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Ban Doga
Posted - 2010.05.29 08:37:00 - [331]

When starting an invention job from a corp hangar both the input and output selection defaults to the hangar where the BPC is located.
Before Tyrannis the client remembered the last selection of those.

That's not only an unneccessary change, that's a huge leap backwards.
Instead of reducing the number of mindless and annoying mouse clicks required for invention and manufacturing by preserving the range selection you go and force players into even more repetitive tasks. Evil or Very Mad

Massive PVPness
Posted - 2010.05.29 09:30:00 - [332]

Edited by: Ressiv on 29/05/2010 09:37:20
Missions nerfs and the like; that will have to show with time I guess, balance is never easy, and it's hard to predict any results in EVE.

WTF where you guys thinking tho when you erased the contact folders ? Maybe finish an upgrade before putting half the framework in place next time ?

Now everybody that forgot to make a manual backup of their contact list is in for a free one at the local red light district Evil or Very Mad
Not to mention the complete loss of intel on wartargets, known griefers, clients and other groupings you just might have made, as a flatfile view is kinda $@#*&^%%@** 1980!!!

Also, change the stupid privacy setting in EVE Gate to 'default secure'. If I want someone to see my contact list let me do the thinking and changing please!

This is my second patch, downtime and info where ok, it SUCKS tho that pages upon pages of 'please set EVE Gate to secure' have been ignored, as where the people that warned for the contact list issue.

At least give some decent feedback on it please Neutral

Posted - 2010.05.29 09:43:00 - [333]

Originally by: Di Mulle
Originally by: Xaryx
Edited by: Xaryx on 28/05/2010 11:08:16
Thanks for the income nerf for mission runners. Seems like a bludgeoning way of getting people mining again. Seeing as though a hulk pilot can mine more trit in a couple hours than I can from 4 weeks of mission running. Sure it would have been fine if there had of been even a vague effort in this or the last two expansions to give the mission runners some decent lvl 4 missions that are not just designed to destroy standing with a major faction. Even a token increase in bounties would have been nice. Apart from the loot nerf it seems that salvage drops have increased by a reasonable amount. Thats nice. The market for that stuff should tank nicely as well. All in all an expansion that took much much much more than it gave for the mission running fraternity, and gave so much more to those that already had the most. Hows that for your precious balance.

It is funny how you can understand that increased drop of salvage will tank prices down, but can't understand that tons of heavy loot were tanking mineral prices down in the same way...

i took a break from eve about 2 years ago and got back at the end of last year.kinda liked the new stuff/ships at that time and got back in playing not as much as before but meh.
ccps wants feedback about the expansion? well...the scorp looks great,eve performs better i'd say with running multiple accounts and there will be planetary interaction in june with 3 new indie skills available fact,this "expansion" is targeting only the industrialist part of eve but reduce the carebears income by the meta 0 drop nerf and by adding some more meta2-4 modules reduces their price.for instance the y-t8 module was about 9-10 mils,it's 700k atm.oh,but because there will be more in the loot it will be somewhat balanced?wrong.
so,no new ships,no new guns,no new fixed old bugs,no new fixed old ships,no new sites,missions and so on?hmmm,why are the prices for gtcs and plexes keep growing? ah,just because ccp doesn't have any competition atm and can afford to launch some ***ed up "expansion".i hope the majority of eve players will feel gratified with the hard work ccp has done this year.and for the poor ***ers who are going to make their 10mils/day in their nice(:P) looking planets way to go!
what else can i say? waiting for Jumpgate Evolution to be able to let go of eve:)

Republic University
Posted - 2010.05.29 09:47:00 - [334]

Originally by: Anonymous Lemming

No, We got:

His point was that the blog had excellent descriptions of Planetolgy and A. Planetology, whereas the descriptions in game... are not descriptions :\

Republic University
Posted - 2010.05.29 09:54:00 - [335]

Originally by: Geldar Wroontik
The planet interface is sexy. I had a blast just flying around scouting planets on....

Just a note that you don't have to be flying around to scout planets, many places have the 'View in planet mode' menu item. For example you can be sitting in a station, interacting with planets outside the current system (as long as the are in range of your Remote Sensing skill)

Republic University
Posted - 2010.05.29 10:01:00 - [336]

Originally by: Mitchell Anderson
i would like to know what the new blueprints are does anybody know?

Off the top of my head, the new blueprints are under the Starbase and Sovereignty blueprint category (BPOs for all things POS-related) and under Ship Equipment->Warp Disruption Fields (for anchorable bubbles) and..hmm... Nanite Repair paste under Ammunition.

Probably missing a few.

There are no BPOs for the non-final products during PI, those are built into the PI structures. (e.g., no BPO to make Oxygen)

Tex Bloodhunter
Posted - 2010.05.29 10:02:00 - [337]

I have to say I am little disappointed that rockets haven't been fixed with this expansion patch. IMO it's a very obvious and easy to fix mistake in the attributes. At this point a short clarification:

Guided missile explosion velocities (big, medium, small): 69, 81, 170
Unguided missile explision velocities (big, medium, small): 71, 101, 85 <= rockets

So in general, the smaller the missile the more exposion velocity, obviously. Except for rockets which have less explosion velocity than heavy assault missiles. Also, in general, unguided missiles have more explosion velocity than their guided counter parts. Except for rockets, once again. As a lot of threads on the forums state rocket explosion velocity probably should have been 185 - so the 1 is missing.

Just tried it out a few minutes ago. 4 T2 rocket launchers with faction ammo and 50% damage bonus (Kestrel, kinetic) deal about the same damage as ONE Hobgoblin II. Me being Caldari, I'd love to fly ships with rocket launchers in pvp but the glitch in the rocket attributes currently renders all missile boats completely useless. Would be great if you could squeeze a hotfix into the new expansion, like you did with the starbase frenzy issue. Cheers

Republic University
Posted - 2010.05.29 10:08:00 - [338]

Originally by: Geldar Wroontik
I have two questions regarding command centers:

2) Will it be possible to upgrade one's command center to a higher tier once it's down, or would we have to rip up the old one and put the new one in? (this sort of ties into my first question)

Hoping 1) has been fixed.

Regarding 2) -- they are (er, will be) separate items on the market, so my opinion is that you won't be able to upgrade CCs in place.

Posted - 2010.05.29 11:33:00 - [339]

-Like the simplicity of the PI system so far
-Like the new scorp model and i hope you do the same to the raven
-Like the new eve gate
-Love the new calander!

-Dislike the planet distribution, far too many gas giants, want a few more barren to reduce the number.
-POS arrays which have capital parts in dont get them back after reprocessing meaning a large amount of the value is lost more than i think is fair, but i understand the reasons why they aint avaiable atm.
-New people and places folders - too many.

Amun Khonsu
Royal Order of Security Specialists
Posted - 2010.05.29 11:55:00 - [340]

I dont fly the scorp or related models but....

All of the Scorpion hulls look astounding! Def a good job and two thumbs up to the crew who worked on the models!

Posted - 2010.05.29 15:04:00 - [341]

Well...we got new suns! That's what everyone was concerned about, right??

"Disappointment" describes my feelings towards Tyrannis. I'm not at all impressed by a SimCity add-on for planets. Yay, another layer of bugs and balance problems, while the ones we've been begging CCP to fix go ignored. The UI is incomplete and still broken in some places. Caldari/Gallente balance is still broken. Many modules have never worked like they should, or at all. Lots of missions remain broken. Pirates still have every advantage, even in highsec. And perhaps worst of all, the devs are still playing the game themselves - a totally unethical practice that makes me question everything about EVE. What's it going to take, a massive outflux of users? Will the devs wake up then? I want to love this game, but CCP won't let me.

Michael Moonwalker
Posted - 2010.05.29 19:30:00 - [342]

I hear a lot of people complaining that there are bugs that go unnoticed. Post them when you complain of them, because if the dev's wont listen, the players will. The squeakiest gear gets the oil.

As far as the contacts list change.....WTF? Who in their right mind would change a system that worked PERFECTLY for something that doesn't even begin to work as a means of categorizing contacts? And what's the deal with only allowing 10 char's on gate when looking through contacts. Even lowly search engines have a "Show XXX on page" function.

C'mon dev's, I know tyrannis is huge, and has presented a lot of issues, and great job on the majority of gate, it should be a good start for what you want to do, and will lead to great things if Dust ever gets off the ground, but seriously, C'MON MAN! Did the servers bog out with the previous system? did you need to compensate for gate? what? drop some info (or gimme a link if someone has). The new contacts lists lacks the ability to organize, and I thought that's what a contacts list is for. Or would you prefer us to keep a notepad next to our computers and keep a chat window opened up with all the people we want to keep tabs on hotlinked in it?

I love this game, and you continue to make it better, but PLEASE don't go the way of WOW and become business greedy. You guys at CCP have a great balance of artistry and business, try not to F' that up, eh?

Anwick Lady
Posted - 2010.05.29 20:09:00 - [343]

Dunno what folks really think about this latest expansion, guess time will tell on that score however sad to say one issue that was not addressed was the capabilities of cloaked ships and the uses they are being put to as a result of that.

Minor ***** point here, CCP have as yet to devise a method of countering cloaks, I am assured there was once a method but this was scrapped a while ago, however in keeping with the theory that any move in the game that prevents the wholesale enjoyment of the game by the majority was regarded as an exploit and slapped down hard, i.e. parking dozens of bubbles at gates ect, we currently have the problem of players parking single cloaked ships in systems in an effort to prevent other players from effectively playing eve at all for fear of getting constantly ganked by associated hostile ship gangs and loosing valuable ships to same.

These methods are possible only due to the fact that cloaks have no finite time limit for there operation, nor can they be currently countered allowing hostile forces to park an afk toon in system so shutting down or severely curtailing all commerce in that system.

Either countermeasures need to be built into game or the simple expedient of and AFK timer built in to prevent this type of activity, the later method is possibly favourite as this involves no loss to the AFK player as the ship still cannot be found but would flag the player up as either active or AFK after a period of say 10 minutes too other players in system so allowing some semblance of activity to resume.

The situation of a single player causing such disturbance to normal activities while in truth being AFK for many hours or even days is unfair and counter productive to aims and ethics of EVE and needs a solution.

Posted - 2010.05.30 07:07:00 - [344]

Is there something missed or may i didn't read the part were the market will be closed to some persons. or did i not download the part of the patch to buy planetary infrastructure but i cant see any for sale in any market or am i in the right region.Twisted Evil

The Tuskers
Posted - 2010.05.30 07:23:00 - [345]

Originally by: AAUnderDogAA
Is there something missed or may i didn't read the part were the market will be closed to some persons. or did i not download the part of the patch to buy planetary infrastructure but i cant see any for sale in any market or am i in the right region.Twisted Evil

Oh look, heres another one Rolling Eyes Yes, there's something you missed or didn't read. Right region?.. your not even in the right game.

Miyamura Miyamo
Posted - 2010.05.30 08:59:00 - [346]

On your awesome expansion i have nothing to do, great.

I am a mission runner, and i do not care at all for your planets or pvp or low sec, and now that most of lv4's are happening in low sec i consider myself jobless. So thank you.

Lately i am very disappointed in lack of pve activities in EVE online, so i think I'll just suspend my account until some other expansion where there hopefully will be something for true role playing people like myself (new a lot more interesting missions at least). But with these nerfs to high sec mission runners, i can't really enjoy the game anymore.

So in my eyes, this expansion is total FAIL.

See you all later hopefully.

Sarina Berghil
New Zion Judge Advocate
Yulai Federation
Posted - 2010.05.30 11:44:00 - [347]

The new seemingly intended mechanic that T2 manufacturing jobs needs 1 RAM pr run to start, seems rather odd to me. Note that the amount of RAMS needed to start a job, and the amount consumed are different.

This was technically implented in Dominion (witout patch notes), but could be ignored because of a bug that has now been fixed in Tyrannis.

I posted a bug report but was told the Dominion change was a bug fix to an earlier change, that must have happened before Apocrypha. None of these changes have been documented in the patch notes, except the recent 'bugfix' in Tyrannis.

I'm very confused at this moment. ;)

Any chance of telling us why these changes were implented and the reasons for it? And maybe document them as well in patch notes.

Nelle Toxic
Posted - 2010.05.30 11:44:00 - [348]

Originally by: Miyamura Miyamo

So in my eyes, this expansion is total FAIL.


Alexandra Delarge
The Korova
Posted - 2010.05.30 11:48:00 - [349]

Dear CCP,

This 'expansion' and its deployment was utter rubbish.

Posted - 2010.05.30 11:59:00 - [350]

So, I finally logged in after few months I didnt have time to play, and here are my remarks on the expansion:

First, thank you guys from CCP honestly, for a great job, bringing to the universe of EVE completely new area of interest. And I can sense it is only a start Cool I personally was not so much afer industry and all that, but to see the growing possibilities of this game (taking into consideration your next plans like Dust 514, Incarna..), and their synergies that will make the game absolutely incomparable with anything else available!! I can say only "bravo". To get here people from completely different areas, like industry (also people who like to build up cities..and all that, and manage them and create..), and FPS guys for Dust is absolutely excellent, each one of the are totally different, and to nake them to work together on something in real I myself go through all that Crysis, Call of Duty, Mass Effect.... series and can imagine what the clans existing in the online versions lets say in Crysis Wars can make with Dust 514.....**** it will be rocking Twisted Evil!!! For the first time they will be really afraid to lost their war....being real!! I have 3 accs and most probably will buy one for Dust as well....ummm...sure I will Laughing

Honestly, few months ago I was thinking that you should enhance somehow possibilities for the industrialists, some chance to make the jobs efficient by not only skills in the skill-book, but also by their RL brain. Trust me - they like to have things a little more complicated even, with opened scale possibilities, love to make excel sheets with 200 macros to make the thing 2 sec per cycle faster... Laughing So, go on and enhance this part!! Not everyone loves to only shoot at people (even I like it, I like their stuff..hehe).
My job IRL is project management and especially the big industrial parts, effectiveness increase, transfers, make work large companies... and so on, so I know what am talking about ugh - go on guys!

Hey, I am really looking forward to see my avatars walking in the station, and...drink some quafe with friends - this I like really very much as a roleplayer. And looking at the trend of your movement, looking into the future - a question....when will you open your first EVE RL restaurant, where I can drink my Quafe? I dont think it will tale long...of course you dont need to answer Smile

Do you have the shares of Quafe available for the RL market - I would sure buy some ugh

Good job...just go on!

Jenni Concarnadine
SYNDIC Unlimited
Posted - 2010.05.30 12:02:00 - [351]

May I just say, in addition to my earlier comment, that when my machine seized during Phase 3 of loading thepatch, I was very pleased when, once I had gone abck in, it recognsied when it had been upto, and carried on, rather than simply declaring the entire folder corrupt and necesssitating a full reload of the client.

Thank you, CCP

Eve Engineering Logistics
Posted - 2010.05.30 12:07:00 - [352]

The new download is brilliant and it's finally fixed the sound issue I've had since downloading Dom! Great work Guy's! Very Happy

Crushed Ambitions
Posted - 2010.05.30 12:23:00 - [353]

Originally by: Michael Moonwalker

As far as the contacts list change.....WTF? Who in their right mind would change a system that worked PERFECTLY for something that doesn't even begin to work as a means of categorizing contacts?

Are you dumb? The contacts list was always horrible. It never accurately updated if someone was online or offline, and it never had a refresh button other than log in log out. This one at least seems more robust.

Ultimately, there haven't been any changes in eve, but I think the calender and events coordinating was worth it.

Jaz Coval
Posted - 2010.05.30 12:33:00 - [354]


-program fail pos shoots alli pilots
-can't set corp dates in calendar when not ceo
-why only scorpion design fix?
-still lame c64 grafic without antialising
-sound bugs not fixed - stargate and wh sound hang after flying in their grid
-ui - why it is unable to do anything when setting bm's or editing channel motd (why it isnt working like the notepad funktion?)
-bad contact list, why dont handle a contact like a item, why no folder creation?? and why should i update the fleet all the time when i ad a contact... --> slap the guy who voted it
-why sun improvement? do you fly to sun and watch it all the day????
-evegate - why no corpchat, thats the only function u use when in job and cant play
-why that very loud ambient sound when wathing planets in planet mode
-why planet position change?
Quote: Our corp took the time to set our pos up at a very scenic loacation.
We log on, go to our pos and our beautiful earth like planet is now a big ugly plain white gas planet.
(same here, was a nice barren planet as we build pos there.. now bad gas giant..)

-full fail expansion

-correct contra points
-profiles for scanners (probe position and scanrange)
-make insurance for t3's, but stop payout for selfdestruction of any ship
-eve for linux (you guys could get half more pilots then now) you should do that cause you will lose pilots when building more and more bugs like this

Unforgiven Storm
Posted - 2010.05.30 13:49:00 - [355]

2 points that are not so good in the expansion.

1 - Calendar entry point location.
The entry point is in the hours, in the left down corner of the screen. For the people that play in window mode and have the window with the size of the screen, this area in window in not visible!!!! is always hidden because the toolbar of the window on the top pushed the window down.
The result is that I not even know I had a calendar inside the game until my corp mate ask me why I didn't accept the meeting request and told me where that is. Since it is out of the mouse range and the window cannot be pushed up, because windows doesn't allow, I had to change to full window, press the button, and put it back to window mode...
this will be something I will not do in the future, so that window/functionality will not be used by me since I can't see it/access it in window mode! After some conversations, I discovered that half my corp mates also have the same problem... since we all play with alts, with 2 monitors we have to play in window mode... so calendar will be a almost dead feature to us, we cannot use what we cannot see!

2 - Eve gate. Concept is good, almost everything good, just one disapointment, the corp chatter is something that is not usable like we all expect (me and corp mates).
When we seen the chatter we expect it was a window to the corp chat inside the game... wrong!
only people inside eve gate can see it, so if I'm in eve gate and my corp mates inside the game there is no communication between us, because they do not have eve gate open...
it doens't make sense to have it open while playing, so we continue to not talk and that makes that chat a almost dead area of conversation... I said "I guys, anybody there", I got and answer back 3 hours later, when someone login in to gate and said "hello"... I wasn't login anymore...
Its not a forum, it is not a real chatter, what it is? Just interconnect it with the game corp chat and make everybody happy or transform it in a real forum and also make everybody happy, just get of the gray area please.

Republic University
Posted - 2010.05.30 14:59:00 - [356]

Originally by: Jaz Coval
-eve for native linux (not using wonky Cedega hacks)

Fixed it for you.

Lone Provider
Posted - 2010.05.30 21:34:00 - [357]

I have some feedback

>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I WANT LVL5 MISSIONS BACK IN HI-SEC !!!! <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Evil or Very Mad

Kerfira Corp
Posted - 2010.05.30 23:12:00 - [358]

Originally by: Lone Provider
I have some feedback

>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I WANT LVL5 MISSIONS BACK IN HI-SEC !!!! <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Evil or Very Mad

What you want, and what is going to happen are two very different things Twisted Evil

A quote from when L5's were introduced:
Originally by: CCP Dropbear
Originally by: goazer
...agents are in lowsec, but if the next door system is in highsec, you will get lvl 5 missions to highsec too.
Don't count on that lasting forever. YARRRR!!

Mairi Danze
Posted - 2010.05.30 23:58:00 - [359]

Originally by: Lone Provider
I have some feedback

>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I WANT LVL5 MISSIONS BACK IN HI-SEC !!!! <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Evil or Very Mad


Do people really run missions? Those are boring!

I'm glad mission profit got wrecked.

I'm no economist, but won't this make the game economy function more realistically?

Thanks CCP!

Posted - 2010.05.31 02:04:00 - [360]

Originally by: Lone Provider
I have some feedback

>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I WANT LVL5 MISSIONS BACK IN HI-SEC !!!! <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<



Do people really run missions? Those are boring!

I'm glad mission profit got wrecked.

I'm no economist, but won't this make the game economy function more realistically?

Thanks CCP!

ShockedWow , i just have to quote on this.

Now who do you think has the 3-10 Billion isk ships? mission runners. They are the ones who constantly buy on the market , because they are also the ones who fight in alliance wars and therefore need the skills and so on. Now their income has been shot to bits. meaning alot less income , and therefore no more large buyout's on ship equipment in game. If you have not noticed that should be 50% of market cantent= ship equip.
So missionnears will now blitz and stop loot/salvage operations altogther skyrocketing prices for salvage , since no1 will do any salving anymore making slavage goods rare. Ships will not be bought on a "hamster" basis , meaning eatch runner has 25 ships in his bay , because he can or wants to , now it will most likely be on a "need" basis . Either dramaticly increasing/decreaing ship cost , depending on time between purches of ship , in the beginning it will most likeyl be a increase , after that a steap decrease since nobody will be buying ships anymore.
Next part is the missioners can't just change from mission running to going industiral due to Atributes and skills. Most mission runners don't have any industy skills and their attributes are distributed to perception and maybe intelligence to increase the learing speed of combat skills [I for instance have 31.9 Points in Perception and 27.5 Points in intelligence all others are at 22Points (skills x 1.1 for learing , all learning skills at 5)]

Now as you mentioned your not a economist . But I think you see the picture if not ... WOW than you must be blind. This Update did not only increase the wealth of the industrials , it even kicked the other branch in the cr*tch.

I don't think any missioner would have complained if this had been a industrial pure update as log as we don't get scre*ed over . But this is unexceptable.ugh

I hope I stated what most mission runners feel without sounding whiny or agrresive , but Plz ppl who say "I'm so happy i get to exploit a new area cause I'm an industrial , don't know why the others are *****in" look at it from our perspective too.


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