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Author Topic

Posted - 2010.07.14 09:55:00 - [2281]

I'm only two weeks old and even I can see that CCP need to re-evaluate their priorities. Confused

The Higher Standard

Posted - 2010.07.14 10:25:00 - [2282]

Sadly the heads of CCP seem to have lost touch with what they created and what both us older timers and the newer players loved about Eve for the love of god and for the health of Eve I hope the heads pay some notice to the discontent that the CSM minutes have stirred.. it is not too late for Eve yet and it is not too late for us to start working together to make Eve what it should be.

Lady Laserlance
Posted - 2010.07.14 11:00:00 - [2283]

Crying or Very sad

Mistress Angelica
Ministry of War
Posted - 2010.07.14 11:02:00 - [2284]

Edited by: Mistress Angelica on 14/07/2010 11:01:58
what makes me sad is the fact ccp just dont care about what we the players think.
this seams to be a drastic shift from the company i started paying back in 07.

fix eve please ccp

Kareena Evol
Bat Country
Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2010.07.14 11:04:00 - [2285]

Friendlies showing up in local and overview as neutral bug happening again. Next patch should be wholly dedicated to a GUI overhaul and fixing bugs.

PI is lovely to look at and the interface is nice, but it takes too many clicks to do things. CCP you need to get GUI designers and Beta testers who understand that people don't like doing boring monotonous stuff in a game that they pay for.

Ars ex Discordia
Test Alliance Please Ignore
Posted - 2010.07.14 11:04:00 - [2286]

Clear and concise.

I can appreciate that in a thread, but even more so in an idea.

Jev North
Ghost Festival
Posted - 2010.07.14 11:13:00 - [2287]

Make good on promises.

Rawls Canardly
Special Forces Operation Detachment Delta
The 0rphanage
Posted - 2010.07.14 11:50:00 - [2288]

Agreed. Among the items I can think of offhand which are presently broken or incomplete:
Drone control(incomplete and buggy)
Gallente Drone-boat progression(Myrmidon matches the dps of the Vexor, should have at least a slight boost similar to the Drake's role... more bandwidth please)
Defender Missiles (broken, useless as is. Perhaps if it were to target more intelligently? [if missile x has been assigned d-missile, reroute to missile y])
Rockets (broken, lacks the speed to catch frigates at point blank range. perhaps doubling the speed and cutting the flight time in half would fix this.)
Faction Warfare(I don't know where to begin with this mess)
Active tanking (semi-broken, on most smaller caldari craft - including those where CCP reccomends it - a passive tank is superior; while in gallente craft, the Armor Repairer bonus is almost completely ignored outside of PVE.)
Gallente Hyperion (semi-broken, powergrid issues, often the second bonus is ignored due to said fitting issues)
LP pricing on ships and weapons. (broken- by the time I can use it, I've outgrown it - 80,000LP is insane for a T1 frigate. same with the weaponry.)
Blasters (semi-broken: inadequate against anything not sitting still, thanks to the awful tracking and pathetic range. Buffing the falloff may help.)
Assault Frigates (broken, what purpose does this fill that a cruiser can't do better for a fraction of the cost?)
Aggro-Lag (Seriously, what the heck is up with this? had a corp-mate lose his boat because corp aggro was delayed on a neutral repper for over 2 minutes. After he had died the repper finally turned red.)
Destroyers (broken, signature radius of a cruiser, slower than a cruiser and tanks like a frigate... what purpose does this serve?)
Interdictors (semi-broken, could use the resists T2 craft are known for)
Ewar Drones (semi-broken, perhaps a T2 version of each type, or allowing signature skills to apply would help)
That's all I can think of at the moment.

Dodgy Past
Digital Fury Corporation
Posted - 2010.07.14 12:08:00 - [2289]

Unfortunately as seen in the CSM summit minutes at the highest levels CCP think quantity of development time means excellence.

I can't quite get my head around the double think that allows them to state that won't polish anything that they acknowledge desperately needs polish for more than 18 months yet turn around and state they are achieving excellence.

Erick Odin
Posted - 2010.07.14 13:00:00 - [2290]

I am glad Eve Online development isn't controlled by the mob. I don't like the mob.


Posted - 2010.07.14 13:00:00 - [2291]

Has my complete support.

Back to basics please CCP.

You really are doing it wrong.

Urah Dedman

Posted - 2010.07.14 13:08:00 - [2292]


Empire Assault Corp
Dead Terrorists
Posted - 2010.07.14 13:09:00 - [2293]

Not that CCP give a **** what this thread says, but supported.

Entropy associates

Posted - 2010.07.14 13:25:00 - [2294]

Supported all the way.

Neu Bastian
Rote Kapelle
Posted - 2010.07.14 13:44:00 - [2295]


Posted - 2010.07.14 14:13:00 - [2296]

bout time this is adressed. YARRRR!!

Auri Hella
Downwind Trading Guild

Posted - 2010.07.14 14:20:00 - [2297]

I support this proposal.

Ever Flow
Northern Coalition.
Posted - 2010.07.14 14:21:00 - [2298]

Better Late than never. Here's to hoping this thread gets noticed by people in positions to make a difference in the game that fits my lifestyle like a glove.

Helicity Boson
The Python Cartel.
The Defenders of Pen Island
Posted - 2010.07.14 14:30:00 - [2299]

I don't think any of the execs can even find this forum, let alone read it...

And don't think anyone else in the structure is going to show this to them either. Sad

Orion Sebestes
Posted - 2010.07.14 14:30:00 - [2300]

Edited by: Orion Sebestes on 14/07/2010 14:30:40
I doubt that stretching the development cycle will have the intended effect of allowing more time to fix bugs and flesh out existing features. The issue is as you discussed "must haves" and "could haves", bug fixes and extension of existing features will more like than not fall into the "could haves" 90% of the time.

What would be better is to have two teams running on different schedules with different priorities. Have a "patch team" work strictly on extending and fixing existing features with a one month development cycle. And then an "expansion team" on the current six month cycle working on building new features. This would allow for the different teams to have distinct priorities and should lead to more regular bug fixes.

Ibn Taymiyyah
League of Gentlemen
Intrepid Crossing
Posted - 2010.07.14 15:15:00 - [2301]

I wish us all luck in having any of CCPs management reading these 77 pages (so far!)!!!

I support the OP!

Jaketh Shae
Reroute To Remain
Posted - 2010.07.14 16:21:00 - [2302]

Excellent post

Rage Spear
Republic Military School
Posted - 2010.07.14 16:25:00 - [2303]

Already +1ed long ago but thought I would revisit this after the recent CSM minutes debacle.

How long can they ignore this threadnought?

Otin Bison
Bison Industrial Inc

Posted - 2010.07.14 16:35:00 - [2304]

Massive support.

Side note, after reading all the CSM minutes, it seems like CCP most used response to issues was, "huh, yeah but were not gonna look at that for another year" and for bugs, "really, fill out a bug report"

Really?!?!? Come on guys, we expect better.

OK, all that said, I am keeping my fingers crossed for a CCP change of heart. They will realize soon that we wouldn't be complaining if we didn't love this game.

Xodd Hil
Trucido Veritas

Posted - 2010.07.14 17:33:00 - [2305]

Supported. Not that CCP actually gives a damn what their customers really need.

Posted - 2010.07.14 18:13:00 - [2306]

I like the 6 months fix things, 12 months expansion. With a full team on fixing things not the guy down in the basement with an abacus and a note pad. Just to say they have people assigned to quality control.

Harlon Mathuin
The Bastards
The Bastards.
Posted - 2010.07.14 18:38:00 - [2307]

Ironfleet Towing And Salvage
Posted - 2010.07.14 19:09:00 - [2308]

18 months before any serious resources can be devoted to fixing broken and neglected content?

It's amazing CCP can even say the word "Excellence" with a straight face.

Like the man in the movie says: "I don't think that word means, what you think it means."

Alexis Du'Volle
Posted - 2010.07.14 19:15:00 - [2309]

Edited by: Alexis Du''Volle on 14/07/2010 19:15:09
+1. specially considering the recent CSM Dramaz

Yazus Kor
Kotharat Logistics
Posted - 2010.07.14 19:17:00 - [2310]

Supported. \o/

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