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Maxwell Muhilo
Posted - 2010.05.27 17:57:00 - [241]

Originally by: Kai Veritas
Eve is not just complex, it is increadably frustrating. Complex I can live with as I cannot do everything at once. New skills allow expanded actions within the game.

Tyrannis is a case in point. Many links to blogs and such like. No link I have been able to find on what skills will be needed to interact with planets, that different types of worlds need different types of bases, how bases will be installed, how scanning is accomplished and what equipment is needed, etc.

I have been able to piece together at least some of the skills by going through the skills for sale and trying to find what is new that might apply. This is slow, probably incomplete and totaly unnecessary.

What is even more frustrating is suspecting there may already Be directions but they are hidden away. It should be obvious new content requires at least simple instructions. In this case players need to prepare for the rest of the release.

Oh, and give us the date & time in GMT somewhere and add to your hints. Complex is fine; frustration is not.

if you havent been able to find a list of the new skills you aren't looking hard enough, i kept coming across them on accident, and i think they were even listed in the patch notes, if you would bother to actually read...

i've liked everything i've seen so far...except for the suns, i thought it was my graphics card sucking, but apparently its not just that.

and one small request, can you include a "calender settings" button, i would like to make my week start on sunday instead of monday

Android Destructoid
Posted - 2010.05.27 18:26:00 - [242]

why cant I create my own folders for the contacts? I used to be able to do that. If it is a move that is meant to force players into evegate thing then it is a bad move.

Amun Khonsu
Royal Order of Security Specialists
Posted - 2010.05.27 18:37:00 - [243]

Edited by: Amun Khonsu on 27/05/2010 18:37:45

Originally by: Capt Wulfrunian
worst expansion ever in my opinion

signed o/ lol

i mean what expansion a new start up screen 2 skill books that have no use yet great job CCP yawn iam bored lol

Your signature isnt worth much if you didnt even look so far as to see the number of skill books added :lol:

There are more than 2.

Have you even read the patch notes and seen all of the fixes and changes?

This expansion is a baby step towards much greater goals for EVE and EVE players. Some of you folks need to stop station camping and explore the game more.

David Grogan
The Motley Crew Reborn
Warped Aggression
Posted - 2010.05.27 18:53:00 - [244]

Edited by: David Grogan on 27/05/2010 18:53:23
Originally by: Amun Khonsu
Edited by: Amun Khonsu on 27/05/2010 18:37:45

Originally by: Capt Wulfrunian
worst expansion ever in my opinion

signed o/ lol

i mean what expansion a new start up screen 2 skill books that have no use yet great job CCP yawn iam bored lol

Your signature isnt worth much if you didnt even look so far as to see the number of skill books added :lol:

There are more than 2.

Have you even read the patch notes and seen all of the fixes and changes?

This expansion is a baby step towards much greater goals for EVE and EVE players. Some of you folks need to stop station camping and explore the game more.

as i see it we got
5 skill books (planet related)
Pos Bpo's
Pos Mod Bpo's
Pos Construction Compontents Bpo's
A new Scorpion model
A useless insurence system that means now t1 ships as well as t2 ships arent worth insuring either.
A social networking site that is set open to all by default (potential security risk).
A broken contact system (old one was fine).

Arkady Sadik
Electus Matari
Posted - 2010.05.27 19:10:00 - [245]

Thank you for the expansion! Some comments and wishlist items:

  1. More than 300 entries in the personal contacts list, please. People with high sec wars really need this, as we have no "fixed assets" usually that we can assault, we need to find targets - having them in the watch list is important.

  2. The EVE Gate contacts lists should also show the alliance of the pilots, not just the corp.

  3. The EVE Gate chatter should also include an "Alliance Chatter" option in addition to "contacts" and "corporation." Also, there should be an "all chatter" option, which combines contacts, corp and alliance.

  4. When a comment is added to a chatter entry, that entry should show at the top of the list, or there should at least be a notification that there is a new comment. Currently, you have to browse all chatter by hand to see if there is something new.

  5. It would be nice if I could browse a list of people whose chatter I could read if I added them to my contacts list.

  6. When viewing character profiles, it would be nice to see and edit th "notes" tab you have in-game.

  7. In the character sheet, it would be nice if the "Clone Grade" would display the max SP it can hold.

  8. The EVE Gate calendar should allow accepting, declining, etc. of events. Currently, this seems only possible via the game client.

  9. In the EVE Gate calendar, "See all upcoming events" doesn't list events a few days in the future (2 months in this case); it should list all future events.

  10. When entering a "new event" while viewing a month that is not the current one, you are redirected back to the current month on event creation. It should either keep the month you were viewing, or show the month of the event you created.

Nikolae Varius
Mongrel Squad
Posted - 2010.05.27 19:37:00 - [246]

Upon the implementation of the Tyrannis patch myself and numerous capsulers have become acutely alarmed over the new desigination of lvl 5 missions. Under dominion and before, lvl 5's were a staple for thousands of capsulers for their intrensic and monetary reward. Under the revised conditions presented by the agents and perilous nature of the systems lvl 5 missions are essentially unattainable by the ordinary capsuler. I admently believe the concept of expansions was to enrich and empower the capsuler ,not to relegate his fortune to the ruthlessness and despotism of low sec alliances. Due to the contraints of the tyrannis patch, the feasibility of doing lvl 5 missions in suitable and reasonable environment is no longer available. The consequences of condoning this system will resonate quickly to undermine the balance and richness of eve. Allowing the mechanic responsible for this calamity deprive scores of pilot's the satisfaction of participating in a experience that thousands of players aspire to retain. As an avid missioner and humble patron of eve i implore the powers at be to repeal this repressive system and allow the pilot to appreciate one of the most endearing aspects of this game.


nikolae 06'

SAVE LVL 5's from CCP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted - 2010.05.27 19:50:00 - [247]

Edited by: Crewsock on 27/05/2010 19:55:36
Thank you CCP for the updated Scorpion class ship model. I hope to see many more Ship model updates and a UI revamp in the near future. As for the other changes that do not directly affect my game play/interests, I am happy that they have not added any additional lag that I have noticed. Overall server experiences are good. Please keep improving our current content, and again, big thanks from me.

P.S. I think it's wonderful that you unlocked the API immediately after the update instead of placing the usual 24 hour lock on API access.

Lyra Blazing
Posted - 2010.05.27 19:52:00 - [248]

There was an expansion ?

I only see nerfs.

Governor Arnie
Posted - 2010.05.27 20:08:00 - [249]

What's with the 1000 player limit in jita, and is it going to get lifted? Does this mean CCP is actually adding another server or more bandwidth to the Jita servers?

Tomac Hawloid
Posted - 2010.05.27 20:14:00 - [250]

Edited by: Tomac Hawloid on 27/05/2010 20:15:54
planetary interaction is great.
Scorpion is sexxxyyyy...
Lvl 4's minus enemies abound have all been paying me crap. (loot is horrific if this was to stop mineral problems perhaps just lower reprocessing efficiency and have it only be a last ditch solution to making isk off an item.... but have the original build cost and price of the item stay the same (though obviously reducing the efficiency of reprocessing modules to 50% would raise prices on items.... there for the mods would sell better for us mission runners and miners will again serve as a majority source of minerals) but i after doing a few lvl 4's and only making 10 mil average?????!?!?!? i would have to say this is very sad.... would be better to blitz them and not loot them seemingly?.... but what do i know.. o and perhaps just move lvl 5's into high sec? would conteract the grumpy missioners? and surely most of the ones complaining about these changes would be more than happy with the lvl 5's... but as of now lvl fives our for mean old pirates :( )))))

this is mostly a ramble and a sad cry to add more whine to this thread.... because it needs alot more to see action :(.... o and insurance thing is cool with me, i never bought it before when i played and since i have returned i have purchased insurance on all my ships obviously..... but it made pvp meaningless if we flew t1 bs's or bc's / w/e. So to me this is good... no more noob suicide attacks from pirates... and our actions in eve have always had consequences... "if you can't afford to lose it don't fly it!!!" or feel sad emo rage is part of evve to me haha... separates it from other easy and forgiving mmo's.... i love that that is back so no complaints.....

just please please do something with missions... i'm dying to make some money, seeing as i use a mission alt to make money for my mains pvp escapades

Calineczka OdZapalek
Posted - 2010.05.27 20:15:00 - [251]

Its worst idea ever to force capsulers to do missions in low sec, pve fits can't stand a chance with pvp fits and new system promote low sec systems for every level agents! Please change it at last to random system from this constellation range or random system from next constellation range.

For me its 2nd whole day of not doing anything because all my missions spawn in low sec dunno about other planers but i'm seriously considering canceling subscription of my 4 accounts.

Roth Lord
Vice And Valour
Posted - 2010.05.27 20:17:00 - [252]

HATE! The insurance change. All people with insurance BEFORE Tyrannis should be compensated. Then all insurance bought AFTER Tyrannis should take the new effects.

Nikolae Varius
Mongrel Squad
Posted - 2010.05.27 20:20:00 - [253]

Caline, i share your concern's with the new mission mechanic's and personally hope for the their swift abolishment.

Posted - 2010.05.27 20:22:00 - [254]


They look much better, but seems a bit undercooked:

The warp in is too polar. You dont get a sense of the size like you do with planets, maybe it just needs to be bigger.

Also it may be it a bit too realistic in the sense that its just a white ball. Get the flares to edge in some nice colors. Get in some solar spots, a little bit of texture.

Posted - 2010.05.27 20:25:00 - [255]

Edited by: Marchocias on 27/05/2010 20:27:50
The planet scanning is a bit faint.

The different coloured bands representing the materials are barely visible on some planets. Is there any way to improve their visibility?

Edit: Ah! found how to.

Ruairi Maguidhir
Posted - 2010.05.27 20:30:00 - [256]

Originally by: AterraX
Originally by: kwix
So I know there is supposed to be the new spacebook/evegate thing...

So here's an issue for you CCP...

Why is it that I can't find a link or where to go to access Eve Gate. I've read the dev blog, looked on the home page, and been clicking around for 5 minutes and I can't even figure out where the darn portal to eve gate is?

Should you be adding it to the navigation or link on the main entry page?

I typed in in my redirected me to:

It ain't rocketscience Rolling Eyes

yeah it ain't rocket science but:

A: You got lucky
B: I agree with the OP completely, it was the same as my pet peeve, which is

where exactly in all the EVE literature and EVEolopedia etc. does it tell you what faction standings you need to set up POS?

I think the point of the OP was a LOT of KEY details do not exist at EVE Online and the URL for EVE Gate was just the latest

Posted - 2010.05.27 20:36:00 - [257]

Face book is lousy so you create a even worse version of it with no real use to eve,the conent is lousy you made the acorpion look different big deal maybe give it a nuet or vamp bounus since it is a scorpion so I can use it other then ew. Worst patch ever as far as content. Way to seed the market so evrey one has level 4 skills when the command centers come out. No upper hawnd or leverage there oh well there's always the next patch maybe some real pvp ships next time and not a round of pve ships like the faction ones you put in dominion

Posted - 2010.05.27 20:37:00 - [258]

noticed a couple new things:

undocking does not eject you at velocities over what your ship can manage on its own. for example, hitting the brakes right after undocking in an orca when you appear in space actually works, not 20 seconds later.

docking with shield damage will *NOT* auto repair them. if you undock immediately after, you still have damage. They still heal at the normal shield recovery rate. wonder if that applies to cap as well.

I say +10 to ccp on that call. That should make the 0 sec griefer camping NPC stations a much more interesting target, since the whole dock/undock game will go much differently now.

Deja Thoris
Rooks and Kings
Posted - 2010.05.27 20:50:00 - [259]

The new contacts system is terrible. It took a huge step backwards with how CCP default sorts it now.

The rest of the patch is pretty underwhelming too. It's a turd with glitter on it to make it look shiny. One new ship model (lol), PI not introduced fully and a POS bug that has cost players all over New Eden billions of ISK. On the bright side, at least I can still reboot my computer.

Maxwell Muhilo
Posted - 2010.05.27 20:57:00 - [260]

also calendar events need to be able to be longer than a day

Posted - 2010.05.27 21:21:00 - [261]

I have to say i absolutely loath the jita cap, i see no reason in it as jita wasn't lagging that bad for me and i spend alot of time there... All you've done now is made a great camping ground for suicide bombers.... What about the blockade runner pilots that ferry in expensive goods to jita, we're to be decloaked at the gate now, just to be told that jita is congested.... giving suicide bombers plenty of time to target and kill us.....Are you going to replace our losses? Because the whole insurance "nerf" sure as hell isn't going to keep people from suicide ganking... hell its already going on... i got cargo scanned in a damn shuttle! i'll sure as hell get scanned in a prowler... TAKE THE CAP OFF ... its just not needed and causes more problems then solves

Kaian Voskhod
Posted - 2010.05.27 21:49:00 - [262]

Dception with the mission loot nerf.

Instead of juicy large guns at 500 000 isks we now have ... scrap metal.

Blue Moon Ventures
Posted - 2010.05.27 22:01:00 - [263]

Well I was lucky enough to have no problems loading the update this time around, probably due to Windows 7 vs XP Home. The Scorpion looks great, cant wait for the future ship changes, my CNR doesnt look so great next to the Scorp anymore. So far so good CCP. Thanks

Posted - 2010.05.27 22:02:00 - [264]

New contacts lists:

3 things -

Can we get a Watchlist for corp and alliance contacts? Otherwise it defeats the object - to get online status of contacts, you have to add them all to your own list anyway.

Can we have our groups back? Or at least some way to sort into corps/alliances automatically (this would actually be preferable)?
As it is, the functionality is less useful than it used to be!

Can we get a way to filter pilots vs corps/alliances? Its not very convenient to have a list of pilots with corps scattered throughout, and vice versa.

Then we would have something approximating the system we were all expecting! Thanks!

The Executioners
Posted - 2010.05.27 22:08:00 - [265]

I would like to thank CCP for the work they have done on the game engine. 2 windowed clients now runs silky smooth on my ATI 46xx series card. Moved all the graphic settings up to high as well and still getting 60FPS on both clients.

There are countless posts about 'forget the new features, please just fix the existing bugs' , well they did it for me.

Like the insurance changes as well. Any one moaning about that is a big baby, if you can't take the pain of your losses then frak off any play super mario or the like.

Loot table chages are good as well, I for one have milked the T1 large size module drop reprocessing bonanza for many years, and by all accounts it was dominating mineral prices.

PI looks like a good feature, but its not what people were really interested in or wanted.

IDEA for the next content patch!! - CCP gives us a list of possible content additions


Selar Nox
Posted - 2010.05.27 22:09:00 - [266]

I also don't like the new sun effect. The pre-Tyrannis stars looked far more realistic and cool to me. I liked sitting in the 'plasma' like someone before described it. But now the suns look far more cold, cheap and boring. Confused

If you don't want to roll back the changes for the suns, a option to choose between both effects would be cool.

For the rest of Tyrannis I am quite happy with it :)

Posted - 2010.05.27 22:20:00 - [267]

Edited by: Kurogauna on 27/05/2010 22:21:49
- CCP forgot to add juicy tags in remplacement of loot nerf. We only have scrap metal.
- New insurance that need a couple of day to adjust.
- Sun is meh
- Now scorp is awesome but i dont fly it.
- PI, well, i really DON'T CARE.
- EVE facebook, i don't use facebook, the same with evegate. I don't care.

So the only thing i notice is the heavy loot nerf. But i forgive this if it works to revitalize mining.
And the insurance system that is not operational yet.

Posted - 2010.05.27 22:27:00 - [268]

Edited by: Marchocias on 27/05/2010 22:27:14
It is no longer possible to access Corporate Hangar Arrays and Mobile Laboratories while the structure or the control tower is anchored or onlining. Only when it is online.

But why?

That used to be really convenient. Once.

Cpt Dakka
Posted - 2010.05.27 22:41:00 - [269]

I eagerly await each new installment of eveonline to contribe to the expansive universe. I will be much more surreptitious when anticipating improvements in the future. I was immediately troubled to discover lvl 5 missions are no longer avaible in places where they use to be relatively abundant. This is a problem that aflicts me deeply and contracdicts the purpose of developing the game if it alienate the lifestyle's of a large constituent of players. I beseech the developers to reevaluate their aims in appropriateing missions to be more consciencious of lvl 5 missioners.


mr roids

el caido
School of Applied Knowledge
Posted - 2010.05.27 23:00:00 - [270]

It would be helpful if the Planetology and Adv Planetology skills actually described what they do.

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