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Captain's Courageous
Posted - 2010.05.27 03:39:00 - [1]

I reinstalled EVE Tyranis and still the Jukebox cuts off every track before it is finished playing. It seems to me like the music to the game would be an integral part of the EVE experience. I pay a monthly fee for this game, why after four months has faulty soundtrack been allowed to go unaddressed?

Is CCP even aware of this bug?

CCP Cascade

Posted - 2010.05.27 13:31:00 - [2]

Hi Captain's Courageous,

We are aware of this issue and working on resolving it. At this point in time I do not have any time estimate for a resolution to the defect.

Captain's Courageous
Posted - 2010.05.27 13:43:00 - [3]

Thank you for your quick response. Smile

CCP Cascade

Posted - 2010.05.27 13:45:00 - [4]

My pleasure.

IT Alliance
Posted - 2010.05.30 03:28:00 - [5]

Additionally, loading your own music causes my eve to crash every time.

Posted - 2010.06.07 18:25:00 - [6]

I don't know if this will help the Dev's but the jukebox cuts the the music off at seemingly random intervals. I can be listening to one song for 10 seconds to 30 minutes. I know there aren't 30 minute songs but it either loops the song or the timer just keeps going. I'm probably just imaging it but the music also changes prematurely when there is a game inerface change(i.e game annoucements, skill completions, tutorial completions, etc.). I am able to load my own music but it still suffers the same issues. I hope this helps. If not, sorry for the waste of time.

Posted - 2010.06.12 02:05:00 - [7]

I'm also experiencing the exact same symptoms: the jukebox cuts off every song in the Eve soundtrack before it is done playing and loading my own music causes Eve to crash within a few minutes.

I'm running Mac OS X 10.6.

Posted - 2010.08.14 18:35:00 - [8]

I'm facing the same issue too. It would be really great guys if you could fix this one soon... it's really an annoying bug.

Mac OS version: 10.5.8

Agent Reko
Posted - 2010.09.05 11:08:00 - [9]


I've just returned to EVE and have exactly the same issue on Mac OS 10.6.4. The jukebox music will always abruptly cut mid-way during a song. I've yet to hear a full song from start to finish so turned the music off.

Feels empty without the atmospheric music (even after 6 years), You wouldn't watch star wars or LOTR without it so definitely more important than fixing war lag imo, but then i'm an introvert avoiding all space contact where possible Very Happy



Posted - 2010.12.04 22:02:00 - [10]

I was hoping this bug would get fixed in "Incursion"... unfortunately it didn't. :(

Does CCP have this one on its radar? I believe it is a big thing for all Mac users.

Revenent Defence Corperation
Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive
Posted - 2010.12.06 04:59:00 - [11]

Agreed, this is super annoying, but it's frustrating that such a glitch has remained for so long without a fix.

CCP Aporia

Posted - 2010.12.06 11:46:00 - [12]

Just to let you people know, this is on our radar and we are working on a solution which will hopefully make it into the client Soon(TM). The problem lies within the plug-in we are using to playback MP3 within our sound engine as it utilizes an old and no longer supported MP3 decoder, so we are replacing it with a more robust version.

SmallGang Bandit
Posted - 2010.12.10 19:14:00 - [13]

There's sound in EVE on the Mac????

OMFG - after almost 3 years of playing I can't believe you. There is NOT sound on the Mac... is there?

Emb3r Genus
Posted - 2010.12.15 20:32:00 - [14]

Any chance this new codec will support AAC?

Deuce Syundai
Posted - 2011.01.18 23:26:00 - [15]

Well, Incursion 1.1.0 has come around already and the Jukebox is still broken. At the very least, it would be nice to see this bug acknowledged on the Known Issues page until Soon™ comes.

Crazy baseless rumor: Maybe they'll use VCL player as a platform!?!!!?1?lol

Zero Bit
Posted - 2011.03.07 19:20:00 - [16]

Add me please to the list of annoyed Mac users. Running a memory and cpu hog as iTunes is one is not an option. Neutral

Can't you just write a new plug-in using Apple's AudioToolbox? Or OpenAL? The AudioToolbox is a straight forward and easy to use framework...

Chris Sphinx
Posted - 2011.03.24 15:43:00 - [17]

For those of you needing a workaround for the jukebox bug, this is the method I use.

The .mp3 music files are located in Eve Online (right-click and show package contents) /Contents/Resources/transgaming/c_drive/Program Files/CCP/EVE/res/audio/Jukebox. I simply copied these files to my iTunes folder and loaded them into iTunes, creating a playlist for them ("Eve Soundtrack"). The files will be unnamed but I just screenshotted the in-game music list to figure out the titles of the tracks and renamed them by hand (if you really care about having the track titles). The first file (ambient002) will be "Miner Stories" and the last file (ambient071) will be "Close to a Holy Place". It's easy to check tracks by the length which should be the same when loaded into iTunes or at the most a second off.

Now starting up iTunes and playing the playlist by hand is kind of annoying, so open up your Applescript Editor and type this in:
tell application "iTunes"
set sound volume to 70
play user playlist "Eve Soundtrack"
end tell

tell application "Finder"
launch application "EVE Online"
end tell

This will start up iTunes (if it's not already), play the playlist you made with all of the Eve tracks and start Eve Online. You should have the playlist set to shuffle and repeat all. This will play the songs at random and will loop back once it's played all of the 69 tracks (the default in-game Jukebox behavior). I find that 70 is a good volume in contrast to the Eve interface sounds, but you can set this to whatever you'd like.

Now just save as... and in the dialog box choose "application" and save it wherever you like. I named it "Eve Launcher" and copied the icon as well so it looks just like the Eve application in my dock.

This might not be ideal, but until CCP fixes the jukebox for Mac users, it's a handy workaround.

Nickolai Mantis
Posted - 2011.04.12 01:27:00 - [18]

@Chris Sphinx

I do similar things, but with VLC. The problem is, how long have we been putting up with this? I have been on and off again from Eve for over a year, and it has always been a problem. For you more long time players, how long has this been an issue?

I love the music!!!! It is soooooo fitting for the game. It takes you into the game....but NOT on the Mac client...

BTW...this is my first post. Hopefully many more to come :-)

Sevarus James
Meridian Dynamics
Posted - 2011.04.12 11:17:00 - [19]

This was fixed in wine over a coupla' months back. Still an issue on mac? Well now you know how we 'nix-ers felt about Transgaming.

Captain's Courageous
Posted - 2011.04.13 22:28:00 - [20]

Originally by: CCP Aporia
Just to let you people know, this is on our radar and we are working on a solution which will hopefully make it into the client Soon(TM). The problem lies within the plug-in we are using to playback MP3 within our sound engine as it utilizes an old and no longer supported MP3 decoder, so we are replacing it with a more robust version.

Well... here we are almost a year later. I had thought that the basic functionality of a game, like the soundtrack, would be a priority. Apparently I was wrong. But then again, I'm not a competent video game programer.

Captain's Courageous
Posted - 2011.04.22 22:54:00 - [21]

Edited by: Captain''s Courageous on 24/04/2011 21:04:37
Edit: Original message deleted.

Forget it. For those of you reading this, and are ****ed about paying for a game that doesn't meet with CCP's quality assurance, vote with your wallet. Stop paying for it.


George Wilkes Hill
Posted - 2011.05.12 02:14:00 - [22]

This is an annoying bug fix it already, clicked on this thread thinking it was posted today but coming up on almost a year with no fix. There are even dev responses in this thread from over a year ago saying a fix is underway. What's taking so long? The mac client has many issues that have been around for a long time that have yet to be fixed, unstable clients, red station ruins, and the jukebox bug to name a few. Let's get on with it then CCP

Revenent Defence Corperation
Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive
Posted - 2011.05.13 23:00:00 - [23]

Same here George. I'm dissatisfied to say the least.

Posted - 2011.05.22 07:36:00 - [24]

Fix the jukebox already - or I'll have you swabbing decks all night !! YARRRR!!

Tiny Montgomery
Posted - 2011.05.28 11:13:00 - [25]

Please fix the juke box bug CCP! Please! Pretty please!

Really annoying and its gone on long enough.

Posted - 2011.05.30 06:13:00 - [26]

I have this issue.

Dust Horizon
Posted - 2011.06.02 00:49:00 - [27]

I never post on forums but I want to say I have the same problem also. I didn't know it was going for over a year though. The game is great, but it would be nice to have a song play all the way through.

Rytell Tybat
Posted - 2011.06.13 17:12:00 - [28]

Any chance of this getting fixed for Incarna? Hello CCP? Anyone there?

This thread was started over a year ago! Adding immersion with walking in stations is nice, but just fixing this bug would help quite a bit as well.

Serpents smile
Posted - 2011.06.15 14:36:00 - [29]

Safe your breath.

No one (seems) to care anymore. The original dev responsible for the Mac client is no longer here and his replacement doesn't know how to communicate nor has the passion like his/her predecessor did.

Just download the sound files from eve-files and play them through iTunes.
Or put your fingers in your ears like CCP seems to do and sing out load LALALALA!

CCP Atropos

Posted - 2011.06.16 00:18:00 - [30]

Originally by: Serpents smile

I'll throw this to the Mac mailing list tomorrow, and see what sticks.

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