in 0.0, i hate the logistics

what im looking for:
Arrowsmall to med-scale fleets
Arrowexperienced pvp players
Arrowmostly lowsec and/or wormhole pvp
Arrowan environment where everyone in the corp is hungry for pvp and has nothing else in mind
Arrowppl who dont care to loose ships
Arrowdecent ship setups, like a t3 gang once in a while etc
Arrowan active player base where you have the option to go roaming/do stuff almost always you logg on
Arrownot bound to a region/system, moving through lowsec
Arrowno blues
ArrowEuro timezone
Arrowmaybe factional warfare

what i can offer:
Arrowover 19mil skillpoints, all of them pvp skills
Arrowfully t2 fitted amarr bs
Arrowgallente HAC and t3 almost maxed out
Arrowamarr and gallente BC almost maxed out
Arrowcompletely self sufficient
Arrowt2 heavy drones
Arrowactive and funny
Arrowlots of experience in wormhole pvp
Arrowim a fast learner
Arrowi believe my ship fittings are one of the best

if you are interested, feel free to contact me ingame anytime or just post in this topic

The Methatron
Posted - 2010.06.04 14:00:00 - [2]

im still looking for a corp :)

Posted - 2010.06.04 21:39:00 - [3]

AnTi. is a PvP corp part of the Atrocitas alliance (just us and our sister EU corp)that is involved in 0.0 raiding and lowsec griefing/racketeering. We excel in small gang warfare and want to keep it that way.

What we have to offer you:

Competent FCs with lots of experience
Lots of PVP experience from the leadership and member base
Near Build cost on most t1 ships and many t2 ships.
Good fun atmosphere of friends.

What AnTi. does:
Pvp. Really, thats pretty much it. We do all types of gangs, from RR BS, to black ops, to triage carrier ops, inty gangs, nano-hacs with logistics. We have FCs who know how to do all of these and do them well, although the gangs we run most often are inty/sb gangs into 0.0, BC/cruiser roams in lowsec or RR BS gangs.
We do it in lowsec and 0.0, and highsec if we can get in and have a wardec and the sec. We will all end up all -10, and if you are scared to do that, go away, or ask first why it makes your pen15 larger.

Things AnTi. will never do:
1) Own 0.0 space
2) large Fleet battles with lots of lag and waiting 10 hours
3) Mandatory Pos shooting, although we may do it to either ransom a pos or force a fight, we really hate it all as much as you and will try and avoid it at all costs.
4) Join a 0.0 owning alliance, at best, we will rent some 0.0 for yall to rat in when we get our lowsec base set up.

What we expect from you:

10 mil sp (exceptions made for a few less but extensive pvp experience)
Vent/TS access, right now we have vent. Mic not a must, but ability to listen to it is a must.
Patience- we are trying to establish our corp. This means that there wont be people on all the time to go pirate with.
No smacktalk.
Good attitude.
Ability to fly these 3 ships competently: An inty or SB, BC, and t2 RR BS.

We are several good friends from RL and ingame and want people be part of our group. There is a 2 week trial period, you must be active in the corp and then we will vote to fully accept you into the corp or not. We do this for a few reasons, first, it allows us to see if you are a competent pilot. Secondly, it allows us to see if you will fit in with the group.


This is my ingame name.
Convo me or message me in game or join the channel: AnTi. Reloaded

Ignatius Wolfman
Posted - 2010.06.05 19:47:00 - [4]

Edited by: Ignatius Wolfman on 05/06/2010 19:47:17
derp derp derp


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